12 Best Longboard For Commuting – Picked By Experts

Using a longboard for commuting has lot of advantage. Getting a longboard is indeed an excellent way to approach traveling or long distances journey. Give it a try and make these benefits your reality.

Are you thinking of purchasing a commuter longboard? If yes, then there’s no need to worry. Here is a detailed review for the best longboard for commuting that you should look out for the next time go shopping for one.

Comparison Table

Top ​12 Best Longboard for Commuting

​1. Sector 9 Eclipse Bonsai

Sector 9 Eclipse Bonsai Complete 42 Inch Bamboo Top Mount Longboard for Carving and Commuting

Need a computer longboard or an adult longboard that is an idea for your daily carvings? Run for the Sector 9 eclipse bonsai complete 42-inch bamboo top mount longboard now. It's the most ideal unisex and complete stake board that will make you enjoy all your commuting activities with little hustles.

The product here is affordable and weighs over 3 pounds to help protect your base while enjoying your computer skating. Sector 9 eclipse bonsai complete 42-inch bamboo top mount longboard is also large enough to accommodate adults of varied sizes.

You need to remember that this is a unisex product, therefore, its 34 by 8.8 by 5 inches dimensions make it ideal for everyone.

Sector 9 eclipse bonsai complete 42-inch bamboo top mount longboard is the best longboard for commuting that every adult needs to have at their home. Do not look back, get yours today and be in the league of winners.

  • It is durable
  • It is easily usable
  • It is large to accommodate almost everyone
  • Not ideal for children
  • Specifically for carving and commuting activities

​2. Sector 9 Men's Midnight Faultline Skateboard P18AT01C

Sector 9 Midnight Fault Line 39 Inch Maple Top Mount Longboard for commuting

Sector 9 men's midnight faultline skateboard P18AT01C is ideally the best longboard in the market today. With this product, you can commute, free ride and even carve without any trouble. It is a multipurpose stake board that everybody needs to have.

It showcases a sturdy deck which is large enough to hold every individual with a lot of balance. It also has sharp rails in its deck that offers you additional grip and support to control you while skating.

Another feature that should make you buy Sector 9 men's midnight faultline skateboard P18AT01C without hesitation, is the availability of the modern trucks that are stable and strong.

You should not forget that this longboard has top-shelf wheels pick very quickly, thanks to their grippe nature and speedy oriented formation. To add on the ultra battery experience, Sector 9 men's midnight faultline skateboard P18AT01C also has ABEC 5 blaze bearings. Pick on yours today and enjoy your dream commuting.

  • It has strong and modern trucks
  • It features ready to pick speed wheels
  • It has sharp and groups raise that support and control you while playing
  • May not be ideal for children
  • Requires some skills to use

3. HYE-SPORT Skateboard Beginner’s Cruiser

HYE-SPORT Skateboard - Commuting Longboard

This is an adult skateboard that youths can use as a longboard. It is 46 inches and has a 7 layer maple pro double deck. If you need a kick skateboard that aids you in your extreme sports, free-rides and commuting activities, HYE-SPORT skateboard beginners should be where to land.

It boasts ABEC -11 silent bearings that are capable of supporting high speed. As such, HYE-SPORT skateboard beginners are smoother skateboards as compared to other longboards of the same purpose. Its spacious deck of 118 by 25 makes it the best longboard for commuting.

HYE-SPORT skateboard beginners' deck also features an 8 layered high-quality maple wood and a non-slipping emery paper.

When you purchase this product today, be sure to enjoy the strongest aluminum grill that gives it additional stability and strength. Enjoy also the PU wheels that give you the best skating balance even at the highest speed. If you like the best designs and longboards with unique styling, this is yours.

  • Durable
  • Strong and steady for the old adults
  • Can withstand speedy skating and commuting activities
  • Cannot be used by children
  • Not ideal for campus skating

4. Sector 9 Bob Marley Exodus ​ 

Sector 9 Bob Marley Exodus Complete 39 Inch

People's tastes when it comes to products may differ. However, for those who have used the Sector 9 Bob Marley Exodus complete 39-inch bamboo top mount longboard, you will agree that this longboard is one of the best longboards in the market today for those looking to carve or commute.

