Best Longboard For Dancing – Top 5 Picks of 2019

Dancing or freestyle longboarding is the most stunning and highly technical longboarding style. This acrobatic riding style includes constant spinning and flipping tricks.  It’s more stylish than traditional street longboarding.

If you are looking for best longboard for dancing, you’ve come to the right place. In this manual, we will list down the top dancing longboards available in the market, we also include the comparison between their unique features. This would help you balance the price, appearance and uniqueness of each product.

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Loaded boards icarus bamboo longboard

38.4 x 8.6 inches


Magneto bamboo longboard

46 x 9 inches


Playshion 39 inch drop through

39 x 9 inches


Ten Toes board emporium Zed

44.1 x 9.4 inches


KrownKrex 2 bamboo freestyle

41 x 9.5 inches

Top 5 Best Longboard for Dancing

1. Loaded Boards Icarus Bamboo



  • The wheelbase size is 28.25”
  • The flex 1 could carry up to 250 lbs
  • The length of the longboard is 38.4”
  • The width is measured 28.25”

Are you looking for a good dancing longboards that can be used during snowy days? This longboard might be best option that you are looking for. The style of its board is almost the same shape for snowboard-style carving which is good for those who want a good flexibility. Its mounting of trucks is designed for a much efficient riding.

You could easily push it without putting a high amount of force. The nose are small because it wants to give you an easier riding while on the streets and doing tricks easier. It is very efficient as it uses a laminated bamboo which is proven to be hard enough to withstand heavy weighted person. Combined with a fiber glass for extra protection and durability would surely make its life span much longer.

The Pros and Cons

  • Condensed designed for dancing
  • Trucks are efficient when changing direction
  • The wheels are smooth and have a good grip
  • Has heavier wheels compare to others

2. Magneto Bamboo Longboard



  • The size of the bamboo deck is 38.5” by 9”
  • Trucks are 7 inches width
  • Wheels size measures at 70mm x 53mm
  • Deck has 3 plies of bamboo
  • The fiberglass protects the board

This product from Magneto would surely makes your enthusiasm to longboarding increase. It is made with bamboo which is a good source of light-weight materials, but has a good rate of durability that is proven from years of using it. You might have the best riding quality of longboarding when you start with this item. 

The design is solid, the parts are well aligned that is good for dancing. It also add efficiency when trying to have some ride on slopes. The riding would be very smooth enough because of the materials installed. You can choose it for long distance travel without exhausting you that might caused a burn out. The appearance are pleasing in the eyes, when doing a trick, your audience might increase their level of appreciation because of the wood. Plus, a good looking longboard increases your productivity in exercise.

The Pros and Cons

  • Good for traveling long distances
  • Middle part has less the weight
  • The lesser effort in pushing
  • Materials are expected to last long
  • Wood appearance make it look classic
  • Might be difficult to make turns sometimes
  • Wheels are compressed which requires some movement before making turns

3. Playshion 39 Inch Drop Through



  • Trucks are made from aluminum which are 180mm
  • The wheel size is 70mm, but the wide is 50mm
  • The rebound rate is 70%
  • OS780 black is the used grip tape
  • Very light with a weight of 7.7lbs

This is very good for starters because of its weight that does not burden the user too much. The board offers ample space for the user in doing the basics, this is good for learning how to balance from the longboard. 

The design is very suited for those who does not have any experience in longboarding before. You could start learning by having some rides in an ample distance and little by little, learn how to do some basic stunts. The trucks are made from aluminum, which we know that it is very strong to endure heavier weights, but still provide a very comfortable weight.

The Pros and Cons

  • The design is pleasing to the eyes
  • Flatness is straight enough
  • Gives a satisfactory experience
  • Bearings could withstand shocks
  • Could easily be used by the inexperienced
  • There are themorebetter option
  • Wheels are not consistent

4.Ten Toes Board Emporium Zed



  • Board’s length is 44 inches and width are 9.45 inches
  • Very easy to carry for a weight of 9 pounds
  • The wheels are 70mm by 51mm
  • The hardness of wheels are 85A
  • Truck is Abec-7

In case you are into extreme stunts or you use your longboards on a rough surface, this product should be a good option for you.

This product would definitely, rock your world! It offers different designs that you could choose to. The good thing about this is that it gives the feeling of surfing in the land as the body or board does not have a big difference from surfing boards. 

If you look at it for the first time, you could be imaging the “Baywatch” movie. It Made by bamboo and has a good kick tail. The wheels would surely not let you down when doing tricks or when having a ride on a rough road because it has a rock finish.

