Best Longboards Review & Buying Guide | Top 10 Picks of 2019

Longboarding…? That’s awesome! There is no doubt that Longboarding is great FUN. The joyful riding experience will only be attained when you have the right board under your feet.

Do you love longboarding? And excited to know about top longboards? Choosing the right boards is not so tough if you have proper knowledge about the brands. You could easily do all these without worrying.

In this article, we provide you with proper guidance about the best longboards which are popular nowadays!

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After all the considerations that we made, here are the top ten longboard picks that we finally settled on...

1. The Quest Super Cruiser

best longboards


  • 9 pounds Weight
  • ABEC 7 Bearings
  • 7-ply flex maple
  • 46 x 9 inches Hardwood Maple deck
  • Supports over 230 lbs
  • Wheels size 70x51mm 80A PU

To start us off is The quest super cruiser a cool finish with stylish spotted splash color design on the boardwalks to higher specifications from Malibu to San Diego that can only remind you of flying.

Of importance, the fact to keep in mind that the board is forged from a 7-ply flex maple hat does not only make it durable but also very easy to stand on. It is open and vast with a 46 x 9 inch deck that supports over 230 lbs and is also fitted with an anti-slip touch for its awesomely cool brushed black stylish deck surface.

You will be able to also enjoy a set of highly responsive aluminum trucks that Rugged & Lightweight 6" and guarantees strength and high-end stability.

It enjoys the ABEC 7 Bearings that allows it to withstand high-speed rotation to leave every single user with a smoother and faster ride.


Can smooth ride with extreme turns

Very strong board can carry a heavy person

Highly responsive aluminum trucks

The deck is spacious and wide

Easy to balance, and stability when downhill riding


Slightly smaller wheels

It have too logo on the deck

2. Ten toes emporium longboard



  • 44-Inches stretch
  • Supports 250 lbs of weight
  • 7-inch light aluminum trucks
  • 70 mm 85A PU designed wheels

This longboard designed with a strikingly vintage. If you want to make a statement without having to say much, this board will be your perfect bet.

The board is durable and glossy bamboo. It's rugged for more stability and comes with a super lightweight design for an easy push and also full style smooth ride. Thanks to its 7-inch light aluminum trucks on strikingly cool wheels.

The deck is wide enough for a free roll and the high performing wheels are simply durable. They also come with a 70 mm 85A PU design that allows the wheels to have a superior performance when cruising.

More importantly, the board is fitted with a reactive and exceedingly smooth reverse gliding kingpin trucks. It works with top precision and allows the rock finish to be exceedingly visible as you ride. It also supports up to 250 lbs of weight.

The Pros and Cons

  • Rugged for more stability
  • Durable glossy bamboo board
  • Smooth reverse gliding kingpin trucks
  • Plain rock finish
  • Not ideal for beginners

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3. VOLADOR 42inch freeride longboard



  • 250 lbs capacity
  • Deck Stands at 42 inches
  • ABEC-9 bearings
  • 70x51mm and PU wheels soft wheels
  • 7 inches trucks

The VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard complete cruiser is another top ranked longboard too. This board is a monster when it comes to speed and spells the same style with its strikingly vintage branding design.

The board is highly durable; The longboard is easy to push and you don’t have to spend too much energy to get it rolling at high speed always.

Even better, many users love the PU wheels that allows the board to provide an improved performance.

Nonetheless, you also don’t have to worry about your freedom on the board as the deck is wide and stands at 42 inches. This is also a big plus on the long lasting durability that the longboard offers.

The trucks are also great maneuverability, 7 inches genuni aluminum alloy that can turn 45 degree to 50 degree.

The Pros and Cons

  • “Flame knight” branding design
  • Hardroc maple can ride more enjoyable
  • Kick tail design that maximizes is performance
  • Too wild
  • Slightly heavy

Simple to use 100% high performance guaranteed crushing longboard for people who want smooth corners and super cool carves

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4. Atom drop through – 41 Inch



  • ABEC 5 speed bearings
  • Deck 8-ply maple
  • design: maple/bamboo mix
  • 7" alloy trucks

For anyone who wants to ride downhill, freestyle, or simply come on tricks, the drop through longboard such as the Atom drop through longboard would be the ideal choice.

It is strong and highly durable. Wood design maple/bamboo mix. It is compact in design and allows you to carry it around easily. The board also supports a weight limit of up to 250 pounds. And will attain high speeds even when sliding at its weight capacity.

