Best Longboard for College Campus – Reviews and Buyers Guide

A few months ago, my younger brother finished his high school and got himself in the best college in our state. He was a skating fanatic and knew some tricks with it that amazed me once. But I was not that type of guy to perform those stunts because I am a geek.

From my experience spending huge amount time behind it for researching all the products I’ve come across, I managed to get the list narrowed down searching for the best longboard for college.

So, I decided to gift him the a longboard that will fit on his standard of choice and look cool at the same time using my geeky powers. I had to use some of them and this way I learned to ride as well.


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Top 1​2 Best Longboard For College Campus

​1. Sonoma State University Ztuntz Pintail Longboard Complete

Are you looking for the best longboard for college? If yes then, Sonoma State University Ztuntz Pintail Longboard Complete is your ideal choice. This product has a performance deck specifically designed to ensure a better response. It also has an aerial quality that you can easily feel when using it.

For those who are looking for a longboard that is 100 percent handcrafted with unique features, Sonoma State University Ztuntz Pintail Longboard Complete is what you need.

Sonoma State University Ztuntz Pintail Longboard Complete is specifically meant to help you surf skate around your university. If frees style is your thing, this product has a perfect concave stylish appearance that makes you enjoy the aesthetics while surf skating. Hurry and own a longboard that will make your surf skating around your campus a dream come true

  • Ideal for freestyle skating due to its concave shape
  • Has aerial street surfer wheels for more comfort
  • Come when complete and hence cost-effective
  • Has a proper response
  • Large enough to accommodate you without the risk of slipping
  • May not be ideal for off campus skaters
  • Requires some skills to use
  • Not ideal for children who are just beginning the game

2. RIMABLE Drop-Through Longboard

This is a 41-inch longboard that is best for those longing for free-riders. RIMABLE drop through longboard is one of the best longboards for college skaters.

If you are looking for a longboard that will give you the high speed that many admire then go for this one. It has smooth bearings that are designed to initiate and support high speeds following the usage of the high-speed lubricant.

The product is deck shaped to offer you with the best free-ride deck for maximum fun. Are you looking for a standard drop-through accompanied by a tight turning radius? Or are you longing to do the trick of weaving through people or cones? If yes is your answer to these two questions then look no further, buy RIMABLE drop through longboard today and enjoy the game.

​RIMABLE drop through longboard has a low deck height that makes it easy for you to push. It also has a wide deck that enables you to power it through various turns based on your needs. Acquire it today for the best campus skating experience.

  • Has a free-rider deck
  • Has a 9 ply deck layer
  • Requires lots of skills to enjoy it fully

​​3. Atom Drop Through Longbord

best longboard for college

Talking about the first product of the best longboard for college. Atom drop through longboard 40 inches long  and comes with four different color variants. This offers you a stable body with enough room for a comfortable ride. The deck is made of Maple Wood and You’ll get a graphic deck design with heat transfer in it. 

It comes with a grade 8 reverse kingpin truck with 50 degrees angled base and a 7 inches long aluminum hangers. This truck is adjustable and you can keep things balanced with the help of perfect tools.

You’ll get super rebound wheels that are very high speed with traction. They have standard (up to 78) hardness and softness to provide a smooth ride on your way to college.

The bearing of this longboard is made of ABEC 9 with a rubber shield so they don’t get dirty easily so it can swiftly roll over for a long time without facing any issues.

​4. Stereo Vinyl Cruiser Plastic


On the second place, I keep the Vinyl Cruiser Plastic complete skateboard for its durability as it comes with a reinforced material of injection molded hard plastic deck. It is not an ordinary plastic body that will feel cheap, you can feel the quality when you keep it in your hand.

Overall dimension of this longboard is 22 x 6 inches, You will also get 3.15 inches truck with super hard 90a bushing. This means it can roll you for a long time with smoothness and comfortable maneuverability.

If you are style attentive, this product helps you out with a matching stereo sunglasses free in the box. It also comes with a customizable sticker pack to decorate your cruiser, this proofs how careful the manufacturer is about their consumers’ smallest demands.

​5. Krown Complete Longboard 


From 1996 Krown is manufacturing quality longboards and on the last, we have saved the best one for you. It is chosen by many of the experts because of its structural strength. Deck width of this board is 9 inches and material of the deck is pure Canadian maple wood.