Read full review: Ten toes longboard

The Pros and Cons

  • Board has an ample space
  • Easy to do tricks because of the design
  • Wheels could lessen shock effect
  • The appearance is classic and wonderful
  • The trucks are designed for the easy switch of direction
  • It gives a little bit more shock compare to other brands
  • The trucks might improve in the future by using other materials

5. KrownKrex 2 Bamboo Freestyle



  • The size of the board is 9.25’ x 41’
  • The wheelbase is 31.25’
  • The measurement of the nose is 2.75’
  • The trucks are  7.0’
  • Very portable for 7.7 pounds only

The graphic of this board is fascinating that it would attract different people. It is like a simple wood that has wheels on it, the simplicity of the product becomes its beauty. This is good for those who want to longboard on terrains and other extreme outdoor places.

The bottom part of the board is made with bamboo that serve as its foundation, while the upper part is maple that is smooth and has a good grip on your feet. When you buy this item, you would not need to spend a long time just to assemble everything. In fact, once you’ve purchased it or delivered in your house, you could instantly start to enjoy it.

The Pros and Cons

  • Bearings could handle high speed
  • The structure is intended for doing tricks
  • Good design especially the bamboo image
  • There are substances put in the board to increase lifespan
  • Quite hard to move in the different direction
  • Turning might be hard 

Comparison: Which is suited for your needs

There are different products being offered in the market today.What important is that you know most suited for your needs. Each individual has different preferences. For instance, if you are looking for a longboard that has a good appearance, you could choose between ENKEEO 40 and Loaded Boards Icarus. Those item is good for dancing competition as the designs would attract the eyes of the audience.

In that case, you could have ten toes longboard that has some features that gives a smooth riding for the user. Thus giving comfort during travel time.

The Magneto longboard is also another thing that you could include in your list for comfortable travels. The flexibility that has is great that would definitely, make it easy to ride on roads or even in downhill. The weight in the center is not that heavy, the weight is just enough, you might not get tired pushing it for long periods of time.

There are those people who want to have their longboard has a classical design. If that is what you want, you could try the KrownKrex 2 that would give you a feeling of a surfing board. Its deck is long enough to give comfort to the user.

Buying Guide: Think to consider


Price is one among the greatest factor to consider. There are some cheap dancing longboard we reviewed. There are also current trends and innovation that varies by each manufacturer, take advantage on their inventions. Sometimes, the desire to save money turns up to be the worse buying scenario.

Dancing board design

Appearance is also an important people. This is what people might see while you are doing stunts. When you are planning to dancing longboarding, you must choose an item that is really pleasing in the eyes of the audience. This adds up to your overall image. Choose some decks that have good drawing on it; you could pick your favorite color or character. However, do not sacrifice the performance from appearance.

Dancing longboard decks

Longboards with length more than 45" and width more than 9" are suitable for dancing. Dancer decks are usually heavier with larger wheelbase and more wood piles that stop them to become too flexy.

Dancing breaks

Brakes are your safety as you ride on your longboards. There are different types of brakes that each longboards varies depending on the manufacturer. There is air brake which the wind is the main component in stopping the movement; you could do this by some body movements. The sit break would need you to form a position just like sitting, you put some pressure in the board, and you need to have a good balance in doing this.

Dancing wheels

The wheels of the board should also be larger and heavier to make flatland tricks easier as larger wheels spin longer on a single push. Wheels need a super smooth and steady ride for dancing. Wheels set at 65 mm plus will easily give you such a smooth and steady ride.

Additional Information

Q: Is longboard dancing hard?

Learning to ride a bike or bicycle is hard, it has the same logic when it comes to trying to learn longboarding. The individual would learn the techniques and proper balancing methods that would help them ride the longboard professionally.

Q: How long is a dancing longboard?  

The typical boards are mostly measured 84 cm and it could be as long as 150 cm. Its widths could also vary depending on the manufacturer, most sizes are 22.8cm and could measure to 25.4cm. However, It all still depends on the manufacturer.

Q: How do I choose dancing longboard decks?

One of the things that you should consider when choosing a deck is its durability. It should carry the weight of the user or it would just break down. There are three materials that are widely used for decks. A maple is a common material, it is hard and could carry heavy weights.

Final Notes

Every single tip you need to grab your dancing longboard, Now you’ve got it all in one place. Simply grab one of our best longboard for dancing and enjoy the top thrill with your riding mates.