At 41.7" Long x 10.6" Wide the longboard is the perfect size for any person who loves the trickery of a longboard. It is slightly small compared to the rest but still spacious enough to provide a stable ride at any needed time.

The Pros and Cons

  • Easy sliding for large deck
  • Can turn easily for nice and gripe wheels 
  • Drop through top deck mount design
  • Weight limit of up to 250 pounds its huge
  • don't be surprised about some parts

It is almost as if you can count on it to give you the value of your money. This board is suitable for student, they can ride on the campus.

5. Loaded Icarus bamboo longboard



  • Cork bottom layer
  • 75mm, 83a Durians wheels
  • Jehu V2 bearings
  • Deck size: 46" x 9"
  • It supports up to 250 lbs
  • Drop-through truck mounting

The Loaded Icarus Bamboo Longboard It is created for basically every form of longboarding including snowboard style riding/ carving, freestyle, freeride, and more importantly urban commuting as the best alternative means of transportation

The board’s utilitarian drop-through design adds much stability to the truck and allows you to spend less energy when you want to push your board to full acceleration. It is spacious at 46" x 9"and even better comes with a Cambered profile.

For skaters who love a style of their own, the board’s variable concave edge creates a lively and also a precise top riding experience. Deeper carves the cutouts combine wheels will work so well to maximize clearance and allow smooth curves on tight.

This board minimal nose and preferably tail kicks are good at providing riders with a great ease when intend to navigate the city streets and tray as many freestyle trickeries as they desire.

The Pros and Cons

  • Freeride friendly setup
  • stability and easier pushing
  • Laminated bamboo and fiberglass construction
  • Small in size
  • Slightly pricey

6. Magneto bamboo longboard



  • Dual kick tails
  • Natural bamboo finish
  • It supports up to 250 lbs
  • Magneto logo
  • 70mm wheels
  • 84a

Magneto Bamboo Longboard boards are basically made for cruising, free-styling, and more importantly downhill rides. They are awesome and come with a unique design with their Magneto logo designed over the deck.

At 46" x 9" the deck is not only wide and spacious enough. It is also ideal for cruising but more importantly durable, stylish, and of high quality.

Thanks to its dual kick tails and a really cool arched camber plus a shallow concave design you can enjoy top rated flexibility with a nice thrill and an easy control for your personal ride.

Many people who understand what you need to get the best sliding board will also appreciate the board’s top mounted design with 70mm wheels as the right blend.

Nonetheless, this board is the ultimate design for buyers who need a beautifully designed natural bamboo finish on their longboard with an additional sanded clear-top-finish so that they don’t use grip tape.

The Pros and Cons

  • Doesn’t break down easily
  • Can last for a very long lifespan.
  • Concave design for freestyle riding
  • Plain design
  • Smaller wheels

7. Playshion drop through 39”



  • 250 lbs maximum weight
  • 8 ply flex maple deck
  • Durable aluminum alloy trucks
  • Soft folyurethane 70 mm SHR 78A wheels
  • The board is the unique color

This is the great starter longboard for both kids and adults. It supports up to 250 lbs maximum weight capacity and comes with a simple coastline beach-like design that’s highly attractive and easy to spot around a shelf.

The Playshion Drop Through 39” Freestyle Long-board is made up of a highly dependable 8 ply flex maple deck hardwood and comes with an easy to board flat and straight up symmetrical design.

This board will serve allow any user to enjoy top carves, supper cool rolls down the hill, and basically an easy everyday commuting routine. Thanks to the board’s soft Polyurethane70 mm SHR 78A wheels that provide more stability and a solid grip when going downhill.

The trucks are also made of a lightweight but durable aluminum which gives the board an edge when it comes to high style durability and prevents you from using too much force when you want to push the board.

The Pros and Cons

  • Highly dependable
  • You get your grip on the game.
  • Suited for beginner free styling
  • Not designed for tricks
  • Somewhat loss for bumpy rides  

8. Krown krex 2 complete bamboo longboard



  • 71mm 78a soft wheels
  • weight capacity 250 lbs
  • Bamboo and Canadian Maple
  • 46 x 8 inches deck
  • 7 inches black trucks bearing
  • Top deck design is fitted with stylish paintings

Set on soft white wheels that will not only allow you to enjoy the great stability, but also give you the freedom to slide, carve, and do all your tricks, the Known Krex Longboard is a classic. It enjoys a super cool hybrid design of a Bamboo and Canadian Maple to leave every user with the best board to use.

