Best Longboard Wheels – Top 3 Models in 2022

Longboarding is an exhilarating form of skateboarding. These boards can reach speeds of more than 35 mph, they can be manipulated to turn sharply, you can dance on them, and more.

Longboards come in different widths, different lengths, and with different truck variations that allow them to do different things. The one thing that all longboards have in common is that they have to have wheels that are designed for the riding style of the board rider.

The wheels you put on your longboard are going to determine how well you can do the riding style that you prefer. Speed, stability and agility are enhanced by the trucks on the board, but the real determine factor in speed, stability and agility are the wheels you are riding on.

Our experts have chosen the following the best longboard wheels for your consideration. All of these wheels meet the criteria the experts have to determine if a wheel is an enhancement to the board and rider.

3 Best Best Longboard Wheels

1. Orangatang Kegel 80 mm Wheels (Set of 4)

This set of longboarding wheels is a complete four wheel set. The wheels come in extreme colors of vibrant orange, piercing blue, and eye catching purple. They add a little personality to your board, and show off some of your style.

These wheels are designed to get the maximum amount of traction on the road. 

This increased amount of traction allows you to have the maximum amount of control over the board. These grip the road fiercely, but they also provide a smooth ride and slide with ease.

They can literally roll over any road surface. They will not be stopped by common debris like small sticks, gravel, small rocks and pebbles, dirt, and rough road surfaces. The wheels will keep right on rolling and simply plow over these obstacles with little to no resistance.

This is why they are able to provide you with the most speed. You will get more speed from your board and you will have a greater amount of control at the same time.
That increased amount of speed, and the ability to roll over just about anything that might be on the road surface, is caused by the 80 mm diameter of the wheel.

This diameter gives the ability to roll smoother, handle more dirt and debris, and keep your board stable so you can dance, jump, and do all the tricks you like while you scoot on down the road.

The 80 mm wheels also make it easier to propel the board, so you do less pumping, and more jumping.

2. Everland 65x51 mm Longboard Wheels

These amazing wheels will provide you with one of the smoothest rides that you can imagine. They are strategically proportioned to create a smooth roll that provides a fast and stable ride to the rider of the board.

These are cruiser wheels that measure 65 mm x 51 mm. They come in a complete wheel set of four.

widest longboard wheels

You can choose from black, yellow, clear, red, blue, green, orange, white, baby blue, clear black, clear blue, clear green, clear red, and stone ground clear green colors. With all of these colors you have the ability to personalize and accessorize your longboard to show off your personality and preferences.

The wheels are highly durable and will provide you with many miles of perfect riding pleasure. They are large enough to handle rougher road surfaces, and the possibility of some debris, small sticks, sand, or particles on the road surface without stopping the ride.

They can be used by riders who want to gain speed quickly, and they can be used by riders who want to ride on smooth surfaces and perform dance moves and tricks. Both beginners and long-time board riders will find these wheels pleasing.

They are larger wheels and are better suited for longboards than they are for traditional skateboards. You can use them on traditional skateboards, but they are going to change the balance and pitch of the board. They will operate perfectly, but you will have to learn to adjust your weight differently, and place your feet differently on the board.

3. Powell Peralta Rat Bones Re-Issue Wheels

Whenever you do something you should do it right, and whenever you have something that works right, then leave it alone. The Powell Peralta rat Bones are not making their debut appearance, they are making their return appearance, and yes they are the same fabulous Powell Peralta Rat Bones that you remember from the past.

best longboard wheels for sliding

These wonderful skateboard wheels come in three distinctive colors. They can be bought in black, green, or blue. You get to decide what looks best on your board.

They are 60 mm wheels that have an ultra-smooth surface that will provide you with an ultra-smooth ride. They are capable of being ridden on flat smooth surfaces or you can ride them on rougher terrain, or down the slopes and inclines.

They are smooth and they gain speed very quickly as they propel you down the inclines and towards the fastest speeds you have ever reached. The smooth surface is not as good at gripping the road as some of the designed surfaces so they may not be the best wheels for trick riders who need greater amounts of stability, or for beginners who need more stability.

These wheels were designed for the riders who have a need for speed. They roll quickly and do not catch as easily on small pebbles, or sticks because of their smooth surface.

Some Consideration While Buying Longboard Wheels

Longboard Wheel Diameter

The diameter of your longboard wheel makes a difference in the performance ability of the board you are riding. You keep getting told that everything about the longboard is selected to enhance the type of riding you do, and this is true. If you are a freerider who likes to go down the hills at great speeds you need best longboard wheels of a different diameter than the folks who want to travel slower on flat surfaces.