It offers free-ride and community activities to both adults and youths. It is ideal for beginners since it is easy to push and maintain its speed. If you are looking for something to ride while going to your office to have your daily chores, Sector 9 Bob Marley Exodus complete 39-inch bamboo top mount longboard is here to quench you that thirst.

Its 39-inch sturdy deck and 8- ply maple deck ensures a stable speed whenever you move or ride on it. Whether you are moving uphill or down the slope, do not worry, this longboard will take care of the speed without much sweat.

  • It has strong tricks, making it durable and steady
  • It is made up of nine-ball wheels that help it maintain steady speeds
  • Requires skills and training to use

5. ZAIHW Professional Speed Drop-Down Complete Longboard

ZAIHW Professional Speed Drop Down Complete Longboard Skateboard 7-Story Canadian Maple Deck Suitable for Freeride

ZAIHW professional speed drop-down complete longboard is a complete skateboard that features a 7 story Canadian maple deck. The deck makes this longboard one of the best when it comes to freeriding, and cruising for youths and kids.

For the adults seeking to have the best longboard, this again is your ideal choice. Whether you are advanced skateboarders or a mere beginner, ZAIHW professional speed drop-down complete longboard will suit your needs. It is made in such a way that it accommodates everyone.

This is a longboard that can serve the whole family regardless of the age difference in the household. Therefore, if you are looking to make an all in one budget for your family skating needs, embark on the ZAIHW professional speed drop-down complete longboard today.

It has an ABEC-11 chrome bearing that aids its flexibility and speed control. It also has a moderate deck size of 104 by 27 centimeters and a 7 layered maple to add on its strength. Pick yours now, wait no longer since the best is already in the market.

  • All in one longboard
  • Serves everyone in the family
  • May not last long since it is associated with children

6. LLQQ Skateboarding Longboard

LLQQ Skateboarding Longboards

This is a 31-inch adult skateboard cruiser that is ideal for those beginning the game. It is an intense accelerating wave board that can be used perfectly for commuting travels. For those seeking to move from one place to the next with a lot more ease, LLQQ stake boarding longboards is the best longboard for commuting.

It is made of a 7 layered Canadian maple deck that makes it solid and very durable. The longboard also features super smooth and high rebound wheels made of precision bearings.

With this product, you will also enjoy the new tricks that are specifically meant for new skaters or beginners in the industry. It also has a graphic design that includes thermal transfer printing to make it more appealing to the eye.

With this product, turning is not an issue, it allows you to make U-turns even with the smallest and biggest diameters ever can be. Enjoy the fun; acquire LLQQ stake boarding longboards today.

  • It has durable graphic designs
  • It avails new tricks for beginners in the market
  • Can be used for higher speeds
  • Not big enough to accommodate plus-sized skaters

​​7. Loaded board icarus bamboo

Icarus bamboo board is an excellent longboard for commuting. It gives easy ride due to its nicely designed curved edges and a precise profile. It's very first and quite reliable for one to move with speed. 

It's tail and nose that makes it easy to move in the streets swiftly. It's an ideal longboard that will give you other rides experiences rather than the morning rides to work.

best longboard for commuting

This board can make smooth turns even on sharp bends. That gives the user confidence while using the longboard to commute. That is also aided by the big wheels that promote balance and stability.

This board is most convenient for commuting purpose as one won’t need to worry about balancing even when riding fast down a sloppy ground.

Design: It's designed using vertically laid bamboo wood piece and fiberglass. That helps to enhance durability and strength.

Trucks: This longboard is made up of parts trucks of 180 mm. That provides the board with stability, especially when riding along curves and bends.

Wheels: This wheel makes it easy to navigate all kinds of surfaces that include sticks, cracks, rough road and rocks.

  • Doesn’t have significant setbacks.
  • It's made using the sturdy bamboo wood making it long lasting.
  • Provides stability, especially when riding along curves and bends.
  • It wood making is long lasting and dependable for long-term usage.
  • Reliable to navigate different path including the curves and bends with ease.
  • Just like any other typical machine, you should be cautious so as not to strain it limits.

​8. Ancheer 41 inch drop down longboard

Ancheer longboard is a fantastic longboard that can be used by both adults and kids. The deck of this longboard can sustain a weight of up to one hundred kilograms. That is the reason why this longboard is most suitable for both adults and young children.

The bridge has been fitted with a graphic for mounting the heat which is a desirable new addition to this longboard.