The top deck design is fitted with stylish paintings that gives you the calmness that you need before jumping onto your longboard and flying away. Many users agree that it has the calming effect apart from the 250 lbs weight capacity and a spacious deck of 46 x 8 inches.

On a 71mm 78a soft wheels, this board is indeed one of the all-round boards if you want to hit the street, commute to work, go downhill, ride in college/campus, and even go for a competition.

It has 7 inches black trucks on aluminum alloy with super cool speed bearing.

The Pros and Cons

  • Cool speed bearing
  • Soft white wheels for stability
  • best for first lane lifestyle with superior thrill
  • Good insane speeds, high style performance
  • Catches dirt easily
  • Clear grit needs regular maintenance

If you want simplicity, power, high performance, and insane speeds all in one board, this board will be the appealing design to put you’re your money on.

9. Playshion drop through freestyle 39”



  • Genuine 8 Plies Maple Material
  • 7” highly dependable aluminum trucks
  • Black OS780 Grip
  • Top color and design graphics
  • 78A Durometer
  • 70mm Diameter on a 50mm width wheels

Another top Playshion longboard designed with an easy to spot highly stylish color that gives it a super cool design edge. It boasts a clear cut Playshion logo on the top deck that will easily show your riding style.

To prevent any slip on the deck, the board enjoys a Black OS780 Grip. That not only boosts the performance, but also allows for its heat transferred graphic to fully standout.

The longboard’s wheels are also greatly dependable when going downhill, sliding, taking carves, or simply riding. Thanks to their fully fledge PU wheel design of 70mm Diameter on a 50mm Width and a 78A Durometer.

The Pros and Cons

  • Clear cut Playshion logo
  • For big deck size can easy control
  • Transfer graphic designs for a stylish rider
  • most stylish 250 pound capacity longboard
  • Not ideal for trickery
  • Needs proper care routine

You don’t have to worry about the durability and strength of the board either as it is fully designed with a genuine 8 Plies Maple Material.

10. Yocaher professional speed drop down



  • 41.2 x 9 inches deck
  • weight capacity 250 lbs
  • 180mm Aluminum Alloy trucks
  • ABEC 7 Chrome 80A Grade bearings
  •  9-Ply Maple wheels

The Yocaher Professional  Longboard is very strong and highly durable and boasts a stable and design from the fairly decent grip tape though design. Grip tape is included on top.

It is wide on the deck and measures 41.2 inches long x 9 inches wide to give you enough space to prove your styles and simply carving. The trucks are most suited for downhill ride on your longboard.

The board enjoys ABEC 7 high speed total safe bearings and the same style lubricant too. Thanks to the boards 275 lbs weight capacity you can easily stand on it.

The Pros and Cons

  • Can easy carving
  • They make this bamboo and fiberglass cruising
  • Extremely flexible and to enjoy 80% rebound on a super high.
  • Dull plain design
  • High speeds for beginners

Why these products are the best

These longboards are good for value and they will make it easy for you to enjoy longboarding. Above the res, our reviews are well researched with experts in the best longboard.

Shapely curving

For starters, these longboards have the best curves. The curves designs boost top performance while at the same time enhancing their ergonomics. You have the turning leverage and the perfect control of any other longboard.

Top truck design

While most of these Longboards have enjoyed top performing designs, which make them much more stable and easy to curve, freestyle, and ride downhill. They are therefore super ideal for all type of riders.


This is basically the level of softness of a longboarding wheel; the softer the wheel the more the grip, stability, and ease of control. These boards have different sets while most have 80mm and 80a Kegels which is by far some of the top grips, smoothness, and rolling speed. 

Vibration Damping

Unlike the rest of the boards, these boards also have top vibration damping. This keeps vibration at minimum so you get a smooth ride. Thanks to the cork layered bottom that most of these boards come with.

Class, Style, and Design

Overall, the integrated bamboo and fiber glass finishes give the best flex and strength. The boards basically speed monsters boards of the year. And if you are looking for good longboards any of them could make a perfect choice!

The type of riding style that you prefer

This is the basic factor that will determine the type of board that you need – the riding discipline that you are in love with. Ask yourself the following questions to get a clear picture of the riding style that you want to go after.

  • Do I love speed?
  • Do I love downhill runs?
  • Do I love freestyle moves?
  • Do I just want to cruise on my board?

These questions will help you to narrow down to your preferred choice of board. You don’t have to be disappointed, this is just the begging, you could still develop into a style that you still don’t have in mind yet.

