How To Choose A Longboard for Cruising, Sliding, Dancing, Commuting

Longboarding is an awesome way to get around. You can use it around college to go through one lesson to the next, get from the hostel to class in no time, and simply rush around while enjoying the thrill of the wind rushing through.

And that’s not all. Some people have even gone as far as using longboards to commute to work every single day. No more traffic snarl up, playing catch-up with the train or waiting for the bus for hours.

You must be wondering how to get a longboard of your own already? Well, we are making it easy for you. In this post, we will give complete longboard buying guide that should be easy to pick your new longboard once you read this.

Choose a Board According To You Riding Style

This is the basic factor that will determine the board that you need – the riding discipline that you are in love with. Ask yourself the following questions to get a clear picture of the riding style that you want to go after.

  • Do I love speed?
  • Do I love downhill runs?
  • Do I love freestyle moves?
  • Do I just want to dance on my board?

These questions will help you to narrow down to your preferred choice of board. You don’t have to be disappointed, this is just the begging, you could still develop into a style that you still don’t have in mind yet.

Finding the Right Type of Building Materials

buying a longboard

If you pursue the building materials for the longboard you will easily realize why certain boards are cheap while others are best sellers. The right building could easily play the difference if you need a top thrill From bamboo decks, pintail decks, to trucks and bushings, keeping your eyes open is extremely important.

The suited features of longboard

  • Supports up to 230 lbs weight
  • Highly dependable 7-9 ply flex maple deck
  • Soft Polyurethane 70-90 mm 78A wheels
  • Durable aluminum alloy trucks

The perfect longboard should have some of the following such features will maximize chops, styles, rush down the hills, and more importantly any kind of riding style come with.

The Flexibility And Build Quality

Longboards are usually made from a number of different materials. You do not have to worry about durability if you get a decently priced longboard. Keeping that aside, board flex is something that you would want to keep into consideration.

You will have the options to choose from three different flexibility options and those being soft, medium and in simple words flex. Now, you will need to identify on which you feel the most comfortable in. And that would pretty much do the job.

Style of the Deck

Deck styles are very important, as it will determine the rider's stability on the board. And not just that, it will also decide how easy it is to brake and push while the rider is on the ground.

Longboard Buying Guide

If you get a board that is nice and low, then you will be able to feel more stable on it and also find it easier to push. Whereas on the other hand, a board that is higher will need some extra effort during turns and curves.

Wheels and Bearings

If you need a roller coaster, easy to accelerate wheels will be your top bet. This means going with wheels that are lower in size and shields bearings. If you need cruiser wheels, you need the right balance between the hardness and softness too. Taller wheels will need more energy to push. 

Simple Guide Line to Buying A Longboard

The final decision on longboard that you buy comes down to your taste and preference, but as a beginner, there are certain considerations that will help you to walk out with the best.

There are a number of tips that you can also look out for when buying a longboard. They include the following:-

Learn it first

A common problem most new longboarders do is that they buy the board first and then decide to learn to ride it. This is absolutely wrong. You definitely do not want to do this. Try learning it by borrowing a board from a friend or someone else, and then once you have learned it, only then go for buying one yourself.

Amount of Money You are Willing to Spend

It is important that you decide the amount of money that you are willing to spend on your next longboard. This keeps your spending in check.  Just keep in mind that pricey don’t usually mean the best. Nonetheless, make a decent budget that will widen your choice.

As there are multiple different boards of multiple price points, it can surely get a bit confusing. Sometimes manufacturers sell brand name instead of the board’s qualities; it is important that you shop around before buying any board.

Make your investment worthwhile

As you are spending your hard earned money on a longboard and want to have fun with it, we would always recommend you to get a board that will be well suited to your body and riding skills

Don't get something that is too big or something that is too small. Hit the spot right in between. The best possible solution would be if you can go to a store and try the boards yourself. Then you will be able to know what is the best solution for you.

Your Skill Level

No matter how good of board you get, you won't be able to exploit it to its full potential if you do not know how to use it, that being your personal longboarding skill level. If you are just starting out and do not know much, then spending a huge ton of money on a board would be very stupid. There are many different beginner boards that you can easily find online.

The Type of Rider You Are

As we mentioned before, there are many different types of boards for different types of riding. Before you get one for yourself you must identify what type of riding you will be doing. Will you be cruising downhill, freeriding or even freestyling? Whatever the occasion might be, there is a board for every one of them.


Always keep an eye for what the previous users say about the brand you choose. You should also look at the top expert reviews such as what we have given you here. A combination of these will not let you down. They could save your money before you choose a bad product.


Sturdy as they seem longboards could still breakdown. Look for warranties to go with. These should help you to save a few dollars when you need to fix your longboard and get it back on shape.


A bigger size doesn’t necessarily mean more power but it will leave you with a super cool area to move around on. Having enough space is vital for any top rides and more specifically when choosing the best longboard.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is best, longboard or skateboard?

It all depends on what is your purpose in buying it. Skateboards have it own techniques in doing tricks or stunts. Longboards have also different styles and leanings that a started should acquire. They have almost the same build of parts, but they have differences in appearance and structures. You should know to yourself what you intend to ride.

Q: Could you exchange parts of the longboard to skateboard?

You could even put some parts of skateboard to a longboard or from a longboard into a skateboard. Many people are doing some experiments without having a simple knowledge which is essential for assembling and disabling its parts.

Q: How do I choose longboard wheels?

This is very important if you need a super smooth and steady ride. Wheels set at 65 mm plus will easily give you such a smooth ride.

Final Notes

Now you’ve got it all in one place every single tip you need to grab your next longboard. We hope that the points and factors that we talked about will help you to get a better understanding of longboards and assist you in making your purchase.

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