Volador Freeride Longboard Review

Volador 42 inch freeride longboard is one of the most popular longboard in the market. But before buying you must know details of this board.

In this article, we write in-depth review of volador freeride longboard. So, if you interested to buy this board definitely you should check this out!

Let’s dig in right away!

Volador Freeride Longboard Features

Why did we consider this board as the suitable for any type of riders? It all boils down to the technical features and specifications of this board. Find out what they are here.

  • 8-ply natural hard rock maple deck 42 x 9 x 4 inches
  • 7-inch genuine aluminum trucks
  • This board has durable wheels boasts of 70x51mm 78A PU
  • ABEC-9 precision bearings give you smooth rides
  • Apart from the leafy green, you will also get a sky blue touch, and a calm reddish color to choose from.

Overview of Volador Freeride Longboard

This longboard has a good combination of the deck, trucks, and bearing is what determines the type of riding experience that you will enjoy! Looking closely our Volador freeride Longboard you will realize this board actually complies with all these.

This longboard from the infamous Volador series Brand comes. It has incorporates an environment-friendly touch. The Longboard offers a first-class ride that comes with the one of the tightest turning radius. Its will certainly whisk the trick away easily and faster.

It will support 45-degree trucks to maximize the overall performance and doubles up with the shock absorbent technology on the deck. so that the board will serve as a perfect cruiser throughout the times that you have chosen to hit the road.

  • Affordable, Highly durable
  • Long and wide deck
  • Providing stability and enough space during rides.
  • Variety of colors to choose from
  • Environment-friendly wooden design
  • Slightly heavy
  • Hard to control for young riders
  • Could achieve extremely high speeds

Riding style

That’s what it is designed to be and to be used for. Due to this board is recommended for downhill and cruising longboarding. Its wide board maximizes stability while the long length works together with the aluminum trucks to ensure that curves, short corners, and sharp bends are taken clinically with the shortest response timespan ever.

For easy pushing, the deck stands at 9 inches wide and will allow you to drive through turns. The board’s soft durometer wheels are great pointers. The 70mm 78A wheels suited for smoothest and ultra-low rolling resistance any day.

It actually guarantees you the good speeds so that you can always reach your destination on time.

In short, it is great for high speeds such as those that you will attain along steep hills. It can be used for long distances riding. It is very ideal for college or university campus. Many people use it down the pavements and along the beaches also hail its performance.


This board is designed for maximizes stability once it attains the top speeds. The design apes a number of cool flowers that have been blended in and designed to give a beautiful all-natural touch. The mix of several colors under the board has been meticulously done with an awesome heat transferring technology.

The leafy touch has been combined with a beautiful black skin at the top of the deck. The black skin boasts of a whiteboard drawing that apes a swimming fish to possible denote the cruiser that this board is designed to be. The contrast of the board’s white wheels and cool black trucks that will really stand out when it comes to catching eyes

Materials of the board

This is a healthy and more durable material that guarantees the flex, and which also allows you to have fun without necessarily polluting the environment at any given time.

  • Deck

The main deck of the longboard has been designed with a natural hardrock maple combined with epoxy glue is known to be very dependable from all angles. Eight layers of maple board have been used.

Length of the deck plays a major role in supporting the efficiency of this board. 42 inches in length makes a super ideal touch in case you want to establish the good stability, you will also enjoy enough foot room around the deck as the deck measures 9 inches wide.

Nonetheless, the length, width, and even breadth of any longboard are extremely crucial and this Longboard has pretty much curved it out with its awesome design.

  • Wheels

Volador Freeride Longboard wheels review

Longboard wheels are usually looked at considered by the size usually known as the diameter and also the hardness which is referred to as the durometer.

The wheels on the board are 70 mm. They have round edges which boosts the smoothness. It has 78A hardness that not only maximizes their performance but also doubles up their customized durability too

Typically, softer wheels will have more gripping power on the surface than the harder wheels any day.

  • Trucks

Volador Freeride Longboard review - trucks

This board also enjoys a 7-inch reverse kingpin set of trucks. The trucks are adjustable and will easily achieve 50 or 45-degree setting to maximize durability as you ride. This maximizes the board’s balance and stabilization at any time when you choose to make use of your board.

It also recommended that you work with boards; it has the right truck size and a base plate of 50 degrees, which is pretty cool.

Its turning accuracy and high responsiveness at very short timespans will always support the top-rated riding style that you need.

  • Bearing

This longboard makes use of an ABEC 9 bearing. This is not a ceramic type of bearing. Nonetheless, they still work well and will give you some of the most memorable riding experiences around your chosen type of discipline.

You can ride on the board at highest velocities and still maintain the best precision because of the top-rated ABEC 9 bearings.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is Volador a good brand?

A: You bet! Volador is one of the infamous brands. It has been around for long and enjoys some of the good artisan works. They use the best mechanisms and high end materials.

Q: What’s the carrying capacity of the Longboard?

A: The maximum carrying capacity of the longboard is usually 250 pounds on individual weight during a single ride.

Q: Is it a good longboard for tricks?

A: It’s an all-round board that will guarantee the most memorable rides for anybody irrespective. The board is also great for all types of riders and it won’t matter really weather you are just beginning or is already a pro.

Q: Is this good for beginnings?

A: Absolutely! Because of its wide nature and its stable technology, beginners will remain quite comfortable on this long board. They will enjoy high end stability so that they can easily maintain their ride while sharpening their skills without necessarily experiencing so many accidents along the way or even falls.

Q: Can you use this for commuting?

A: It has a favorable length that can easily support a tight day to day commuting and treading too. Indeed, this longboard is a perfect replacement for cars fatigue on long traffics. Check out Our Best Longboard For Commuting review

Final Notes

You don’t have to worry anymore. If the volador longboard has been hovering in your mind for some time now then I believe that our article today Volador freeride longboard has settled the debate once and for all.

Enjoy the best muscle control on your longboard and get a healthy life.

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