Top Longboard Brands Feature and Their Awesome Products

A longboard is similar to a skateboard but it has some special features like the bigger wheel. It provides you more speed and thrill. You can easily control your balance and swap the flow of your movements using a longboard.

The top brand’s longboard will provide you great features and you will be able to enjoy your ride. To get the quality longboard you must have an idea about the top longboard brands.

Trying to consider which longboard brands actually make top quality products and those that don’t can be quite a challenge. Obviously, you’ll find almost all manufacturers having their own strong suits.

List of Top Longboard Brands

We have taken the time to analyze the many brands present in the market, looking into what they’re offering and how reliable their products are. We’ve also taken reviews from other users into consideration.

Sector 9

Sector 9 brands come from San Diego, CA. They have been making quality longboards since 1993. This is a leading, popular brand, and has featured among the first-rate for several years now. Sector 9 longboards are well known for their flexibility and they are considered to be the most flexible board on the market today.

They provide a great and unique cruising experience. These boards provide great handling and they are one of the most popular longboards that you can purchase. They’ve always been striving to remain close to real skaters, knowing how to cater to all needs of skaters. 

The company itself was actually started by regular skaters, but now their manufactures longboards that are perfect for all levels of skaters, relatively more affordable and made from quality materials. Their boards provide an affordable way for beginners to discover longboarding.


Loaded Longboards are one of the most popular and the leaders in the longboarding industry. Their boards are designed around the trucks, which creates a unique synergistic carving system that provides a superior function. Their philosophy is quite simple: They build decks that they would love riding. It is their passion that fuels their constant innovation in this industry.

Their current longboards represent a combination in the best aspects of the snowboard technology into a skateboard inspired design. The result is to allow the border to tackle bigger hills with enhanced control. These longboards are a perfect choice for a starter as the Loaded Brand represents superiority in this field. Loaded longboards are simply just amazing.


This is also a low price longboard which will provide you desired the features like high durability, fallibleness, smoothness, and perfect wheels and so on.

Though the price of this board is pretty low don’t think that the board quality is not good. This is better than your expectation. The size of this board is fairly large and riding the board is very comfortable.

This board is attractive to look at because of its various colors and designs. It doesn’t easily tear or break for the cant causes.


If you cherished a speedy and sharp downhill riding, you should select atom spill through longboards.

You can smoothly carve with the help of its highest stability. This kind of longboard will take you to a world of imagination.

Not only that, its lingering floor and the stronger bearing feature will help you to push easily. You can rupture out an around-town moving by it.

You will get unique shapes and structures of this longboard in the market. You can smoothly eliminate the round piece bite by it.

The completely maple covered floor makes the longboard more attractive. So, you must purchase the Atom brand’s elegant longboard for downhill riding.


Arbor is a very reputable brand of longboards. They take pride in their craftsmanship and they build their boards with seven plys of Canadian Hardrock Maple and they employ a finish ply of Hawaiian Koa.

The result is an unique one of a kind appeal. In their Mini Series, they use a special and Limited Edition Rose ward finish ply. These Arbor longboard decks have been tested frequently and they keep on making modifications to improve the whole longboarding experience.

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz has been developing longboards for 35 years now. They have since introduced the longboards as an addition to their proud line of products. This brand is more known for their retro and classic technologies that have marked their greatness for the past 4 decades.


Landyachtz Longboards are made in North Vancouver, Canada by an extremely passionate crew. They have been making longboards since 1997. And they take extreme pride on making one of the most best quality boards on the market.

They have huge diversity in their boards and they have boards that accommodate many different skating types, including street, park, carving, downhill, racing and even crusin. Their aim is to advance longboarding and to be able to provide quality longboards to as many people as they can.

Their boards are much popular, and this can be attributed to the fact that any skater can find a board style that perfectly suits them. Landyatchz prides themselves on their ability to produce unique, innovative designs. Their goal has always been to create eye-catching decks which still maintain the functionality you’d expect with a high-end longboard.


This brand provides the cruising longboards along with downhill riding. Beginners can easily ride it.

