Santa Cruz Longboards Review in 2019

Santa Cruz is one of the best brand in the market. Regardless of whether you are an experienced rider or just venturing into longboarding, Santa Cruz Longboards are an ideal selection when it comes to longboards.

All you need to do to ensure that the longboard you settle for matches your ideal ability and at the same time allows you to reach all available new heights. An ideal longboard is one that best fits your experience, physical attribute as well as your riding style.

Outlined are some of the best Santa Cruz Longboards that you can confidently purchase for an unforgettable longboarding experience.

1. Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta Drop Thru Longboard

This longboard that has the ability to impress beginners and at the same time be a favorite for experienced riders. It has a low deck that offers all the stability a rider may require. It also has soft wheels which have an epic grip, this makes ideal for downhill rides as well as cruising around town.

It also comes in vivid colors and artwork, making it have awesome graphics.

This longboard has product dimensions of 10" 40 inches and weighs around 7 pounds. It comfortably rides on 78A Road Rider. It is quite stable and its ability to carve is simply off the hook.

2. Santa Cruz Skate Mahaka Rasta

When talking about Santa cruise skate mahaka Rasta is one of my favorite skateboards. When talking about the deck of this board it is made up of 100% wood maple of North America and this is very durable and provides rigidity also.

This kind of cruise board is specially designed for level terrain. For a smooth riding, these boards are pre-lubricated and come with ABEC 3 bullet bearing.

This board gives an easy and enjoyable on board riding experience. This skateboard is more relaxing and those riders who are afraid of speed don’t need to be worried about it.

3. Santa Cruz Skate Land Shark Skateboard

Santa Cruz Skate Land is a anther top-quality and quite durable longboard in the market. It is an ideal longboard for both experienced riders as well as beginners. It is a concave shaped longboard that has soft wheels that offer the rider excellent stability throughout the riding experience.

This longboard is slightly small in size as compared to other longboards, but this is an added advantage since it is quite easy to carry it around.

With this longboard, you can be assured that nothing can result in you wobbling off the board not even a pebble during a downhill ride. When it comes to price versus performance, this longboard is worth it since it is quiet, well-styled and fast. While riding this longboard you can barely hear it regardless of the surface.

4. Santa Cruz Retro Shark Land Shark Cruzer Longboard

This board is one of the best features of Santa Cruz brands due to the fact that it has large, soft wheels that have a powerful grip on any surface. It is quite smooth and fast as well, regardless of the surface, you are riding on. 

However, if you happen to be a rider who is into longboard tricks, you might have to consider taking the riser off so as to avoid tripping of the longboard.

This longboard has an average weight of 7 pounds. this longboard does not need much training since it is easy to learn and handle it with Santa Cruz bearings. It has angled risers that make taking curves quite easy and at the same time helps in avoiding wheel bite.

5. Santa Cruz Mahaka Black Pintail Skateboard

This longboard is a top professional longboard that measures is ideal choice for any longboarding skill level, right from beginner to pro. It also has a weight of 7 pounds hence making it quite light and easy to carry around. 

The first thing you experience as soon as you start riding this longboard is its stability; this is due to the fact that its wheels have a strong grip on any riding surface.

It also works quite well with downhill riding due to its stable wheels. When it comes to cruising this is an ideal longboard since you do not have to worry about the being wobbled off the board while still riding.

Outlined is a detailed list of factors you need to put into consideration when it comes to selecting an ideal Santa Cruz Longboard.

Rider experience level

Some longboards are designed for different rider’s ability levels while as others fit all riders ability levels. Ensure that you inquire about a longboards rider ability level before you purchase it.

These rider ability levels include:

Beginners: These are riders who are new in longboarding. It is advisable for beginners to look for a longboard that as quite supportive, stable and easy to learn.

Intermediate: These are riders who have already learned all the basics in longboarding. Intermediate riders require well-balancing longboards or technically advanced longboards that support board tricks.

Expert /Pros: These are riders who are well conversant with longboarding. When it comes to experts any longboard can perfectly fit their needs.

Riding style

In most cases the kind of a terrain you prefer riding on speaks loads about your ideal riding style. As much as you may be comfortable riding on various terrains, it is advisable to go for a longboard that fits your ideal riding style.

Various riding styles include:

Vert-vert riders are longboard riders who prefer riding on vertical shaped longboards that allow them to perform tricks. Ideal longboards for vert riders are supposed to be quite light.

Street/Technical-street or technical riders: are those that love riding on rails, streets and ramps. When buying longboards, street/technical riders are advised to look for longboards that perfectly support their riding areas.

All around:  most longboard riders fall under the all-around category of riders. This is due to the fact that most longboard riders are comfortable riding anywhere and in any condition. If you consider yourself to be an all-around longboard rider, then you may need to look for a longboard that fits any riding environment. It should be a strong and reliable longboard.

Physical Attributes

When it comes to selecting an ideal longboard your physique really matters. Apart from your riding experience and your riding style, you also need to consider your height and weight. At times, it is even advisable to look for a professional who can accurately advise you on your ideal longboard depending on your physical attributes.

Longboard type

Most people buy longboards for various reasons. Identifying why you need a longboard can be essential in selecting an ideal longboard since you will be in a position to identify the kind of a longboard type you prefer. 

Various Longboard Types

Cruising longboards: These are longboards specifically designed for transportation and they come in various sizes depending on your preference and skill.

Freeride longboards: These are longboards specifically meant for freeriding down hills and at the same time doing a few technical tricks.

Downhill longboards: Just like the name suggests these are longboards specifically designed for downhill rides.


All longboards available in the market are priced depending on their various features and specifications. An ideal longboard is one that perfectly fits your budget, if you happen to settle for a longboard that is above your budget, you may have to consider selecting a similar longboard but within your budget limit.


Longboard riding is an ideal way of exercising while at the same time improving your hand and eye coordination. It is also a healthy outdoor activity. There are various ways to enjoy longboarding; all you have to do is ensure that you select a ideal longboard for the appropriate purpose.

Whether you are looking a Santa Cruz for yourself or as a present for someone you need to know what exactly to look out for when it comes to selecting the best Santa Cruz longboard. There are quite a number of longboards in the market and you can hardly miss a longboard that meets all your tastes and preferences.

Ensure that you are comfortable with the deck, safety gear, wheels and all the other accessories that meet all your longboarding needs before you purchase a longboard.

You can even consider researching more about it before you actually purchase it. Once you have your perfect longboard, make sure you are conversant with all the required safety precautions before you actually hit the road. Longboards are an ideal companion when used like they are supposed to since they can offer the best and fun-filled lifetime experience.

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