Buying Guide: Think to consider before buying

On the factors said above, it would help the buyers realize about the things that they should bear in mind when buying a longboard. Remember that the high quantity of options in the market might cause some confusion. These and many more things you will learn once you decide to have a personal longboard.

The Best Longboards that you buy comes down to your taste and preference. but as a beginner, there are certain considerations that will help you to walk out.

Apart from what we have seen, these boards also enjoyed some of the following qualities that we can mentions.

  • Positive user reviews/ feedback
  • Best selling boards
  • Most affordable prices
  • The all-round designs.


It is important that you decide the amount of money that you are willing to spend on your next longboard. This keeps your spending in check.  Just keep in mind that pricey don’t usually mean the best. Sometimes manufacturers sell instead of the board’s qualities; it is important that you shop around before buying any board.


Always keep an eye for what the previous users say about the boards you choose. You should also look at the top expert reviews such as what we have given you here. A combination of these will not let you down. They could save your money before you choose a bad product.


Sturdy as they seem longboards could still breakdown. Look for warranties to go with. These should help you to save a few dollars when you need to fix your long board and get it back on shape.

Finding the right type of building materials

If you pursue the building materials for the best longboards. You will easily realize why certain boards are cheap while others are best sellers. The right building could easily play the difference if you need top thrill. 


The size would also vary according to your preferences. If you are a beginner you should look for a longer size. On the other hand, if your intention is for tricks, then it is recommended to have the smaller sizes because its easier to use in doing some tricks or stunts. If your goal is to travel or make it as a form of commute, then a middle size of around 32’ is enough for you.


If you need a roller coaster, easy to accelerate wheels will be your top bet. This means going with wheels that are lower in size. If you need cruiser wheels, you need the right balance between the hardness and softness too. Taller wheels will need more energy to push. 

The suited features of longboard

  • Supports up to 230 lbs weight
  • Highly dependable 7-9 ply flex maple deck
  • Soft Polyurethane 70-90 mm SHR 78A wheels
  • Durable aluminum alloy trucks

The perfect longboard should have some of the following such features will maximize chops, styles, rush down the hills, and more importantly any kind of riding style come with.

Why you should have a longboard

You need physical activity to keep you fit. This is the basic purpose of owning a longboard. Having a longboard is a good gift to you as it could be another form of leisure or hobby. This is another form of cardiovascular exercise, especially when you learn to perform new tricks.

Plus, when the time comes that you become an expert, you could join the different competition to showcase your skills to other people.

Ease transportation

Longboarding such as the commuting longboarding will serve as a mode of transportation. You can easily ride almost everywhere just like you will with your scooter, car, or bike.

Improve your cardio

If you need the daily cardio dose, longboarding will do the trick. It will boost your lung capacity, stamina, and basically general internal health including the immune system. Regular cardio workouts will keep obesity at bay.

To boost the balancing

If you want to achieve top balance, you can easily do that using a longboard. As an exercise, Longboard designed to improve your entire body’s coordination system and to keep your fitness at the top of the game.

Builds lower endurance

Your lower body strength can also be easily built when you work out the muscles. The Best Type of Longboards will do exactly that and leave you with a stronger lower body. You can jump high, keep injuries at bay, improve your flexibility, and build some mass.

Keeps environment safe

Because longboards are made of wooden surfaces, they emit zero co2 plus, they don’t emit any additional volatile substances. This is super cool at keeping the environment as safe as possible too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Do I Choose the Best Wheel?

This is very important if you need a super smooth and steady ride. Wheels set at 65 mm plus will easily give you such a smooth ride.

Q: What is best, longboard or skateboard?

It all depends on what is your purpose in buying it. Skateboards have it own techniques in doing tricks or stunts. Longboards have also different styles and leanings that a started should acquire. They have almost the same build of parts, but they have differences in appearance and structures. You should know to yourself what you intend to ride.

Q: Could you exchange parts of the longboard?

You could even put some parts of skateboard to a longboard or from a longboard into a skateboard. Many people are doing some experiments without having a simple knowledge which is essential for assembling and disabling its parts.

Final Notes

We have written this article for the sports lover people. Here is the description of non-expensive top board also. Above boards were the world's top ranked longboards. So, you may become a little concern about the price. But, this guide is for all kinds of people. 

Eventually, we are sure that this guide helped you to know about the best longboards and you have got all your answers from this guide.

So, choose the first-rate longboard and purchase the perfect one according to your need and afford.

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