ANCHEER Longboard Drop down

It is fitted with the best grip tape of OS780 that offer maximum adhesive strength. That makes safe and secure. This longboard has a purely smooth ride with excellent stability.

Additionally, this longboard is also equipped with an anti-bite technology to regulate wheel biting and promote ease boarding for the users.

Trucks: This board has black grip of OS780 tape trucks to facilitate strong adhesive. It's make more secure giving its rider a tranquil moment of commuting.

Deck: It has a construction deck of 9 ply with a Canadian maple design with a graphic to transfer heat. The bridge has an allowance of sustaining a heavyweight of up to 100 kg.

Wheels: It is made up of supper wheels measuring 78A fitted with an anti-bite technology

  • This longboard is safe and reliable as it is made using a powerful black tape adhesive making it safe for the body.
  • Easy to use as it comes when wholly assembled with a steel constructed bearing for high riding speed.
  • This longboard is ideal for both kids and adults thus convenient for users who want their kind to experience surfing.
  • Doesn’t offer choices for user to determine what they may prefer before fixing as it arrives fully assembled.

​9. Sector 9 ledger complete longboard

Sector 9 ledger complete longboard have incredible machinery for a fantastic carving and commuting. This board moves at a fast speed with sliding out and can cover long distances.

The board is simple and easy to control making it a convenient means for one to use around the streets. It has a long body heavy build trucks to facilitate stability thus safe for the user. It can move around the roads curving without losing balance.

Sector 9 ledger complete 40 inch longboard

This longboard is among the renown longboard for commuting with the reliable machine to use as it has excited very long in the market.

If you want to ride faster and at the same time maintain class, then sector 9 ledger longboard is what you are looking for. So, go ahead to make your purchase as you are in for a better commuting riding than ever before.

Design: The longboard has a modern look with an ERG grip tape that helps to keep the board intact when in motion thus comfortable for the rider. That also gives the longboard a definitive look while you ride it.

Deck: This maple deck of 7-ply measuring 39 .75 inches. That helps the sector nine ledgers complete longboard move with speed while maintaining stability.

Wheels: This board has sturdy wheels that can withstand rough and grippe surfaces

  • This longboard moves at a breakneck speed and can cover a long distance.
  • It can quickly move the rough surfaces within the street.
  • While maintaining stability thus very safe and secure for the commuter.
  • This board does not have any identified setbacks.

​10. Loaded boards poke longboard

Poke bamboo longboard is a versatile and agile mini longboard. It is professionally crafted with high compatibility to facilitate comfort for rider. The many uses of this longboard include street commuting, sliding, pumping.

One has a lot of choices when it comes to utilizing the performance of this longboard. This longboard has impressive speed for racing, commuting and you can comfortably use it to surf whether for fun of competition.

Loaded boards poke bamboo longboard

The front and end parts are made with minimal protrusions to allow for sliding trickery and more straight forward shifts from one side to another. It has its edges well shaped out to facilitate smooth movement even when passing through twists and uneven surfaces.

Wheels: This measuring 70 mm wheels provide maintain grip with the surfaces creating and also maneuver through complicated grounds.

Edges: This longboard has its edges well shaped out to facilitate easy management of its motion when carving, pumping, and slashing.

Bearings: The longboard has also been designed with the Jehu v2 bearing to promote grasp and smoothness.

Trucks: This longboard is made of carver truck combo. The front trucks have the CX.4 carver combo while the rare end has C2.4 truck combo for speed while surfing.

  • Has its edges well shaped out to facilitate easy management.
  • This longboard doesn’t have any noticeable disadvantages rather than facilitating for commuting.
  • No Cons has Found yet

​11. Landyachtz Switch longboard

The landyachtz switch longboard is amazing machinery for the commuting longboarding. It is perfect for you who feel frustrated with the long ques in the street before getting to board a train or bus to work.

This actual instills a feeling of a deck for anyone ridding using that kind of longboard. The longboard is whole meaning that the finish is clear fully constructed for a terrific look when riding it. This longboard is made with a variety of sizes suitable individualized preferences.

Landyachtz switch owl blue longboard

Base of this longboard measures between 27 to 32 inches making flexible to meet the different user's needs. It's has a stiff flex design and a lowered platform to maintain stability.

