Best Longboard Trucks – Top 5 Models Tested & Reviewed

Trucks in a longboard are very important because they convert a plank of wood into a longboard. In simple words they are T- shaped metal pieces that get attached to wheels and mount underneath the longboard deck and make it movable.

Around mid-19th Century they got popularity in roller skates and with the advent of longboards and skateboards engineers realized that they could be an appropriate choice for these sports too. Since then, with every technological progression, they have been redesigned and have become a crucial part of a longboard.

Today trucks come for different styles and are available in a wide range of varieties, though it vital to understand that for every style a different truck is needed.

A longboard has trucks, one on the front and other on the rear, the two important components of a truck, axle and hanger

Our Choice of Best Longboard Trucks

1. Independent 139 Stage 11 Longboard Trucks

best longboard trucks

Independent 139 Stage 11 Silver longboard trucks are believed to be amalgamation of best performance and geometry. Its company has reworked on the performance and design of its predecessor known as Stage 10 to bring this awesome piece of excellence in the arena of longboard trucks. their so assured about product that they provide lifetime guarantee of their trucks.

These trucks provide better stability even at very high speeds, this also means that the company has worked on turning snags, high speed wobbles and grind clearance to make them beat these problems.

These trucks are tightened with a tough, Grade 8 Kingpin and the total weight of a truck is only 376 gm, it is because of T6 Aluminum which is a high grade, very durable and lightweight aluminum. These trucks are good for 7.75 to 8.25 inches broad decks and can be bought at a great price.

Over all if you are looking for the best trucks around for cruising and carving, these trucks are great that will keep you rolling for years.

2. Gullwing Sidewinder 2 Longboard Trucks

lightest longboard trucks

The Gullwing Sidewinders are double stacked conventional trucks that are designed especially for carving and features double kingpin to allow the trucks to turn twice very sharp and fast. These trucks are recommended to use with Sector 9 drop-through longboard decks for maximum performance and are not suggested for downhill skating due to instability at high speeds.

Their two pivot points work like standard trucks and provide double rebound for smooth carving. A rider can get speed through turning and using their own momentum, but if you love carving these can make your turnings smooth and easy.

Gullwing Sidewinders are very tall and have a very unique and sleek design. These trucks are recommended for professionals and not for beginners, they are priced a bit high but for pro tricks they could be worth buying.

3. Thunder 147 Hi Polished Longboard Trucks

longboard trucks

Thunder 147 Hi trucks are made of forged Titanium for maximum strength and because of their quick response they turn very smoothly. Its designed for solid and smooth ride and at the same time they are lightweight and durable. They are quite lighter than the Indies and if you are skating through the streets or local skate parks you will love them for their performance and weight.

These trucks grind like butter and are as good as pro models. This trucks are available at very cheap price and are recommended for beginners and professional skaters alike.

Explanation of the Factors

When you buy longboard trucks, you will get one set that consists of two trucks, it is always a good choice to buy complete trucks rather than buying their parts separately and assembling them yourself, because their manufacturers do a lot of research and testing in producing their products and assure that you get the best quality.

Keeping this very fact in mind we have selected some longboard trucks that we think could be the best choice for you, You can understand more about longboard trucks by knowing about their components which are as under:

A) Axle

This Axle is similar to axle in a car that looks like a long pin or rod which doesn’t rotate itself but holds the rotating wheels.

B) Hanger

Hanger is the largest metal piece of a truck that is triangular in shape and holds an axle. The size of both axle and hanger determines which truck is appropriate for what deck and thus separates a longboard from a skateboard.

C) Kingpin

Kingpin is a big metal bolt that goes through bushings and holds other parts tightly. They are of two types: Traditional Kingpin and Reverse Kingpin. Reverse Kingpin trucks are more sturdy and durable than Traditional Kingpin trucks and have gained more popularity over them.

D) Bushings

A bushing is made of synthetic rubber or soft urethane that supports and holds kingpin and makes turning of a board easy. These ring shaped objects provide stability and enhance surfing speed and hence is also a very important part of a longboard.

E) Baseplate

As the name implies a baseplate is a flat metal plate that is fixed permanently at the bottom of a truck. The angle of baseplate determines the amount of deck lean which eventually is a lean to turn ratio, in simple terms it means that if the degree of the baseplate is lower, the less the truck is physically able to turn and vice versa.

Baseplates usually are 40-50 degrees, higher angle of 50 degrees are good for quick turns and are preferred for freeriding because they give the trucks more turn. Lower angles of like 42 degrees are for slow turns and are preferred by people who love to lean and are good for downhill racing.

Low degree trucks are more stable comparatively and provide more speed than higher angle trucks. If you love speed then try to choose lower angle trucks, but remember they turn hard and are deader at low speeds.

Choosing Longboard Trucks

The decision about choosing longboard trucks go hand in hand and should be done carefully. A truck consists of various parts like axle, hanger, kingpin and bushings, not only all of these parts come bundled with the trucks, but also these can be purchased separately from the market. 

An important step is to ascertain your ultimate goal first, this will help you in long-run. For downhill racing and for decks wider than 9″ choose hanger of about 180mm and for cruising and carving purposes choose hanger of 150mm.

As we have discussed above that Reverse Kingpin trucks offer more support and durability than Traditional Kingpin trucks, they are given preference by all types of longboarders. We have also understood from our bushings section that hard bushings are used for speed purposes and soft bushings for making our turns easy. We also have understood that baseplate angles effect how we want to ride our longboard.

All of these components work together in riding our longboards according to our desires and we should choose them with utmost care.

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