Skateboarding Tricks : 15 Skateboard Tricks for Beginners (With Video)

Are you a skateboarder who would like to cement his position as one of the best skateboarders world ever had? Or are you seeking to know the best skateboarding tricks that will make you look like a pro? This piece is yours.

After reading these skateboarding tips and tricks and implementing them, you will be able to group yourself in the category of the gurus out there. Why? Because these tricks are easy, and you can quickly master them to spice up your skateboarding activities.

As a skateboarder, you should have known that skateboarding is more of a practice than a fortnight’s success. Do not worry about your inability to execute some of the wizards like skateboarding tricks. With proper and continuous training, you will achieve a lot more than what you believed you could.

However, as you practice, be sure to accompany yourself with an expert skateboarder from whom you can learn and practice the tricks like a child. The expert will also help you stay away from potential injuries during practice for new and easy tricks.

Never look at a pro skateboarder riding and making crazy trucks and hold your head, asking how they reached there. It needs not all that. All you should do is to make them your company and try the tricks alongside them. Ensure that you master at least a skill daily, and who knows, you may be the next skateboarder somebody looks at and holds his head.

Skateboarding is not rocket science, and with the tricks this list of skateboard tricks, you can be able to cease from being a beginner. Try these 15 cool skateboard tricks and join the league of gurus.

15 Skateboarding Tricks for Beginners

1. How to Stand on a Skateboard

Standing on a skateboard is the first thing that one needs to master before trying the available tricks that they need to do. However, mastering the way you should be positioned on the skateboard has become one of the most significant challenges for many skateboarders.

Skateboarding Tricks -How to Stand on a Skateboard
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Therefore, it is essential to master these steps on how you can stand on a skateboard for the best riding.

  • Look for a Stance that Will Best Suit You: You can do this by choosing from riding on goofy or the natural way. You also need to ensure that your shoulder width is always apart to increase comfort and stability. You can also achieve the stance by bending your knees while trying to sink the weight to reduce the center of gravity and collapsing chances. You can even couple it with ensuring that your head points to your movement direction.
  • Ensure You Are Always Balanced: To remain balanced is to make everything around you focused on whatever you are doing. It is the hardest of all the activities as one can easily slip without a balance. Therefore, to achieve this, ensure your feet steps on to the skateboard carefully. You also need to make sure that your feet are always positioned over the trucks. By keeping your weight on the balls of the feet and making little adjustments when need be, you will be able to stay stable on the board.
  • Get The Board’s Feel: another critical thin before you make the first step of positioning yourself on a skateboard is to create a feeling of the very board. How can you do this? Begin it on a softer surface of the board and ensure that you climb comfortably to the board.

Before you put the whole weight over to the board, be careful of the stability and the wheel of the skateboard nerve to begin the rid before positioning well. You can also apply the grip tape to tract yourself.

Do not be at the tale or the top end of the board. Ensure that your positioning is merely in the middle. When you integrate these steps, you will be able to grasp the positioning and stand perfectly well on the skateboard.


2. Pushing and Turning On a Skateboard

Driving on a skateboard is the same as natural walking. Therefore, when you want to push on the skateboard, it means you are going to attempt a walk on the skateboard. Therefore, when you want to push perfectly on the skateboard, it means you are merely going to walk on the skateboard and continue walking without a stop. It is this easy that you are going to achieve the motion on the skateboard.

On the other hand, turning on a skateboard is not that easy. You need to push off first before you begin to ride. When you are riding, you should ensure that your feet are positioned at the very core of the board to leverage the pivotal point of turning.

After making sure that your feet are at the center, lean your weight in the direction to which you intend to turn and try as much as possible to keep the balance. When the balance is maintained, push, and get moving in your new direction.


3. Making Sharp Turns

When you are seeking to make the sharp turns on your skateboard, do not hesitate. Practice and ensure that you do it right. Sharp turns are hard to make, and you can easily slide since it causes an imbalance of the skateboard.

Therefore, you need to put much weight on the heels when you want to make a sharp turn towards the left. When you are looking to make a sharp turn on the right, you will have to put a lot more weight on the side of your toes.

Quick turns are achievable by picking up a couple of front tires and pivots on the skateboard. You also need to lead the direction using the upper part of the body. This upper body forward position will signify the direction and the motion of the skateboarding.


4. Stationary Ollie

Stationary Ollie is one of the most common tricks that almost every beginner should know. Most of the people believe that if you have not mastered the Ollie trick, then you have not begun skateboarding. It is an easy trick that is ideal for all beginner skateboarders.

To perform the stationary Ollie, you need to be able to lift your body with the skateboard still on the ground. The trick requires you to make a bend on your knees before raising and ensuring that the skateboard tail comes off the ground fist.

As the name suggests, stationary Ollie does not require one to move when doing it, but it occurs when the skateboard is not running. As such, there is another type of Ollie that is done when the skateboard is now moving. It refers to the moving Ollie.


5. The Moving Ollie

This is a skateboarding trick that is more or less similar to the stationary Ollie, but it occurs when the skateboard is on the motion. Here, you will be able to lift your body while the board is rolling or moving and be ready to land straight on it without interrupting the motion or without collapsing.