The versatile board will provide you dual the feature. The medium size of the wheel is perfect for any rider. You can comfortably enjoy the cruising by using it.

On the other hand, it is suitable for downhill also. It helps to reduce the pressure of your knee and ankles while you are riding.

Its board is made of bamboo which is pretty much durable and grip full. It contains higher longevity. Moreover, its designs are also attractive.

In a word, this versatile dual feature longboard is very much suitable for the beginners.


Omen is one of the newest brands. Though this is a new company, they are always being successful to provide the good quality kind of longboard to the market.

They are trying to add some new features in their boards. You will find high quality and versatile boards there at a reasonable price.


It was founded in 2001. Their boards are of high quality and durable. You can find any type of board here. Their decks are of different sizes. Actually, this is an experienced brand. So, they goodly know about the desire of the normal people. Thus, you will find a huge kind of variety there.


Gravity Brand is one of the most well known and trusted manufacturers of high performance longboard skateboards. It is located in Southern California and has operated since 1994.

They are extremely dedicated towards producing high end high performance longboards. They produce many accessories to help you adjust to your different longboard skating styles and preferences.

They are the leaders in this industry and are also the leaders of innovation. They are especially proud of environmentally friendly in all aspects of their business. Gravity longboards are great products and should be a great choice for any boarder.


Rayne Longboards are made in Vancouver, BC. All of these boards are made in Canada and they are made using Canadian Maple, Bamboo and other materials that are well received by skaters. 

There is over 8 years of experiencing in making skateboards and longboards. They are made using Computer controlled technology and the result is a high performance quality longboard.


Seismic provides classical and highly functional longboards that have a really unique character. They have their signature bat tail profile and fiberglass skins. These skateboards are highly regarded for their unique and wonderful graphical designs without any compromise in their function. There are limited edition longboard decks that are designed by noted artist mad king.


Ladera started off in 2000 as just a mere idea. It began with a rusty jigsaw, a sheet of plywood and an immense passion for skating. After hours of hard work, emerged a product that was vastly different from the cut and paste decks that are available at local skate shops.

It resembled the perfect combination of style and function. With hand-painted art, it represented the unique blend of creativity and expressiveness that has since become the companies main model.

Ladera longboards are focused on control and feel. They have high-performance setups and innovative board designs that continue to improve and define the whole longboarding experience.


Flexdex longboards are extremely durable. This is a reflection of the intricate process that they use to make their boards. Each composite deck is made in an extremely laborious process that combines and binds all the resins and fibers in a way that the boards will never de-laminate or lose their spring.

It can withstand 30,000 pounds of pressure per square inch before the board starts taking any damage. This accounts for the longevity of the board and you can flex and carve for many years to come.

Comet Longboard

Comet has a reputation on being one of the most earth friendly longboard manufacturers in the United States. It’s not just one aspect of their production that is green, but the whole complete aspect of their company is focused on sustainability.

The materials that they use, the location of their source materials, how Comet sticks the materials together, shipping and their team is based on maintaining our Earth for future generations.

They are very committed to these values and as a result, they save the consumer lots of money. Comet longboards are really earth friendly and they are great economical boards.

Why Choosing the Top Brand?

Choosing a good brands product is compulsory. Because low quality brands may provide you adulterated product.

Thus, you will not get the necessary features. For the lack of vital features, you will not be able to control your balance and speed.

Moreover, it will be very difficult for you to ride the longboard comfortably without perfect structure. This will cause an unexpected accident.

So, for enjoying your longboard riding and protecting yourself from the serious injury, purchase the good quality board from the best brand shop.

Final Verdict

As you can see choosing the high quality longboard is not so tough if you have proper idea and knowledge about the brands.

All you need to take the basic ideas about the longboard brands and their products. It will help you to find various kinds of designs and features at your desired price.

Eventually, we are sure that this guide helped you to know about the longboard brands properly. And hopefully, you have got all your answers from this guide.

So, choose the first-rated brand and purchase the perfect longboard according to your need and afford.

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