Best Longboard Trucks – Top 5 Models Tested & Reviewed

The longboard trucks are essential pieces of equipment on your longboard. They provide stability, manoeuvrability, and increase performance ability. Having the right longboard truck will make a world of difference in your board, your ability to ride, and the length of service you get from your board.

The truck on a longboard is the metal piece beneath the deck that is shaped like a T. The truck attaches to the wheels of the board and keeps the wheels properly positioned, and allows the wheels to roll. Like the axles and steering components on an automobile do. The trucks connect the wheels so the wheels can turn in unison and the board can roll smoothly.

Each longboard has a front truck and a rear truck. These are not optional items, but there are options in the trucks that can cause one truck to increase different aspects of your board. Your truck can make tricks easier to perform, they can increase the amount of speed you can achieve, and they can provide greater stability.

Our longboard experts took a close look at these items and they have recommended the following three best longboard trucks as being the ones that met all of their criteria for performance, safety, and durability.

Top 3 Best Longboard Trucks

1. Paris V2 Longboard Trucks (Set 2)

These trucks come with the 90a Paris urethane bushings that are made in the U. S. A. These bushings provide you with the most response from your wheels.

These trucks are made of virgin aluminum for added strength and durability. They also have grade 8 steel axles and pressed in kingpins.

best longboard trucks

The baseplate has been designed so that you can mount it in the old school way, or you can use the newer mounting options. The baseplate has six holes to provide you with optimum mounting possibilities.

2. Caliber Cal II 50° RKP Longboard Trucks (Set of 2)

This pair of trucks has a bushing seat that is very beneficial. This bushing seat will stop your weight on the board from being translated into the turn. The bushings are also ultra – heat resistant.

This truck is stronger than any previous Caliber truck. Our new design has increased the strength, durability, and performance.

lightest longboard trucks

You have hundreds of options on how to calibrate the truck so you can customize your longboard, and create the perfect board for your riding style.

3. Sector 9 Gullwing Sidewinder II Longboard Trucks (Set of 2)

These trucks come in a pair so you get the complete truck assembly with just one purchase.

The greatest feature of these best freeride longboard trucks is the increased turning ability they provide the rider. If you want to turn on a dime and perform freeriding, or freestyling tricks, then you need that easy turn.

longboard trucks

They have a double kingpin design and that translates into more control when you are steering the board. You will also have increased momentum with less pumping.

Explanation of the Factors

A) Longboard Trucks Axle

The axle of the longboard truck is a pin that is positioned through the hanger and is then attached to the wheels of the board.

The size of the truck is determined by the length of the axle. When you are looking for the precision longboard trucks you have to know that not all companies measure their axles in the same manner.

Some companies measure the axles from one tip to the other. Other companies measure the hanger section of the truck. (The hanger section is the piece that looks like a capital T)

To make it easier for you to determine how the manufacturer measured the truck it will benefit you to know that most companies that measure the entire truck from tip to tip describe their measurement in inches. Most companies that measure just the hanger section report their measurements in mm.

If the package tells you that a truck is 180mm then you should know that the actual size in inches is about 10 inches.

B) Longboard Trucks Hanger

The hanger is a piece of metal that is shaped like a triangle. The hanger is the largest piece on the longboard truck. It is designed to support the axle that goes through it and then attaches to the wheels of the board.

The hanger is simply that capital T shaped piece of metal that the axle is passing through.

Your hanger is determined by the length of the axle that it will contain.

The hanger adds protection, strength, and versatility to the axle of the truck. It protects the axle from many of the ordinary occurrences of contact with rocks, debris, or dirt that could potentially damage the axle.

The hanger is in essence the life of the axle. You want a hanger made from quality materials that are hard and durable. You want your axle to be as well protected as possible so that it lasts longer and performs better.

C) Longboard Trucks Kingpin

The kingpin is comprised of one large bolt. It is designed to fit inside of the bushings. Its purpose is to hold the truck parts in place.

Kingpins can be solid bolts or they can also be hollow. The hollow kingpins are lighter than the solid ones. The hollow kingpins are designed to have just as much tensile strength as the ordinary solid pins have.

Kingpins can be inverted or they can be reversed. Longboards generally have reversed kingpins. This means that the kingpin on the longboard generally faces out.

On short skateboards the kingpins are designed to have a screw facing inwards. This design protects the kingpin from grinds, and damage during riding.

By reversing the kingpin direction the manufacturers have increased the amount of response a rider has from their board. The boards turn easier, and they respond to the slightest weight shift, or tilt that you give them.

You will also find that the longboard is more stable than the ordinary short boards are because the reversed kingpin provides greater stability.

D) Bushings

The bushings are rings that are made from soft urethane. The bushings encompass the kingpin and give the longboard the ability to turn and pivot smoothly.

The bushing is made of two pieces of urethane and it looks like a donut. The bushing is situated on the center kingpin that is positioned in the middle of the truck.

The bushing has a great amount of influence on the performance of your longboard. The firmness of the bushing affects the way the bushing is seated on the kingpin and this affects the way your board responds, the smoothness with which it can roll, and other moving aspects of the board.

The tightness of the bushing also makes a difference in the response you get from the board. If the bushing is too loose then the kingpin may not receive the pressure it needs to make turns and jumps, and if the bushing is too tight it might restrict the kingpin and lessen the degree of responsiveness your board has.

Stiffer or tighter bushings create more stability in the board. The softer and looser bushings allow the board to have more swerve. You have to determine what style of riding you will be doing before you can choose what bushings will be best for you.

E) Baseplate

The baseplate is the section of the truck that connects to the deck of the board. They are angled and they have predrilled holes in them so you can fasten the deck to the truck.

The higher profile baseplates add more pressure and provide you with a lot more carving power. The higher profile baseplates may not be the best choice for beginner riders because they do provide less stability than the lower profile baseplates do.

Lower profile baseplates allow you to have optimum control over the board when you are traveling at high speeds. Anyone who wants to be running at speeds greater than 35 mph on a regular basis will want the lower profile baseplates on their boards.

The lower profile baseplates do not come into contact with as much road debris as the higher profile plates do. Sticks, rocks, and other debris can create hazardous situations for riders and the lower profile baseplates reduce the risk from these common items.

Beginning riders and people who intend to ride at slower speeds can feel safe with a baseplate that is between 45 and 50 degrees.


The trucks you have under your longboard determine many of the functions you will be able to use the longboard to do. You must decide what riding style you will do the most often, and then choose trucks that are designed to support and enhance that riding style.

You should also note that the life of your trucks is determined by how well you care for the bearings in them. Clean those bearings regularly and grease them properly after they have been cleaned. The smoothness of your ride, and your ability to gain speed, and control count on those bearings.

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