Longboard Size Chart: What Size Longboard Should I Get?

If you have decided to take up longboarding then you are going to need to purchase equipment to do the activity with and you are likely pondering the question, what size longboard should I get? To help you decide we will first look at the basic longboard dimensions.

Longboard Dimension Basics

The length of a longboard may be anywhere from 22 inches to more than 50 inches.

The width of a longboard may be anywhere from 7 to 10 inches depending on the design of the board. The width does not play a major part in the performance abilities of the longboard.

Things You Should Consider Size of The Board

There are a few considerations concerning your physically and the longboarding style you have that will help you to determine which longboard will be ideal for you.

Deck Shapes and Size

The most commonly seen longboard is the top mount board that is operated just like the traditional boards are operated. The rider stands on top of the board. There is also a drop through longboard deck that sits lower and offers the rider more stability and a better ability to balance and control the board.  

Drop through boards are extremely good for the people who are just beginning to master the skills required to do downhill racing and high speed riding.

The drop through decks can be mounted on the sides of the longboard or they can be mounted beneath the original deck in a more traditional style.

These boards can have a kick-tail or they can be designed without the traditional skateboard kick-tail. The kick-tail is the short section of the board that turns up slightly. They are helpful when you are trying to do tricks or jump on and off of curbs.

Boards that do not have the traditional kick-tail are actually more stable than the ones that have them. With the boards that do not have them you do not have the upward curved section of board to grab a hold of when you are jumping or trick riding, but you have slightly better control over the board, the speed, and the maneuvers you make.

  • Shorter Deck

A longboard deck that measures less than 32 inches will be unstable when you reach the high speeds that are often obtained during downhill riding and freestyle riding.

  • Longer Deck

The longer decks restrain some of the maneuverability that a longboard rider needs when they are riding freestyle or doing tricks. Longer boards are recommended for taller people because of the balance issue but riders who want to be able to make quick turns or awesome moves on their boards will need to steer clear of the boards that are longer than 42 inches.

Your Height and Weight

Believe it or not a shorter individual has an easier time maintaining their balance than a taller person has. This is partially because a taller person’s weight center is higher off the ground than the weight center of a short person.

People who are taller will have to work harder at maintaining perfect balance while longboarding and the longboards that have a greater length are more stable than the shorter ones. So the taller people should get longer size longboard. 

When they are just beginning to learn to ride. The added length and stability will help you to maintain your balance.

If you are a heavier rider then you should consider length of the board, height of the board, and the materials the board, Specifically how many layers are put together to create the deck. The more layer the deck has, the sturdier the deck will be, and the better the deck will be for carrying heavier riders.

Your longboarding style

The way that you intend to use your longboard will also play a large part in what length of longboard you should purchase. Some people want to ride their boards as fast as possible down steep inclines, while other people want to simply ride, and other people want to do tricks and create adventurous thrills on their boards. Determine what style of riding you will do the most so you can determine what length of board you will be most comfortable riding.

Freestyle or Dancing: It's riding is preferred by people who wish to do tricks on their boards, and people who wish to simply ride however they choose to ride. Most people who engage in freestyle or dancing tricks like a board that is between 38 inches and 43 inches. Freestyle riding can get the rider going at some pretty high speeds so remember that the shorter the board is, the greater control the rider has.

Cruising: Cruising is a longboard style that simply allows you to travel from point A to point B at a relaxed pace. The average longboard length preferred by people who like to cruise is 32 inches to 42 inches for people of average height and weight and taller people who like to cruise generally get a board that is 38 inches or longer.

Downhill: it's a style of longboarding that gives you the thrill of speed and a burst of adrenaline. Most people who like to downhill on their longboards choose boards that are between 35 inches and 43 inches. If you are a really tall person, say 6’3” or more, then choose a longer board if you plan to ride downhill.

Beginners Longboard Size

beginner rider will likely be very comfortable ride board that is between 32” and 38” in length. If a person is taller, even a young person or a beginner, then they need to ride longer boards for stability reasons, once they get skilled at riding they can ride any length of board they choose.

A board that measures between 30 inches and 38 inches is usually perfect for all riders, no matter how skilled they are, or how tall they are. Boards under 32 inches should only be considered for short riders. Boards over 42 inches in length are better suited for really tall people or very skilled riders.

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