How to Slow Down on A Longboard: Very Effective Method

When you will go riding longboarding, it is important to know how to slow down on a longboard. Because it is mandatory to slow down in some cases. For this reason, you have to know about this process and use it properly.

How much you know about how to slow down? If you know nothing or a little bit, let’s check it here. It is easy to slow down your longboard. You will get a complete guideline to slow down your longboard. So, let’s start.

Important Thinks to Learn Slow Down On a Longboard

Longboard Slow Down

It is important to learn how to slow down when you are riding a longboard for these reasons.

  • If you want to stop the longboard suitably, you have to slow down it first.
  • When you will ride on your longboard in busy places such as road crossing, it is safe to slow down your longboard and traverse then.
  • If you know slow down, it will help to perform sliding.
  • This process will help to prevent falling when you will try to perform sliding or other interesting stunts of the longboard.

Don’t you think these points are so important for riding a longboard? For these reasons, you need to learn to slow down on a longboard.

3 Obvious Methods to Slow Down a Longboard

There are mainly three methods to longboard slow down. You can apply any of them to achieve your goal. Here I have described these methods so that you can get them clearly and apply practically.

1. Foot Braking

For the beginners, it is strongly recommended to try the foot braking method to try to slow down the longboard. After learning the foot braking method clearly, they can try other methods by their choices. So, if you are a beginner, it is good advice for you. It is the most common and easiest methods for slowing down on a longboard. You just have to use your foot as a brake to slow down the longboard.

Make sure you wear proper shoes or boots when you are going to use your foot as the speed controlling part. Avoid thin-soled shoes.

Shift majority of your body weight to the front part of the board. Your front foot has to more stable than the back foot. Now lift up back foot and drag the back foot along the road near to the longboard. Apply a little amount of pressure on the ground and feel the impact. This will make the fraction and slow down the

longboard gradually. You can easily slow down your longboard by doing this. But you have to select the right time and position to use your foot as a break. Otherwise, you may get hurt.

2. Powersliding

Powersliding means carving the longboard out one certain side of your playing ground or road. This carving can decrease the speed of your longboard. But it depends on your body position on the longboard.

You have to mindful of the traffic and other people when you are going to slow down your longboard. It is a tricky method. So, you have to practice it properly and perform only when you are fully mastered.

Like the foot braking method, first, shift body weight to the heels and the front part of the longboard. Your body weight will instruct the sliding direction. Remember, the natural weight on your back foot makes hard to slow properly.

You have to move your hips, shoulders, and head according to your directions (same side). How many turns you will need, it depends on your speed.

By following this instruction, you can perform power sliding and control your speed. But when you are at commuting longboarding, this method needs to be avoided.

3. Advance Technique (Pendulum)

By performing a pendulum slide to slow down the longboard is called advanced technique. It is the most efficient method to slow down. To perform advanced technique you have to use special hand gloves.

When you will apply this method, your body becomes too close to the ground. So, without practicing don’t ever try this method. Perform it only when you are able to do it perfectly.

Use your back foot to kick out to reduce the speed and then put your gloved hand on the ground. Don't put hand far away from the board or too close to the board. If you do such things, you may fall.

After putting your hand in the right position, use your body weight to slow down. This will decrease the speed and you will able to slow down your longboard. You can also perform heel side pendulum slows down your longboard. But the main difference is your weight needs to be equally distributed on your both foot.

The advanced technique is beautiful to watch but more tricky than other methods. So, it is necessary to practice this more and more to get a suitable performance. Otherwise, it can bring a bad result for you.

These methods are applied by most of the longboard riders to slow down their longboards. They are able to perform these because they have practiced these over and over. So, there is no shortcut without practicing to get the methods.

Final Words

If you have a longboard and you want to ride it properly, you have to learn slow down it in the right ways. Because if you cannot slow down your longboard effectively, you may become fail to ride properly.

Knowing how to slow down on a longboard is a basic task for the beginners. When you will able to slow down your longboard correctly, then you can try other stunts easily.

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