Longboard vs Skateboard : Which Is Better for You?

Longboarding and skateboarding – both may seem similar to an untrained surfer. But when you take a closer look, you’ll see lots of varieties between these sports activities. Longboard is a kind of skateboard. The two sidewalk surfing games have some discrete differences.

The similarities and variations between these two are totally controversial. The new surfers often get lots of confusions about which will be better as well as which is more fun? Well, the answer to these questions is not that simple. Your personal style and preference play a vital role in such case.

Well, if you are unsure about which one you should go for, you must learn their differences. The content is about the differences between skateboard and longboard. So, read through it and you’ll eventually know what is the better for you. Now, let’s dive in.

What is skateboarding?

Skateboarding is an entertaining and recreational game which is loved by the kids and teenagers and skateboard is the equipment used for this sport. Skateboards are also used by teenagers for transportation to short distance like from home to school.

What is longboarding?

Longboards are updated version of skateboards which are comparatively longer than skateboards in size as the name suggests. Longboards are one type of skateboards but they are usually faster than the skateboards size and anatomy. As such they are now frequently used for commuting. Longboards also vary from different sizes, shapes, and styles like skateboards.

Features of the Longboards and Skateboards

Longboard and Skateboard

Skateboards and longboards are quite different from many perspectives and features. If we discuss the difference of basic features, materials, and construction of longboards and skateboard. First of all, let’s have a look at their basic features.

Longboard Design Vs Skateboard Design

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Longboard Design

Instead of upward curves, there are two strips at both sides of the longboard. Many types of longboards are available in the market of different shape and design of the deck which particularly designed for different forms of longboarding and traveling. For example, Fishtail longboards help to make sharp turn easily,

Skateboard Design

The main visible feature that makes a skateboard different from longboards is the curved or convex shape on both ends of the deck of the skateboard. So skateboards are more stylish with this curved ends. This curving style also makes them perfect for performing tricks like Ollie, heelflip, kickflip, 360-flip.

Longboard Size Vs Skateboard Size

Longboard Size

The longboards have two strips on both sides of the deck in lieu of curves. Again, the longboards are longer in size than the conventional skateboards. The average length of the longboard is 30 to 50 inches and width is 8 to 12 inches..

Skateboard Size

It’s the size of the longboards that make them more stable over skateboards. Besides, their size provides them rail to rail balance. And the length of skateboards lies in the range of 28 to 32 inches and their width is between 7 to 10 inches.

Longboard Wheels Vs Skateboard Wheels


Longboard Wheels

Longboard WheelsThere are distinct differences between the wheels of the longboards and skateboards. longboard wheels are large in size and also have soft wheels which make them easier to perform tricks.

It’s easy to buffer the obstacles like cracks or pebbles on the road with large wheels of longboards. The small wheels of the skateboard can’t tackle the road obstacles well enough. So, you can say that your choices of sports also have an impact on your decision.

Skateboard Wheels

Skateboard WheelsAlthough smaller wheels of the skateboard make it good for tricks, obstacles can easily throw them off the road. If you wish to grind on curbs & benches, you should go for skateboards as they are light in weight. However, longboards are suitable for performing adventurous stunts.

Longboard Trucks Vs Skateboard Trucks


Longboard Trucks

longboard trucks are wider and the flexible design and structure of the trucks increases the flexibility of the board and makes your riding smooth comfortable.

Skateboard Trucks

The adaptive and rigid trucks of the skateboards are more suitable for grinds and tricks as they are narrower.

Longboard or Skateboard For Commuting?


If you want a board specifically for commuting, it will be better for you as it is specially designed for this purpose.

Longboards have larger and softer wheels to make them suitable for commuting and travel on street, sidewalk surfaces and pavement. It will be less enjoyable to perform tricks with them as they are heavier and bulky. But it’s also difficult to carry them anywhere due to the same reason.


Skateboards having smaller and harder wheels make it easy to feat the tricks but traveling with them takes more time. Still, you can use them for short distance transportation.

To commute outside the residential area with skateboards is not allowed in some states.  But you can easily carry your skateboard to anywhere with you like to picnic spots or in camping as it is lighter and smaller.


Usually, skateboards are used for cruising on the streets. But they are not suitable for all types of terrain. As you know, the skateboards are light in weight, they need special settings for stability. So, for long rides, you should not use skateboards.

On the contrary, longboards are well suited to go for long rides. Their design and longer length make them able to ride smoothly for miles. You can go for downhill and cross country with the longboards.


The stunts for balancing skateboards are very popular among the surfers. So, if you wish to win the crowd with your balancing tricks, learn the differences between them. For conventional skateboards require expert level skills to balance them.

Their smaller length makes them less stable to perform tricks. As opposed to, the longer length of the longboards is ideal to perform various stunts. Even you as a beginner can do cool balancing tricks on a longboard.

It gives you the freedom to position your feet easily on its wider length. So, if you are eager to impress your friends with your balancing skills, then rock it on a longboard.


Pumping is a riding style without touching the ground with your feet often and often. To propel the rider, skateboarding requires the touching of the ground with the foot.

On the contrary, longboard propelling doesn’t need foot contact with the ground. The design, as well as the shape of the longboard, give the ‘pump’ opportunities for speedy rides. It shifts your weight back and forth over the deck while riding. Also, it accelerates your riding speed without making you touch the ground.

So, if you want a speedy ride with both of your feet sticking on the board, then go for longboarding.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Why longboard are better for traveling and commuting? 

At first, it’s essential to know how longboards and skateboards came into being. Skateboards were made initially for surfing over the flat surges for having thrills. Later, the surfers added heavy wheels with it and enlarged the deck of the skateboard.

Q: Which is comparatively safe?

If I honestly say, without having enough practice and experience to ride on the board or perform tricks with them, none of ultimately safer for you. As long as you are riding on the board, there’s always a risk that you might get hurt badly.

But it can be safer for you if you try any trick with the board particularly designed for it. Longboards are always best suited for riding long distances and downhill runs. Similarly, if you run downhill using a skateboard, it would be a grave mistake indeed.

So, you can see that the safety over the board depends on your choice of activity. You can’t be safe on your board if you perform tricks that are not suitable for your board. Both of them can be safe depending on your structure and sports preferences. Your choice of right action will keep you safe.

Q: Which is easier to ride and balance?

Longboards have much space on their deck for the skater. As such, they are better for performing balancing tricks. You can keep your feet comfortably on the larger deck of the longboard and it will be easier for you to learn to balance as a beginner. It will be more difficult for you to manage your balance on a skateboard at the basic level.

Final Notes

Both longboards and skateboards have their own benefits and demerits. And both of them promise big fun. The real fun of surfing depends on your considerations. You must decide which kind of stunts such as cruising, pumping, ramping is you are going to try.

Yet, as a beginner, I would suggest you learn longboarding at first. Because of the shapes and sizes of the longboards, it’s easier to learn your first moves on a longboard.

Hope, this primer has been able to answer all your questions. So, what do you like most? Longboard or skateboard?

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