How to Ride a Longboard | Explained for Beginners

Riding a longboard is an easy task. It is similar to normal skateboard riding. The main difference is a longboard will provide you more speed and thrill because of its bigger wheels.

But more speed and aggressive movements may cause serious injury. So, before using your longboard, you have to know the guide about how to ride a longboard.

You just have to follow some tricky steps for that. Maintaining a constant speed and perfect balance, while you are riding, is a must. So, sustain the flow between your movements.

Some Important Riding Instructions

Here we have provided some important instructions. This is an ultimate beginner guide. These instructions will not only help you to know the tricks of riding but also you can assure a safe ride. Here the instructions are given below.

Choose an Good Board

You need a perfect longboard for that. You should always buy the good brands longboard. In the shop, you will find various kinds of good quality longboards at a reasonable price.

Get arm and knee pads with your longboard. This will protect you from unexpected injuries. Besides, take a helmet. Without wearing a helmet longboard riding is a huge kind of silliness.

Before riding you must collect some necessary things for preventing difficulties and assuring safety.

Select Ideal Place

At the time of riding a longboard, you must be careful about the place where you are riding. An imperfect place will cause an unexpected accident.

For riding carefully, always select an open space for riding the longboard. Find a smooth and plane surface. Avoid setbacks such as places where people park their cars and drive vehicles. Put the longboard on the land moving towards the vexation you want to passage in. This will prevent the problem of turning or rotating the longboard.


Positioning properly is a must before riding the longboard. A proper positioning will help you to maintain the longboard without any difficulties.

There are some basic rules of positioning your standing foot. If you are right footed, using your left foot as the standing foot will be the great option. On the other hand, if you are left-footed use your right foot. This will help you to hold your necessary grip. Don’t pressure the longboard so much sharply. Try to move it smoothly.

Put you standing foot in the center of the longboard. Its position is just eastern the halfway point.


Before pushing the longboard you must keep in mind that, a full and smooth movement will protect you from sudden instability.So, push the longboard as smoothly as possible. A harsh pushing is responsible for accidents.

Forgetting a sleek and easygoing movement, push off the longboard with the help of your contrary foot. When your board will start moving forward uptake your another foot which you have used in pushing onto the board.

Now establish your foot shoulder-width aloof from your onward foot. This will balance you with the longboard.Bending your knees will help you to sustain your stability.


Now it’s the time for balancing the board. When your longboard seems to be moving slowly, you have to give another push.

You may place your foot plane down above the land. This causes an imbalance. So, don’t put your foot on the ground during this stage. You can use your standing foot here. This will help you a lot to maintain your balance. Not only that, it will drift your dashing foot astern off the board.

Defer and push over the surface very smooth. After that, put your dashing foot abaft on the floor. Don’t speed up your board aggressively.


You can easily turn your longboard by following some methods step by step. Firstly if you want to turn to the left properly, you have to lean your body over to the left side of your board.

On the other hand, for turning to the right leans your whole body smoothly on the part of the right side of the board.At the time of turning, you must feel the floor of your sliding longboard come to a small to the left or right.

Keep in mind that, longboards are more reactive than the regular skateboard. So, you have to turn it very carefully. Small weight coordination is very much necessary while you are riding the board.

Avoid Exceeding Limit

You have to use a very low stance for that. Riding a longboard is actually a fun. But often we take the risk and ride it hardly becoming excited. We should avoid it.

Practice more

We know that practice makes a man perfect. So, practice more and more. At first, you may find it a little hard. But gradually you will get efficiency and will be able to control your board thoroughly.

Make the accurate use of your knee and arm for perfect balancing. Actually, it is all about practice. So, keep on practicing.


Longboarding is an easy task but it is pretty much dangerous also. Here are some specific restrictions of riding the longboard, which will prevent the most common difficulties that you face during your riding.

You have to trammel by toddling your standing foot to hold down your ballast on the board. Now, carry away your pushing foot from the floor.

Don’t come in touch with the land roughly. Refrain from using major contact. Don’t forget to wear protective clothing. Remember that, if you cross your speed limit, you must lose your grip and fall very badly.

Abstain from applying excessive pressure that you are descended from the plank. Be careful about the weight adjustment also.

Final Notes

Riding a longboard is not a hard task if you know how to manage it. All you need to follow the instructions of managing the board.

Finally, I am sure that this guide helped you to know some longboard riding tricks easily and safely. So, follow the above steps and ride your longboard without facing any difficulties.

Thank you for being with us.

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