Deck: This longboard is fitted with a low deck 9 ply measuring 2 inches that makes is less complicated for the commuter rides.

Design: It designed with a maple deck measuring nine ply with a fantastic finish for style and class.

Size: This board comes in multiple varieties regarding length 35 inches, that makes very flexible as in can accommodate different commuters.

  • Complete finish making it valuable and reliable to facilitate ease of commuting.
  • Has a wide wheelbase and thus can accommodate both heavy and light users without the need for a replacement.
  • It's able to meet the commuters individualized preferences.
  • N/A

​12. Sector 9 bamboo lookout

This longboard will give you very fast and perfect riding experience. It is designed using a straight laid bamboo and a drop through the mold. The longboard has a maple deck made from a bamboo wood ply.

This longboard comes fully assembled and ready for an instant ride thus saving one the other hustles may be involved to fix it. This longboard also comes with a gullwing charger of 10 inches.

Sector 9 bamboo lookout drop throught longboard

Wheels: The wheel of this longboard is wide measuring 74 mm making the board very stable and secure to push along. That helps the longboard to easily navigate over rocks.

Trucks: The mount trucks with a drop through design makes easy to control even with the most trickery riding methods.

Bearings: This longboard has sturdy wheels measuring 74mm and Apec bearings. That helps to easily navigate over rocks and even surfaces while maintaining its speeds and excellent stability

  • The longboard to sustain grasp and easy to push.
  • It has a large off set wheel that helps in maintain stability.
  • This longboard comes with a complete unit ready for a quick ride.
  • It also easy to carry in your hands while you pose for long hours or riding.
  • Personal preferences as it comes thoroughly set and might not be convenient for users with such interests.

Buying guide - Things to consider while buying

There are many things you need to put into consideration for you to be able to purchase the right longboard for commuting which meets your needs. However, these considerations are what you need to keep in mind.

Commuter longboard Bearings

A suitable bearing is essential for a commuter longboard. The most recommendable is steel bearings. If you got a longboard with a suitable bearing, then you will equally have a fulfilling riding experience with the longboard.

As you make inquiries for purchasing your longboard, do not forget you check the bearing it has plus the material used to construct it.

longboard size

It is vital that before buying a commuter longboard, to understand the different formats that exist. There are some longboards while are long while others are designed according to the available universal longboards measurements. Big size longboards will work well for longer distances.

Commuter longboard design 

There all longboard is designed for commuting. So before deciding you need to be sure of the kind of plan that meets your specific buying purpose. The various kind that exists includes, those longboards meant to perform heavy duty activities and those for the lightweight application.

Commuter longboard wheels

The larger and softer wheels of the longboard are much suitable for traveling to any kind of surfaces. The bigger wheels can cross the longer distance in a shorter time, which means they make the longboard faster.

Why these boards are the best for commuting?

They include stability, the ability to push, the ability to maneuver and comfort.


The balance of the longboard is paramount as it determines the ability of the board too with stands opposite and rocky surfaces. It is also essential to observe your safety when out with your longboard.

Ability to push

A good longboard should be able to give you a natural time to ride as it is an excellent performer. Without which you may have to use a lot of energy and may lead to frustration if you aren't able to gain control.

Ability to maneuver

For higher stability and the ability to maneuver, longboards with a longer wheelbase are the most recommended. That is especially when you are going to travel long distances. There most longboards have a universal wheelbase balance.

See communiting longboarding video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Longboard or Skateboard Which is Better for Commuting?

If you decide to choose a board for the purpose of commuting and traveling, then you can choose longboard without any doubt. You can also Try Electric Skateboard too. 

The structure and design of the longboards allow you to let loose, navigate easily and take sharper turns while commuting. You can easily cut down your commuting expenses by traveling with your longboard!

Q: What is the benefit of commuting longboarding?

That’s a fantastic way of saving money that you would have spent a year long on the bus charges. It will be even much wiser if you opt to buy a longboard with multiple applications.

That way you are still able to make use of it even when off on leave. You will again use such a longboard to go surfing which is an excellent way of cooling off and exercising.

Final Notes

It is time to make up your mind and buy the best commuter longboard to your next long distance rides. It has what it takes to hit the road and it will easily save you money on transportation.

There’s no need for hesitating anymore, go ahead and enjoy longboarding.