Ten Toes Longboard Review – Overview and Buying Guide

Most of the longboards available in the market support only one task or style, you can either cruise and glide gently or do the tricks perfectly. But you can choose ten toes longboard that will allow you to do both of these.

It's a perfect longboard with ideal shape, weight, and size which are suitable for both beginners and pro longboarders. It's also preferred by the longboarders for their highly eye-catching styles and attractive features. 

ten toes longboard review

We are now going to provide a detailed and comprehensive review of ten toes longboard.

Overview of Ten Toes longboard

The ten toes zed longboard is one of the latest items of Zed series of Ten Toes brand. This board will offer you the proper combination of all the fundamental features that you expect in a great longboard. 

The flexible design of this board proves to be great for various tricks and stunts and its clever construction assists all the longboarding style very effectively. The stylish appearance of Ten Toes board will extremely inspire and motivate the skaters to use it! 

This board are durable easily can hold a person weighing around 250 pounds. The design of the tracks and the tires makes your ride comfortable and smooth. It's suitable for basic learners to practice with gives good performance anywhere like the pavement.

  • You can feat fantastic tricks and stunts with are also supported along.
  • The heavy-duty wheels with shock absorbing capacity make the ride smoother.
  • Flexible trucks of the longboard allow swift movements and turns.
  • Quality materials are used in the construction that features enduring parts.
  • Provides more stability in downhill cruising.
  • It weighs only 8 pounds hence you can easily grip the board tightly in your hands.
  • It has responsive and smooth gliding and provides solid maneuverability.
  • Specially equipped deck increases the strength, stability and provides both comfort and control.
  • Bearings of the board could be made of more suitable materials.
  • For some beginners, it may seem to be a little wobbly or too flexible.

Design and Materials

Each part and equipment are designed perfectly, and quality materials are used in construction. The design and materials of the parts are given here:

• Deck

It’s constructed by 8 layers and 8 plies of sustainable Bamboo and Canadian Maple wood to increase the strength and stability. This innovative construction will support almost all the styles of longboarding.

The pointy nose and tail of the board help the surfers to cut through the wind at high speeds and the slightly curved body makes to more flexible for stunts.

• Wheels

The wheels are made of Polyurethane and have a diameter of 70 mm by 52 mm. The quality construction of the wheels makes your ride smoother and speedier in rough ground.

These wheels work like wings and provide a steady flight in the air with high pressure! An anti-bite technology is used in manufacturing the wheels.

ten toes longboard wheels

In addition to this, the wheels have a herculean hardness of 85A which make them strong enough to absorb more shocks.

• Trucks

The longboard use trucks made of aluminum reverse kingpin with premium Abec-7, which is 7 inches in length. Drop through trucks are not chosen for Zed series as they limit maneuverability. 

ten toes longboard trucks

• Bearing

The aluminum bearing gives the riders an unmatched motion control and flexibility while turning or carving but it might be said that ceramic bearing would give better performance on this longboard as it is more durable and heavy-duty.

Why Ten Toes is different from other boards?

Perfect construction

With the use of durable and environment-friendly materials in construction, these well-built boards will give great support to every surfer of all levels of longboarding. The rider will feel so amazing under the feet to ride on a sunny morning.

Riding Style

The ten toes board emporium longboard seems to be an ethical and environmentally conscious longboard with constructed with high-quality materials to promote the performance.

It gives all level blissful and classic cruising. It’s is too charming for your ultimate joyride. Although the boards of this size are apt for cruising.

You can also use this for longboard dancing and other longboard tricks. Some riding styles can also be practiced with them. It helps reduce the vibrations for a more stable surf-like ride and therefore you can try all the riding styles of longboarding with this.

Eye-catching look

The boards are much stylish with the unique looking and vintage colors paints of Californian flavor.

In addition to that, the matte grainy look of the black deck-top gives this longboard a classy overview with the graphics that speak of vintage California.

Handy boards with unlimited colors

This board provides you several options of abundant color combinations to choose the best one that matches your personality perfectly and these color options are always available in the market to purchase.

Once you see it, you will fall in love with the colorful board and would like to start your ride instantly. The color combinations of these products are suitable for both active teenagers and older individuals. 

Why You Should Get Ten Toes longboard?

Reasonable price of equipment

This mind-blowing board can be purchased at an unbelievable price which is much reasonable than other similar category products. It’s never a bad decision to spend a little money and get such a multi-functional and high-quality longboard!

Product quality

Ten Toes longboard is a marvelous product which is still the number one selection on the list of the unique longboards. It’s worth mentioning as one of the current best-selling products. In fact, it is one of the prominent boards. You can buy it easily by checking, Just click here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is ten toes a good brand?

Ten toes is certainly a fashionable brand that mainly produces numerous ethical-focused and environmentally-conscious longboards. Though this brand is not an elegant brand for all longboarders.

What’s the carrying capacity of the ten toes longboard?

This longboard can carry up to 250 pounds may be a little more with no difficulties. If the weight is over 280 pounds, then it might be a little much on a longboard. But it might be ok if you are tall enough and could stand over the trucks.

Is it a good longboard for tricks?

Actually, it's a longboard skateboard made basically for cruising. So, the board may seem to be much longer for tricks.

What will need to adjustments for this longboard?

You may need to do some easy adjustments specifically, wheel or truck adjustments to make it comfortable. For example, the trucks may get loose and you may have to tighten them as per your need.

Can beginners use this board?

As the board is big in size, it is easy for you to learn how to balance properly. But like any other longboard it’s made to go fast, so you might have to get used to this speed. But the board is basically ride able out of the box and it's made with bamboo which is very durable.

How sturdy are the trucks?

They are sturdy enough for the kick tail trick implications and they strong. But bearings may have to be replaced depending if you're in the beach cities or rain.

Final Notes

So, it’s not a big deal considering the advantages of ten toes longboard. If you want to explore all longboarding styles with a classy and stylish longboard we highly recommend you to buy this board. 

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