Best Longboard For Girls and Women – Experts Review in 2019

As much as longboarding may seem like a male dominated activity, there are quite a number of girl riders out there who are dominating the streets with their amazing longboarding skills.

As much as it can be quite hard for a lady to pick up the right longboard to use, there are longboards that can fit ladies’ preferences. You can never find longboards in the market specifically designed for ladies, but there are quite a number of longboards ladies can use.

They come in colors, setups, sizes and even graphics that best fit any ladies taste and preferences when it comes to longboards. Which longboards are the best for girls has been one of the hardest questions most sports equipment sellers have had to answer.

However, this does not have to be the case anymore since outlined are a few longboards that are for ladies. When it comes to selecting the best longboard for girls there are various qualities you must put into consideration. These qualities include smooth bearings, durability, big soft wheels and price of course. You also need to consider if you are a beginner or an already experienced skater.

Check out the longboards below and decide which longboard can best fit your style, taste and preference.

Top 5 Best Longboard For girls

1. Quest Super Cruiser Longboard

This board is a 44-inch artisan longboard made from bamboo. It is also made of a multi-ply hardwood maple as well as an attractive artisan bamboo deck. It is made of good quality materials hence making it one of the most durable longboards in the market.

It has rugged trucks that are aluminum made and measure around 7-inches. It has 70mm wheels that are designed for durability. It also has a duro-meter wheel that allows the rider to break the grip whenever necessary. It has an item display weight of 10 pounds and a shipping weight of 8.2 pounds.

The best part about this board that it offers a smooth riding even when you have not yet changed the bearings this is as a result of its epic gel wheels. It is also quite an easy to maneuver. It has a plain bottom without any designs but it is still quite impeccable. Its bearing offers the rider good and bearable speed.

2. Atom Pintail Longboard

One of the best-designed longboard from Atom with zero complicated functionalities and components. The board, although with a stunning design that shocks the eyes.

What would come even more surprising would be the functionalities. The deck of this Pintail Longboard, as is obvious and visible from its name, goes by a regular and traditional pintail shape. 

The aluminum trucks are a splendid bonus, they stretch at a span of 8.5-inch, and with the aluminum coating all over it, they would simply be rust-free all the time, this clearly adds to the convenience of the board.

It is fit for regular cruising down a variety of road types, the stiff maple laminate deck generally sustains the board from breaks. You would not have to worry whether or not the board could take tough hits from the roads with that.

3. Yocaher Drop Down Stained Longboard

This longboard id highly recommended for professional longboard riders. You can comfortable ride it in the rain and even in the snow, it is simply a board that meets all the longboard riders’ expectations. However, when it comes to the stock bearings you may need to replace them. As much as they work just fine replacing can be a good idea especially if you engage in high speeds.

Its trucks are HD 7 heavy duty. It also has a hanger that measures 180 millimeters and an alloy made of pure aluminum. This board has a 33 inches wheel base and it is made of a 9-ply maple. This board deck is lower at the center, right where it has the trucks mounted.

This helps in lowering your center of gravity so as to enhance your stability when it comes to high speeds. This feature makes this board the most preferred for high speed boarding.

5. Krown Sunset City Surf Longboard

This is one of the most popular longboards due to its pintail shape. It is Canadian maple constructed and it has wheelbase of 27 inches. One of a few other components that pair with this longboard includes 6.0 aluminum alloy trucks that have Abec 7 bearings and black shiny wheels measuring 70mm. 

These wheels can allow a rider to comfortably ride or cruise on any ground, whether rough or smooth without much difficult. It also has strong black grip tape on this longboard

This longboard can be used by longboarding for girls since it is quite easy to learn as well as handle. However, advisable that the wheels on this longboard are quite tight and one may actually need to adjust to them by doing some practice before actually hitting the roads with your longboard.

Some Consideration While Buying a Longboard For Girls

When it comes to settling for the best one for girls you may need to identify your style since there are various longboards suitable for various styles. There are longboards for cruisers, free riders, dancing, and so much more.

You need to be sure about the purpose of your longboard if you want to select the best one. Alongside identifying the exact use of your longboard, there is also one more factor you must consider; durability. When it comes to durability, this concerns every part of the longboard. Durable longboard wheels have to be big and soft as well. Durable bearings are the best especially for beginners since they lower the beginners learning curve.


As much as there are quite a number of things ladies have to put into consideration when it comes to selecting the ideal longboard, once you identify the longboard you can be sure of an experience you will never forget. The joy of comfortably riding a comfortable longboard cannot be compared to any other feeling.

So, when it comes to selecting an ideal longboard, take all the time you may need and do thorough research before settling for any longboard. With that you can be assured of the best riding experience.

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