What is Longboarding? Several Facts About Longboarding

Perhaps you are thinking of an activity that you could do during dry seasons. There are many options out there that could fill your spare time, you could do biking, basketball or any other sports.

On the other hand, there is an activity called longboarding which is famous especially for people who want to do semi-extreme sports. So, what is longboarding by the way?

The simple term is that it is the act of riding a longboard, it is a counterpart of the skateboard, but has a longer size and much bigger. There is different contest each year to some state or community for a longboard race, where competitors are reaching up to 60 miles per hour. This is also much comfortable to use for traveling compare to skateboard as it provides more balance and more reliable on the road.

A little Bit of Longboarding Background

Guess what country did longboards started? It is in Hawaii! The land of surfers, no wonder why the shape of the longboard is similar to surfing board. We could trace it back in 1950, Hawaiians think of an alternative to surfing during seasons where waves of the ocean are small.

They customized their skateboards and combine it with some engineering idea of surfing board. That is how longboards had invented, that gives them a feeling of surfing even in the lands.

It is amazing to see the first model of the longboard, it is made of thick plywood and they curve and cut it similar to the shape of a surfing board. They put some wheels on it and use it on hills that make them feel like surfing.

As time goes one, 1970 is the time where some group of people hones some techniques and stunts in using the longboard, they became the pioneer of longboarding that is featured in a magazine. However, the longboard did not become famous like the skateboard or water surfing.

Fortunately, as the technology advances, the internet makes a way in order to connect the longboard enthusiast to each other. Today, you will see some sub-group or group of people who are playing longboard during weekends or holidays.

It is most available in parks or roads that has a downhill way. It is becoming more and more famous as people are becoming aware of its potential of becoming at least a regional sport.

Some uses of longboard

Longboarding is becoming more popular, people are starting to use it for different purposes. Some use it for their leisure, while others as a partner for their everyday lives.

Commuting longboarding

In countries that have safe traffic, longboards are used as a mode of transportation going to school or work. Some commuting longboard is designed to have an easier drifting which is essential when on the road.

On the other hand, do not forget that there are places that longboarding might be illegal. So, be careful when you use it to unfamiliar places.

Longboarding tricks 

Similar to the skateboard, there are a lot of tricks that you could do with longboards. You could have some sliding which the basic tricks, there are also thrust and some stunts that a rider could develop with an ample amount of time.

Now, some manufacturers are creating a model that is lighter than those available in the current market. Check out here to get the best sliding of freeride longboards.

Downhill longboarding

This literally gives the user to have a feeling of surfing. They need to balance the longboard well in order to avoid accidents. This downhill could make the speed of the longboard up to 60 km per hour. One must have the proper training and be an expert in balancing both the board and the body. The most slope that is used in downhill events are 45 degrees, this gives the proper momentum for the longboard to become fast.

Dancing longboarding

Dancing is the same with those surfboard enthusiasts that makes a movement while they face the heavy waves of water. In the dancing longboards, the user would try to perform some tricks or active moments that are pleasing in the eyes of the audience.

Electric longboards

There are now electric longboards available in the market. It has a motor that makes it run without making an effort to push it. Thus, this is a good alternative for traveling over long distances.

Several Facts About Longboarding

There are some facts are very important in longboarding. The longboard brands are one of the major facts. Casus good brands accessories and materials will be suitable for your longboarding purpose and longboarding will be more enjoyable.

  • The size of the longboard is usually 37 to 42 inches long that makes it easier to drive and maintain a balance
  • It has softer wheels than the skateboard and a springy deck gives more bouncing effect which is the same feeling when surfing to water.
  • Longboarding is a good exercise especially for people who long to combine losing weight and extreme activities. It makes the heart active and tones the muscles in a lightly matter.
  • It could remove the stress that came from jobs and other daily activities.
  • The longboarding does not discriminate any age, as long as you could do it carefully, no one should prevent you.
  • The popularity of the longboards started when those water surfers became older and cannot bear strong waves anymore.

If you want to assemble your own longboard, the main component of it is thick plywood that could carry yourself. Plus, soft wheels that could take a fast phase of moving, deck which interlinks the wheels and the main board, bearing that reduces impacts and of course, the trucks that hold the deck to the wheels.

Final Notes

Longboarding is a good substitute for water surfing when the waves are low. It is now a recognized form of leisure, activity, and sports for many people. In fact, there are now longboard clubs that makes people meet once in a while to gather and do longboarding.

However, just like any other sports, there are precautions and safety measures that should be done while longboarding. It could give neck and legs injuries when not done properly. So, everyone should wear safety gears and learn the basics before finally deciding to perform tricks.

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