W Wallke Folding Aluminum Off-Road Electric Bike

With the perks of modern lifestyle, bicycle has again come into use after a long time. It has been used as a form of recreation for a long time, recently it is being used as a means of transport. With the race against time and traffic, bicycle has become people’s favorite form of transportation, these days. Electric bikes are much more convenient and economical than cars and other transportation systems, and also has zero carbon emission, which helps in conserving nature.

It is hard to choose the best off-road electric bike since there are a number of brands making amazing electric bikes in the USA. The W Walke Aluminum Electric Bike is one good choice according to the positive feedback given by its users. And with is special features it is worth spending the money on.

Product Features and Specifications

W Wallke Folding Aluminum Off Road Electric Bike

Folding Aluminum Frame

 The W Wallke folding electric bike looks very attractive with its all-black features. The linear frame is a pure 6061 aluminum frame, which isn’t only strong but does not rust. It is foldable and compact, so it can be stored in any small place. Once folded the W Walke folding elective bike becomes 43 by 28 by 43 inches. The electric bike weighs 66 pounds, so it a bit heavy but helps save the rider from any unwanted injury. The seat can also be adjusted between 35.4 and 43.3 inches to fit any rider.

All aluminum alloy front fork

This electric bike has an all-aluminum alloy front fork, along with strong LED headlight for night travelers, and 26 inches 4.0 CST tire.

750W Shengyi Motor

​A 750-watt motor is pretty powerful, has the capacity of a recovery system to extend battery life. The bike is equipped with Shimano 8 speed Cassette flywheel, which helps the bike climb hills and reaches the top speed of 24-30 miles per hour. This bike has 3 operational modes, pure electric, pedal-assist, and traditional bicycle. The bike is equipped with alloy aluminum gold crank, all-aluminum alloy foldable foot pedal.

Air Pressure shock absorber​

The W Wallke folding electric bike is suitable for all kind of roads and weathers. Its fat tires will help the rider to ride through soft terrains like grass, sand, mud etc along with paved roads, and dirt roads. It’s locked pneumatic shock absorber and central hydraulic shock absorber reduces vibration, and provides the rider a smooth journey.

Color display and other accessories

This off-road bike has a color screen LCD display mounted in the middle of the handlebar that helps the rider to clearly see the speed cruising range and remaining power. The display also has a USB socket to charge mobile phones. The leather handlebars are highly equipped. The right handlebar has a Shimano 8 speed shifter, throttle, and key safety switch, and the left one has a headlight button, horn button, and a rechargeable phone holder.

Samsung 48V Lithium Battery​

The removable Samsung lithium battery provides 48V/10.4Ah cells for the W Wallke folding electric bike. Which weighs 6.6 pounds or 3 kilograms. The charging time is 4-5 hours, and with one charge the bike can travel about 25 to 35 miles on pure electric mode.it also automatically charges when the bike goes downhill.


  • ​The W Walke folding electric bike looks great and different than any other bike.
  • Amazing fat tires that help the rider to ride through any surface, including sand, gravel road, snowy trails, etc.
  • The W Walke folding electric bike comes with a complete set of tools including the Allen wrenches and is very easy to assemble. The manual provided with the bike is very helpful, it also provided video links for easy assembly.
  • This electric bike has a very strong motor and is capable of taking high roads and hills. The battery life id great and can go a long way with one charge.
  • It comes with extra lights, the front light and horn is integrated with battery, also comes with a second light that you can put anywhere you like, and it even included a rear carrier as an option to put on.
  • This electric bike has front and rear shocks, which makes it well balanced.
  • The W Walke can be folded and carried in a very small place, makes it easy for riders to carry it inside their cars or store it in a very compact place.
  • The bike has some very modern and user-friendly options, like a phone mount, and a USB port for the riders to charge the phone.


  • ​The LCD display on the bike can sometimes not show all the icons, which can create a bit of a problem for the rider.
  • The battery charge shows 100% most of the time, and drains as soon as it reduces from 100% which can be sometimes misleading.
  • The assembly can be a bit tricky, but a little time and help from the manual help a lot.
  • Since the bike is very big, it is very heavy as well.
  • One more downside of the bike is that it requires very strong pedal assistance.


The W Walke folding electric bike is one of a kind bike, with a very strong built and a heavy-duty battery. The bike’s amazing looks makes the bike stand out of the lot. Its amazing color tones and special featured make the bike special. However, since it is a very duty bike, it is very heavy and sometimes not suitable for some specific riders. But, if someone looks for an all-rounder bike that can be ridden in every season and every trailer, this would be the best off-road electric bike.

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