You need to land the very same way you jumped up the board. You have to bend your knees to help you in absorbing the shock. Best timing skills are required for this trick to be successful. You also need to have the best balancing techniques and careful placement of your feet on the board. As a beginner, you can start practicing this by conducting short jumps before embarking on the long and risky ones. Read More About “How to Ollie on a Longboard


6. Kick Flip

Kick flip trick has become one of the essential skills and the most required tricks by beginners. In this trick, everyone is bound to excel following thorough training. Here, you will have to lift the wheels of the board from the ground to an angle of 180 degrees. The lifting occurs when you lean back to the skateboard, trying to raise the side of the nose.

You can do this in a couple of places, the ground and the ramp itself. In this manner, the inclination gives you the most accurate and swift turn. The quick turn forms the most significant basis of beginning to lean more easily by gaining the best skills and developing them to more difficult skills and tricks.


7. Heel Flip

Heel flip and kick flip tricks are more or less the same. The only distinction is that the heel flip takes place in the opposite direction of the kick flip. That is, heel flip is initiated by the heels going backward while the kick flip occurs on the toe side going forward.

The heel flip leverages the strength of the back foot to raise the skateboard’s nose. When you begin from the Ollie trick position, you only need to utilize your back foot in lifting the board’s face from the ground while you are jumping.

After jumping and when you still hang on the air, you need to place your front foot on the board’s nose using the back heel. You can then use your feet to help you hold the skateboard while you land. This is a fundamental trick that you can master within a day’s practice. After learning it, move on to other skills, including the double and triple heel flips.


8. Pop Shove It

Pop shove it is another of the most exciting tricks that a beginner can enjoy in his or her first days as a skateboarder. To achieve the pop shove it, you need to raise your front foot on the skateboard slightly.

After that, you can gently scoop the board’s tail with the back foot. By adequately executing this, you will find a way of getting the skateboard to spin at an angle of 180 degrees while you are in the air. The same way it occurs with other skateboard tricks, pop shove-it trick must be done with much care to ensure accuracy and safeness.


9. Tic Tac

Tic Tac trick needs to be reasonably straightforward to almost all the beginning skateboarders. To do it, you only need to be able to move your board’s front wheel from one side to the next and make a push using your knees to achieve some speed.

This can be tricky at times; however, it is so vital for you to get familiar with your skateboard. With this trick, you can achieve speed without pushing the board that much. While it does not hold a lot of trick, Tic Tac will assist you in correcting your balance while learning new tricks.


10. Turning On a Ramp

The most basic trick for beginner skateboarders that has a great benefit is turning on a ramp trick. It occurs both back and front sides of the ramp. However, it is recommended for trainers or beginners to start with the backside since it is more straightforward that the front side. After mastering the backside turning, you can begin practicing the front side turn. Like all the tricks, turning on a ramp depends more on balance and posture, you assume on the board.

To accomplish this trick, you need to lift your wheels gently while you apply a little pressure towards the tail of the board. Gently turn your head and shoulders while riding up to the ramp. You need not use much pressure on the tail.

All you need is to lean into the ramp while making the turn continuously. In this manner, the skateboard will automatically move forward without you. By mastering the three skills of moving up the ramp, turning the shoulder gently while pressing the tail, and finally turning your body, you shall have to achieve the turning on a ramp trick. Repeat it to ensure a speedy and trendy turn.


11. Dropping In On a Ramp

Dropping in on a ramp is one of the most basic tricks in skateboarding. For beginners, this should be the very first step you take when you get the task going. When you want to get this right, all you need to do is to go into the ramp off of the coping and place the tail on the coping. You then back leg on your tail with the whole weight on the back leg.

After that, put the front leg on the bolts, which are closer enough to the nose of the skateboard. You will then need to go down smoothly and sharply into the quarter while maintaining your balance in place. You then steady yourself in the quarter and ensure that you continue riding. With these, you shall have achieved your first trick on the skateboarding.


12. Skating Transition Ramp

This trick entails the act of a skateboard rider horizontally moving from level ground to the vertical position on a slope. It may also take place outside the ramp on an inclined place. The aim here is to incline you to conduct a given trick. It is easy, and you only need to have your balance in place to tilt and change from the horizontal position to the vertical position.


13. Skating Beginner Ramp

Skating beginner ramp like the name suggests is typically for the beginner skateboarders who are looking to have some skills and tricks of the game. Therefore, skating beginner ramp entails the act of trying to skate on the vertical walls when you are merely beginning the game.

Here you need to position yourself and assume that you are skating horizontally. Bend your knees and try to place your body forward to propel you. Like other tricks, skating beginner ramp is also risky and may subject you to dangers. Therefore do it alongside experts.



14. Switch Pivot

The switch pivot is one of the best skateboarding tricks that ensure that the whole of your body is above the copying while skating. Here you will try to grind across the ramp top. You can ride the skateboard here by changing the leg that you prefer as the pivot based on the angle you want to take.


15. The Hippie Jump

The hippie jump is another easy trick that beginners should consider doing. The jump is one of the straightest forward and the best when it comes to beginning the skateboarding game. In the hippie jump, you need to jump above the skateboard while you leave it on the ground to pass under a given object while you jump over the purpose. Here, you will be able to time the skateboard so that you catch up with its motion to avoid stepping on the ground and leaving it to move.



In summation, you should know that skateboarding is not enjoyable when you do not blend it with some tricks. The magnitude and the ability to perform the tricks differ. However, these 15 tricks included in this piece are ideal for beginners. You have nothing to worry about. Simply find an expert skateboarder and practice with him carefully. You should be able to master all these beginner tricks in less than a week. Try it today.

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