The design is very versatile and up to the modern fashion sense. Therefore, they look cool and you can choose them as Krown offers more than 17 different options.

Wheels are of black color and it has 65 mm diameter that helps a lot to offer you a smooth riding. There is a black grip tape in this longboard and it helps to balance while riding on it.

​6. MBS All-Terrain Longboard


MBS All-terrain longboard comes with a 100 mm x 65 mm wheel with 78a super rebound urethane that allows perfection on balancing.

When you are turning an edge the 190 mm drone truck with navigation ensures your perfection. It has a sturdy maple-wood drop deck that will support you to ride for a long time. Bearing of the long board is of ABEC 9 with a rubber shield on it.

You won’t need to assemble any of the parts and you will get to know each of the products easily. It has a low center of gravity that covers you up whenever you are riding off-road.

​7. Sector 9 Sidewinder Series Mini Fractal


The sector 9 sidewinder series mini fractal from Sector 9 is popular among professional skaters and for college guys; these may be the best choice for its manufacturer’s design sense. Moreover, it comes with 8-ply molded maple camber deck that ensures durability.

It has a highly flexible and impact absorbing deck with a pattern of ERG integrated grip tape. This is for high stability and traction.

Top-Shelf wheels of it allow smooth ride with it's 69 mm diameter and soft ABEC 5 bushing. What else you need for craving on street?

Talking about trucks, it has 9.0 inches gulling sidewinder. This allows super maneuverability. You will be getting a variable color choice on the wheels. 

​8. Ridge Cruiser Board


In this part of the review, you will get to know about our 6th product Ridge Skateboards 27" Cruiser Board. The reason is, it is the best mini-cruiser outside of China with better features.

It is 5 inches longer and 1.5 inches wider than the original Ridge longboard manufactured from UK. The size variation allows it to get more stability and smoothness in turning edges.

The Wheels Size is measured 59 mm and strength is of 78a PU standard strength. This is as good as the original one and it offers flawless off-road riding experience.

It comes with higher built quality and the skateboard is chosen by many pro users for this reason. There is no objection about their design so far, everyone loves them.

​9. Penny Nickel Complete Longboard


Penny Nickel 27”Complete longboard from Eastern Skateboard manufacturer comes. The material is injection molded hard plastic that offers high endurance to the deck.

It has 4 inches height from the ground that makes the riding smooth if you are riding off-road. When you are turning an edge it will secure the deck form any damage.

The deck width is 7.5 inches that helps the rider to get easy balance while riding the longboard. It is a non-slip deck with classic waffle top that makes it look attractive.

Its 83A smooth wheels that the perfect strength for mini cruisers. This allows stable riding and you can feel it when you use it.

​10. Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder Drop Through


This Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder Drop Through Longboard has the best balance among all other boards here.

It has 9 inches wide Drop-through aperture deck that helps the user to keep his body weight balanced and this ends up giving smooth riding experience.

This longboard comes with 69 mm wheels that can take high pressure and perform well in off-road as it strength measure up to 90A. Trucks of this board is gulling sidewinder type.

​11. Yuneec E-GO2 Electric Longboard

  • Deck is made of 8 layered composite wood
  • The motors are of 400-watt
  • It can run with maximum 12.5 mph speed
  • I can run straight 18 miles with one charge
  • Weight of this electric cruiser 21 pounds
  • It has a dedicated USB port to charge your smartphone

When you have some exceptional taste on whatever you buy, Yuneec E-GO2 with a kick-tail shape and unique design.

It has some special color variation for girls so they can choose their desired style in skating.  The control is smooth and the steering is better than any other boards on this list.

You can control the speed up to 12.5 miles per hours, so it offers a safe ride to the user. It comes with two separate riding modes that are easy to switch, depending on the user's demand.

It has 18 miles long riding range that is a beast in a sense. You’ll also get positive brakes in this electric longboard that makes it easy and safe to use. Check More Electric Skateboard review

1​2. ACTON BLINK S - Electric board

If you are looking for a great electric longboard, I I recommend you with ACTON BLINK S | Powerful Electric Skateboard for College. As a power source it comes with a lithium-ion battery, The recharging time is more likely 1 hour. It can ride with you up to 7 miles without any issues for a second. 

