Best Longboards Review & Buying Guide | Top 10 Picks of 2019

Longboarding is an awesome way to get around. You can use it around college to go through one lesson to the next, get from the hostel to class in no time, and simply rush around while enjoying the thrill of the wind rushing through.

And that’s not all. Some people have even gone as far as using longboards to commute to work every single day. No more traffic snarl up, playing catch-up with the train or waiting for the bus for hours.

You must be wondering how to get a longboard of your own already? Well, there are hundreds of brands to choose from; but we are making it easy for you.

In this post, we have reviewed the top ten best longboards for you. It should be easy to pick your new longboard once you read this.

We began with hundreds of longboard and rounded off to the top ten picks. We based our reviews on user feedback, expert reviews, user experience, design, features, and more importantly the ability of the board to give the reader value for their money!

These boards are good for value and they will make it easy for you to enjoy long boarding. Above the res our reviews are well researched with experts in the best longboards.

1. The Quest Super Cruiser

best longboards

2. Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard


3. VOLADOR 42inch freeride longboard


4. Atom drop through – 41 Inch


5. Loaded Icarus bamboo longboard


6. Magneto bamboo longboard


7. Playshion drop through 


8. Krown krex 2 complete bamboo longboard


9. Playshion drop through


10. Yocaher professional speed drop down


Why These Longboards are The Best

You may be wondering why we chose these best longboards for sale for our reviews. Well here is why.

Shapely curving

For starters, these longboards has the best curves. The curves designs boost top performance while at the same time enhancing its ergonomics. You have the turning leverage and the perfect control.

Top truck design

While most of these Longboards for Sale have pintail designs, they also enjoy a top performing design on their decks which make them much more stable and easy to curve, freestyle, and ride downhill. They are therefore super ideal for both beginners and style oriented riders.


This is basically the level of softness of a longboarding wheel; the softer the wheel the more the grip, stability, and ease of control. These boards have different sets while most have 80mm and 80a Kegels which is by far some of the best for top grips, smoothness, and rolling speed. The same applies on a 75mm and 83a Durians for the best balance of grip when sliding.

Vibration Damping

Unlike the rest of the boards, these boards also have top vibration damping. This keeps vibration at minimum so you get a smooth ride. Thanks to the cork layered bottom that most of these boards come with.

Class, Style, and Design

Overall, the integrated bamboo and fiberglass gives the board the best flex and the best strength. The board is basically a speed monster and the best carving board of the year. Don’t just look at it, try it out!

The Type of Riding Style That You Prefer

This is the basic factor that will determine the type of board that you need – the riding discipline that you are in love with. Ask yourself the following questions to get a clear picture of the riding style that you want to go after.

  • Do I love speed?
  • Do I love downhill runs?
  • Do I love freestyle moves?
  • Do I just want to cruise on my board?

These questions will help you to narrow down to your preferred choice of board. You don’t have to be disappointed, this is just the begging, you could still develop into a style that you still don’t have in mind yet.

Simple Guide Line to Finding Your Best Longboard

The final decision on the Best Type of Longboard that you buy comes down to your taste and preference, but as a beginner, there are certain considerations that will help you to walk out with the best.

There are a number of tips that you can also look out for when buying the best longboard. They include the following:-

Amount of Money You are Willing to Spend

It is important that you decide the amount of money that you are willing to spend on your next longboard. This keeps your spending in check.  Just keep in mind that pricey don’t usually mean the best. Sometimes manufacturers sell brand name instead of the board’s qualities; it is important that you shop around before buying any board.

Finding the Right Type of Building Materials

If you pursue the building materials for the Longboard you will easily realize why certain boards are cheap while others are bestsellers. The right building could easily play the difference if you needa top thrill.From bamboo decks, pintail decks, to trucks and bushings, keeping your eyes open is extremely important.


Always keep an eye for what the previous users say about the brand you choose. You should also look at the top expert reviews such as what we have given you here. A combination of these will not let you down. They could save your money before you choose a bad product.


Sturdy as they seem longboards could still breakdown. Look for warranties to go with. These should help you to save a few dollars when you need to fix your long board and get it back on shape.


A bigger size doesn’t necessarily mean more power but it will leave you with a super cool area to move around on. Having enough space is vital for any top rides and more specifically when choosing the the best longboard.

Wheels and Bearings

If you need a roller coaster, easy to accelerate wheels will be your top bet. This means going with wheels that are lower in size and shields bearings. If you need cruiser wheels, you need the right balance between the hardness and softness too. Taller wheels will need more energy to push. 

The suited features of longboard

  • Supports up to 230 lbs weight
  • Highly dependable 7-9 ply flex maple deck
  • Soft Polyurethane 70-90 mm SHR 78A wheels
  • Durable aluminum alloy trucks

The perfect longboard should have some of the following such features will maximize chops, styles, rush down the hills, and more importantly any kind of riding style come with.

Why Should You Own a Longboard?

The reason why you need a longboard is simple; you need a physical activity to keep you fit. This is the basic purpose of owning a longboard. However, we also have these prime reasons too.

Ease Transportation

Longboarding such as the commuting boards will serve as a mode of transportation. They come in all-terrain boards designs and you will easily ride almost everywhere just like you will with your scooter, car, or bike.

Improve Your Cardio

If you need the daily cardio dose, longboarding will do the trick. It will boost your lung capacity, stamina, and basically general internal health including the immune system. Regular cardio workouts will keep obesity at bay.

Boost the Balancing

If you want to achieve top balance, you can easily do that using a longboard. As an exercise, Longboard is designed to improve your entire body’s coordination system and to keep your fitness at the top of the game.

 Builds Lower Endurance

Your lower body strength can also be easily built when you work out the muscles. The Best Type of Longboards will do exactly that and leave you with a stronger lower body. You can jump high, keep injuries at bay, improve your flexibility, and build some mass.

Keeps Environment Safe

Longboards are made of wooden surfaces, they emit zero co 2 plus, they don’t emit any additional volatile substances. This is super cool at keeping the environment as safe as possible too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Do I Choose the Best Wheel?

This is very important if you need a super smooth and steady ride. Wheels set at 65 mm plus will easily give you such a smooth ride.

Q: What is best, longboard or skateboard?

It all depends on what is your purpose in buying it. Skateboards have it own techniques in doing tricks or stunts. Longboards have also different styles and leanings that a started should acquire. They have almost the same build of parts, but they have differences in appearance and structures. You should know to yourself what you intend to ride.

Q: Could you exchange parts of the longboard?

You could even put some parts of skateboard to a longboard or from a longboard into a skateboard. Many people are doing some experiments without having a simple knowledge which is essential for assembling and disabling its parts.

Final Notes

Now you’ve got it all in one place every single tip you need to grab your next longboard. Well you don’t have to wait anymore. Simply grab one of our top rated reviewed longboards and enjoy the top thrill with your riding mates.

The ride should be easy once you get down to your best style of riding. In no time, you will be flying high – so don’t mind the first simple crashes that you will definitely go down on. Remember, a journey of 1000 miles begins at one.

Take that one vital step and let’s take you to the world of sliding, freeriding, and cruising. It is simple, easy, and one of the best sports for speed lovers.

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