The smaller wheels are represented by the smaller numbers. The smaller wheels will give you less speed than the larger wheels.

The wheels that measure between 54 mm and 59 mm are perfect for beginner riders. They are also the best wheels for larger riders who might have more weight or height than smaller riders. They are the perfect diameter for people riding in skate parks, or people doing street skating, bowl skating or riding vertical ramps.

The 60 mm and above wheels are made for speed. They can travel on rougher surfaces and still provide you with control in movement. They may not be ideal if you are a heavier rider.

Longboard Wheel Durometer

To put it simply, the durometer of a longboard wheel is an indication of how soft the wheel is. Longboard wheels are typically softer than most average skateboard wheels, and the softness determines how fast the wheels can run, and how stable the ride will be.

Softer wheels get a better grip on the road surface and this grip allows the rider to have more stability. Stability is very important while dancing and doing stunt tricks, but those soft wheels are so busy gripping the road surface that they also slow down the roll. If you want speed then you want harder wheels, and if you want control then you want softer wheels.

The durometer of the wheels is measured starting at 73a, and that is the softest longboard wheel you can get; and going up to 101a and those are the hardest longboard wheels you can get.

The 78a to the 87a are thought to perform better on rough surfaces than the harder wheels do. They are perfect for longboards and street boards that need to be able to deal with rough road conditions, debris like pebbles, sand, grit, etc.

The 88a to the 85a are perfect for more speed. They are still soft enough that they can get a grip and can travel on the rougher road surfaces, but they are hard enough to let the board travel at increased rates of speed compared to the 73a to the 87a wheels.

The 96a to 99a wheels are pretty hard and they travel at increased rates of speed. They do need smoother surfaces to ride on and do not do well in any debris or grit situations. They do provide you with easy acceleration and they roll fast!

Longboard Wheel Shape

If you are new to longboarding or skateboarding then you might not know that the wheels on these vehicles are not all round. You get to choose the shape of the wheel you want. Each shape does a better job at helping you do specific things on your board.

  • Square Edge

A wheel with a square edge is chosen when the rider wants the maximum grip for their ride. If you ride in a manner that requires the board to stay in contact with the ground, like in some of the dancing styles of longboarding, then you want a square edged wheel. Downhill riders and slalom riders prefer these wheels because when they are traveling quickly down a hill they want all four wheels on the ground.

  • Bevelled Edge

A wheel with a bevelled edge would be chosen if you want the stability of the square edge, but the moving tactics of a round wheel. These wheels allow the very outer edge of the wheel to remain in contact with the road surface but they also allow greater speed and allow the rider to kick the board up for turns and stunts. They are wonderful when you are taking corners and going around steep curves in the road.

  • Round or traditional

The round wheel is by far the fastest of all of the wheels. If you ever plan to do a slide, or force the board to drift, then you will have to have round wheels to do this. The round wheels do not grip the road as tightly and they allow you to move at speeds the other wheels could not possibly reach.

Longboard Wheel Core

The only aspect of the wheel that you have left to consider is the wheel core. There are three main types of wheel cores, and each core type makes a particular riding style easier to do.

  • Back-set Cores

Back-set cores are the traditional style of wheel core that can be found on skateboards and longboards. These cores give you more balance and they are perfect if you like to perform slides or drifts on your board.

The hub of these will be positioned between the center portion of the wheel and the inside edge of the wheel. They provide a better grip than a side-set core, but much less grip than what you get from a center-set core.

These cores are commonly used with square edge wheels because they help increase the traction of the wheel even more.

  • Center-set Cores

The center-set wheel core has the hub positioned at an equal distance from each side of the wheel. They allow you to have increased ability to swap the wheels from side to side and create a more even wear pattern.

When you have this wheel core you will have greater control over the board, but you will find it harder to make the board go into slides and drifts.

  • Side-set Cores

The side-set cores hold the hub flushed up against the inside edge of the wheel. This allows the wheel to be better at sliding because it decreases the amount of traction the wheel has.

These cores have smaller inside lips and that reduces the amount of grip or traction they have. You will have less control over the board when you use this core style, and they wear more quickly and unevenly.


The wheels you choose for your longboard can increase speed, allow you more stability and control, roll faster, slide better, or handle rough roads better. You have to decide what the most important aspects of longboard riding are to the style you ride and then you can select a wheel that will enhance your abilities rather than limit them.

The wheels come in many colors, and the colors enhance the aesthetics of your board, as well as make the stunts you do look even more perplexing.

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