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The longboard riser pads also are known as risers or shock pads are majorly used to increase the total height of the longboard which is very helpful during turns and thus provides smooth rides. They are made up of hard plastic with a motive to raise the distance between wheels and board. This all is necessary to prevent a rider from getting a wheel bite.

A ‘wheel bite‘is a phenomenon which occurs when the board is not high enough, as a result of this when a rider takes a turn or performs a trick, the wheels collide with the deck of the board and thus results in decreased speed and a bumpy ride. This could sometimes be dangerous and might damage the wheels or cause an accident. To avoid this kind of situation we attach risers to our skateboards.

The type of Longboard you have will decide the kind of risers you’ll be needing. If your wheels are larger then there is a higher probability that you’ll get a wheel bite. Skateboarders don’t need riser pads as much as the riders using the Longboards do. This is because of the fact that a Longboard usually comes with large wheels, always remember that more the turns more is the pressure applied on wheels.

With the difference in hardware on the board, the best-suited riser for you will also differ. There are a different type of risers if we are considering height as a parameter. You might not even need a riser if your hardware specifications are somewhere in between 7/8″ and 1″ A 1/8″ riser is required for the board with measurement in the range starting from 1″ till 11/8″. A 1/4″ riser for an 11/4″ hardware board and finally the broadest riser for a board with hardware specification of 11/2″.

Now, if we focus on the kind of setup you want we can have different kind of shock pads. Like, you’ll need to have a 1/4″ riser for a pool set up with a set of 64mm wheels, if you are having one of those street boards which have 58 mm wheels, then the most suited pad is 1/8″. A Longboard with an independent truck will require half inch riser and if for turnability choose the same but with an angle.

Explanation of the Factors

Now, if the parameter is the shape of the risers, then we mainly have two shapes to consider:

1. Rectangular Riser:

This shape is regarded as the most basic of all the shapes used in the form of riser for Longboards. This kind of riser will considerably increase the height of the board and also result in lesser number of shocks felt by you. Experts recommend that a Longboard rider should go for thicker risers, but the personal experience should be first put into thought.

2. Angled Riser:

It is also known as wedge riser. As the name suggests, not only does it provides height to the Longboard, but also it gives an angle to it. This results in enhanced turn abilities. It allows you the flipping of directions. Depending on the amount of turning in the truck you want, you can make your risers wedge in that direction for you.

If both of your wedge risers have their thickest part facing center, it will increase the front turning abilities but decrease the rear ones. The reverse will happen if you reversed the configuration.

Some people prefer a shape which has both the rectangular and wedge riser. This is a tilted configuration of the Longboard where the wheels are at a lower height as compared to the truck mounting. This results in a stabilized back and increased front turning capabilities.

Riser Pads Vs Shock Pads

Riser Pads might appear similar to Shock Pads they are quite different from each other, the main difference is that riser pads are meant to increase the height of your longboard and are made of hard plastic material, however shock pads are meant to absorb shock of your longboard during your ride and are made of rubber or thick foam.

Riser pads provide height, absorb a bit of shock and maintain speed during travel. On the contrary Shock, pads absorb shocks mostly but they also lose some speed. You might find both of them keeping side by side in a sports showroom, but now you can choose them according to your need.

Below is a list that will give you data about some of the best longboard riser pads in the market, do consider it before buying them.

Our Choice of Best Longboard Risers

1. Khiro Riser and Shock Pads

Khiro has been an industry leader in longboard products for years and has mastered the technology of skateboard riding. Khiro risers are famous for their performance and durability and are designed by their engineers to perform even in the roughest riding conditions.

A unique ‘Manifold’ design has been adopted in manufacturing these rugged riser pads to ensure that they have massive strength. Khiro riser pads come in various varieties like Flat Risers made of hard plastic, Wedged Angled Risers, Shock Pads or Soft Risers made of rubber or dense foam, De-Wedge Drop Through Mounting Risers, Angled Rail Risers, etc.

The person behind this company is a very famous skateboarder ‘Khiro Bob’ who is known for his innovations in producing quality products for longboarders. If you are looking for the best longboard risers, Khiro Risers and Shock Pads are one of the best in the industry. They are also quite reasonably priced and are very popular among beginners and advanced riders.

2. Bones Riser Pads

Bones Riser Pads come in 2 numbers in a pack and fix on the front and rear of your longboard; they help to give enough clearance for your wheels and prevent them from touching the board during hard turns.

These flat risers are 1/8″ thick and fit easily to your trucks base plate underneath the deck and provide smooth rides. As opposed to rubber they are made of hard plastic, but despite this, they also absorb some shocks and avoid stress cracks.

You might find them smaller than normal sized riser pads, but they are stiffer than most other risers and can be stacked for more height. All in all, they are made of high-quality plastic material that is tough and makes them do their job perfectly. They are quite reasonably priced and are a good choice for beginners and advanced skaters.

3. Sector 9 Hard Riser Pads

The most important thing to remember before buying any risers is to pick the correct thickness for your need. Sector 9 Hard Riser Pads come in flat and angled shapes and in different thicknesses for example 1/8″ and 1/4″. They are 2 in a pack and are made of high quality hard plastic.

These risers have four sets of holes and thus facilitate us to place different types of trucks with the use of longer bolts. If you want to use bigger wheels for speed, risers are a must to prevent your trucks digging into your deck and Sector 9 Riser Pads could a good choice for your job.

They are quite hard and can’t be expected to absorb shocks or vibrations, but they are meant to raise the height up of your trucks to avoid wheel bite and they do their job as described by the company.

They can also be stacked on each other and fits well underneath skateboards. You might find them a bit pricey, but they are good quality yet branded risers that are very popular among teenagers.

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