Different Types of Longboards Purpose and Features

With so many kind of longboards, it’s quite difficult to choose the perfect board for you. Longboarding is nowadays a popular adventure sport among the youth. The shapes and styles of the longboards are very different. Besides, every board doesn’t suit well every skater. Choosing a longboard that goes with your style is like picking a right backpack for you.

If you want to choose the perfect you must have be knowledgeable about longboards types. In this content, we tried to explain the Features and Purpose of all kind of longboards.

The variations size and shape of the longboard make them different from each other. If you are going to buy a longboard, you must check for the longboard deck. The overall performance of a longboard depends on its deck style.

Moreover, the deck style of the longboard will tell you which type of riding style you can perform on it. However, the decks of the longboards appear in various shapes. This helps us to know about different kinds of longboards. So, let’s take a glimpse of various kinds of longboards available on the market.

Explained The Some Types of Longboard

1. Drop Through Longboard

If you are looking for longboards that will help you relax, then pick a drop through longboard. They are stylish as well as they offer you cruise and to enjoy a free ride with relaxing. Among its many benefits, the excellent thing you can enjoy is its better stability.

It lets you or your buddies ride with a sigh of relief by providing a better safety than other longboards. However, to take extra caution, you must wear the safety helmet while taking a ride. Purchase a high-quality helmet with other safety gears such as knee pads, arm pads, and wrist pads.

2. PUSH Longboards

A push longboard can breed by itself. The push longboard is used for distance & commuting. If you turn these boards like a cruising or a carving longboard, its deck will hit the ground in reality. To push with comfort, they move super low. 

For pushing, they have a drop through the truck mount and also a double drop. However, the deeper the drop will, the easier it will be to push it. The size of the wheels is mid-sized typically. The trucks of the push longboards often move narrower to provide space. In that case, you don’t require to catch the wheel.

3. Cruising Longboards

The cruising longboard ensures you to ride comfortably to any place in your area. To ride in the crowded areas a cruising longboard is a real masterpiece. The most important of cruising longboard they have wider decks. They make the board very stable as well as make your life enjoyable. Besides, a longboard ideal for cruising helps you to get a perfect balance.

So, if you are a new surfer, it will be a good idea to start surfing with a cruising longboard. To roll along the road with your buddies cruising is just perfect. These kind of longboards is much more simple than any other style of the longboard.

A typical cruising board is top mounted. The board situates on the top of the wheels or trucks. Usually, the shape of the cruising longboard is like a pintail. Carving with a longboard is always fun. Their big wheels make them roll easily and avoid the road obstacles such as cracks, bumps with ease.

4. Carving Longboards

Carving longboard is a progression of boards that fit in the cruising category. However, the tuning of the board is a bit finer than a cruising board. Carving longboarding is likewise carving on a ski or on a snowboard. They lean into turns very well and also lay them down finely with the flow.

Carving is really fun and even the professionals love to have a blast with laying a turnout. The shape of a carving board is similar to a cruising board except that the carving board is more concave. The concave curve at the top of the board helps you to place your feet securely on it. Thus, while leaning in any direction, the curve of the board helps you to stay stable.

Also, the wheels of the longboards should have spacers between them. So, the carving longboard can avoid the wheel bite and also achieve the height to take a deep carve. The wheel bite situation happens when you lean to a turn and a collision occurs between the wheel and deck.

As a result, your motion stops and you may fall away from the board. To avoid wheel bite, the carving longboards have a wheel which is cut well into them. As the carvers sit a bit higher off the ground, they may feel a bit sketchier on a carving longboard. The soft wheels help the board to keep up the traction all the time.

5. Downhill Longboard

The best thing about the downhill longboard is that they are the best for riding down the hills. They are made with quality materials. Such longboards can survive the terrain harshest with ease. Also, they let you enjoy your longboarding uniquely and enchantingly.

However, one of the problem while riding downward may be speed wobbling. The high-quality downhill longboards can eliminate this issue completely. The downhill longboards feature both rear and front wheels. So, you can move in any direction with this kind of longboard with ease. The purpose of a downhill longboard is to help you move smoothly down the hill in a straight direction.

6. Dancing Longboards

Longboard dancing is also one of the popular longboarding styles. They are very famous in Europe as well as have a high crowd in the USA. Dancing on a longboard needs great balance and your willingness to fall as you are going to try a new trick.

The dancing longboards are huge in size. They give you the space to spin around, walk and cross your feet over the platform. The boards are usually flat and have a little camber. So, you can naturally move your feet over the board and perform tricks.

longboard types

Final Verdict

Now that you know about many kinds of longboards, it will be easy to pick the right board for you. It will be a good idea to list the tricks you want to do with your longboard. Thus, you can easily figure out what kind of longboard you’ll require. 

For instance, you want to skate across the whole country, then carry a push board and set out for the fun trip. Choose the longboard that can give you the most fun. Longboarding is all about enjoying while pushing the limits. So, don’t be late and grab your longboard and have fun.

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