How to Slide on a Longboard | An Incredibly Easy Method

Leaning the sliding technique of the longboard can provide excitement and you can feel another dimension of enjoyment. It can be difficult to learn for the beginners. But if the beginner just has to practice it safely and try it in the right way, they can learn the process.

If you have a longboard, you can learn slide on a longboard by reading this completely. I have tried to give a complete guideline according to research and practical knowledge. I have also explained the whole system simply for the beginners.

Do you want to learn this process easier? If your answer is yes, hope this writing will help you the most. So, let's start.

Sliding Techniques Step By Step

sliding longboarding

For sliding, it is necessary to follow the right sliding techniques. How much you know about it? If you know a little or nothing, you can find the complete guideline here. These steps are easy to follow but you have to practice these regularly to get the suitable accuracy.

The stance

It is the step that you have to complete first. Without this, you cannot perform the sliding. Stand on the longboard with feet and your shoulder width apart.

Your front foot has to place at 11 am and back foot has to place at 1. This position needs to be reserved for the goofy person. Feet might not be centered on the board. The rider's feet should be a little bit over the high part of the longboard to get a good position for sliding.

To get the best position, bend knees and drop your butt and start moving the board.

Drop knee crouch

When your front foot is at the right standing position, lower your back foot, and make sure the back foot is on the flat part of the longboard.

Now, start moving the board with the support back foot. When you crouch, at this time, drop your knee. Practice this position in some flat spots. When this position will become comfortable for you, practice carving.

Speed controlling

Speed controlling is an important factor for sliding. By making variation you can easily slide your longboard. For speed control, you have to use your body moment, hand gloves and legs position.

These are the techniques for sliding longboard. This will give you more adventures and excitement when you are riding your longboard.

Choosing a Sliding longboard

A good rider can slide any longboard. But a good sliding longboard can make some noticeable differences. When it comes to the beginners, they have to pick a longboard which is easy to slide.

There is some special kind of sliding longboards for beginners in the market. If you are learning sliding tricks, you have to bring this kind of longboard. Other longboards may hard for you to control. So, practice it more and more to master the technique and then you can change the longboard.

What Kind of Materials Perfect for Sliding?

The expert riders don't need a lot of things to slide on a longboard. When you are learning how to slide, make sure you have some necessary equipment. Here I have sorted out this equipment which is strongly recommended for beginners.


It is the main thing for the whole process. You have to choose one which is suitable for sliding or other activities. You will find a lot of variation in the market.

When you are going for a longboard, choose the right type of wheels. Otherwise, you will face many difficulties in sliding. Sliding wheels are specially designed for sliding. Some worst type of wheels can easily be broken when you will go sliding. This can cause serious accidents.


It is a must needed thing. A helmet will protect your hand from the unexpected fallen or accident.

Knee pads

Knee pads protect the knees which are mainly recommended for the beginners.

Slide gloves

Slide gloves are strongly recommended for beginners. It can save your hands from road rash. You have to practice with these gloves before going real sliding. Because slide gloves help to control your speed and angle during the slide. But they are not necessary for the experts.

Sliding shoes

It is important to get good quality sliding shoes. Because most of the times you have to control the longboard by your legs. The shoes also protect your feet from road rash.

What Should be Avoided While Sliding Longboarding?

When you will try to slide your longboard, you have to avoid these things. Otherwise, you may face some problems like fallen down and you may fail to slide it properly.

  • Don’t ride the longboard at excessive speed when you are trying to slide it.
  • Always avoid the quick moment of the body.
  • When you are in the right position and suitable speed, and then slide the longboard. Otherwise, wait for normal speed.
  • Sometimes the riders like to grab the board with his left hand. And they grab the board in between feet. This can make fall off the longboard. Always avoid this.
  • Don’t shake your body or feet when you are riding a longboard.

If you avoid these points, you can successfully complete the sliding task and keep yourself more risk-free.

Final Notes

Do you get the sliding longboarding process? If you get it clearly, you can enjoy more when you will ride your longboard. But it is very important to remember that you have to try it only after you will finish the practice session properly.

Riding the longboard is a great way of time pass and enjoyment. This type of activities makes your mind fresh and adventure. Hope you have gotten the process of sliding on a longboard and perform it practically. All the best.

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