This electric longboard has an LED lighting feature that makes it visible in the traffic if you are riding in the dark. It assures the safety of the rider and it is also visible in daylight too.

In terms of portability, it offers 11 pounds light weighted compact design that is eye-catching and easy to carry at the same time. It is easy to turn on and off as it comes with a switch that you can connect via Bluetooth easily.

Buying Guide - Its Can Help to Choosing College Longboard

Before buying the best campus longboard you need to keep some facts in your mind clearly. Till now I have talked about all the features and unique things that you are going to get to each of the products in this review. But each of the consumers has their personal desire behind buying a product. Here we will talk about those ideal desires that will definitely match yours:

Size of the trucks

For easily turning your longboard and maneuvering it accurately truck size is a vital point. Usually, longboards have Reverse kingpin truck that helps in this sector but the traditional one is also ideal for cruising.

Talking about maneuverability, it depends on the tightness of the turning circle you will see on the truck. For a standard balanced truck, 10-inch width is acceptable and loved by the users. Narrowing it may end up misbalancing the longboard in the end but if you tighten it up, this will present you a compact balanced longboard.  


Here you will face some statistics that you need to understand. Firstly, wheels over 65 mm are capable of providing smooth and steady ride but larger wheels are hard to push. On the other hand, most of the cruiser has 78a hardness but softer wheels offer high shock absorption that creates swift riding experience.

As per expert opinion, 65 mm to 70 mm sized wheels and large with soft-edged wheels are perfect for giving you a steady, smooth and less stressed ride on your way to college.

Deck Shape 

This is what will express the outer look of your longboard and it will make impressions to others. When you are using a wide decked longboard this will feel easy to ride on but the tiny sized deck is hard to stand but provides better look and speed. Decks should have flexed to absorb the shocks and help the user to get a comfortable ride.


This is where all the consumers vary most, not everyone has the same desire for spending money. If you want a high-end longboard with latest tech and comfort you have to pay that much. But there are many mid-ranged longboards that offer some useful features you might have a look on. Therefore, you have to keep an eye on them before buying one.

Importance of Using Safety Gears

As you are buying a board for your college that means you are a student and your safety is very important to assure before anything else. You are an asset to the country and you have to follow some precautions for your safety. The safety for your longboard comes next to it. 

You need to wear helmets that will be a great help for any situation because you don’t know when you are going to fall. After that, you can use pads on your knees and kneels. This will protect you from injury if accidental situation arrives.

Lastly comes the safety gears for your longboard. You might have to get a hold on to a skate tool that will help you to keep your setup tight and lose whatever you need. Maintain your board regularly this will help you to use it for long period.

After couples of months, it is wise decision to clean the bearings of your longboard. It will prevent your board wheels from locking up and you will get a smooth ride out of it. You may have to replace the bearings if you think that will be better for your safety. 

Additional Information

Q: Is cleaning the bearings affect the speed of the longboard?
Definitely, it increases the smoothness if you keep it clean.

Q: Are Longboard truck and Skateboard trucks the same?
No, they aren’t. Longboards can be of electric powered but skateboards are plain. Longboards are larger in size of a skateboard generally. These are the core differences between a longboard and a skateboard.

Q: What is the standard size of a longboard?
It is around 65 m to 70 mm.

Q: What type of truck is best for longboarding?
Tight with a compact size (10 inches in width)

Q: What are longboard wheels are made of?
An Internal wood structure with soft rubber coating

Q: Are bearings of longboard universal?
Nope, it depends on the wheel size

Q: Do all longboard come with reversible trucks?
Yes, it is a feature for longboard

Q: Will any longboard wheels fit on other boards?
It depends on the mounting system of the wheels.

Q: Why longboards wobble at high speed?
The truck size is not compatible with the wheel size the longboard can’t run steadily at high speed.

Q: When you need to replace your longboard’s wheel?
If you are using a longboard for high time and the wheels become less-comforting you can change them easily.

Final Verdict

After going through all these information, you must have the right idea to pick up the best longboard for college. All of these products I’ve listed here have a different price range and they have different unique features that will help any type of users to choose their desired one.

Doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or a pro, this will help you to choose the right one. After choosing one from this list you can revise the review and all these will make sense then as you will get the best experience from them.

Wish you a happy & safe riding on your new longboard.