Top 4 Best Longboard Bearings in 2019 Experts Review and Buying Guide

A bearing is a mechanical device that fixes into a motor or a wheel to reduce friction by providing smooth motion. So can we call bearing a machine? Yes! Of course we can, if you remember your old school books a machine is anything that reduces work, so a bearing in simple words is a machine.

Think how difficult it would be for our longboard to work without bearings, they will never run properly, would produce enormous heat, come to a halt and will become useless very early.

If you pay attention, you will be surprised that around you, even tiny little devices are running smoothly due to bearings. Pickup you longboard and check your wheels, the circular metallic things fixed in the center of your wheels are bearings, now just spin the wheel, YEAH! You got it now.

I know you are here not to listen to my fool statements but to know about the best longboard bearings, don’t worry we are here as your guide, let’s get started without wasting any time.

Top 5 Best Longboard Bearings List

1. Zealous Bearings

Zealous bearings are rubber sealed bearings that give an impression of sci-fi things that automatically get rid of any imperfections. Inside they have special Nano-ceramic grease in lubricant form that has the tendency to repair the bearings. It means that if any bearing ball cracks the lubricant fills in and hardens overtime or in simple words heals them up.

If you lose any bearing ball the lubricant fills its gap and maintains it like new. An interesting point about them is that these self-repairing bearings are not affected by dirt and water and this very fact makes them maintenance free.

You will also be surprised to hear that all this self-care happens without any compromise in the performance of the bearing, pretty interesting no!

The fact actually is that this Nano-ceramic lubricant is water repellent and has been specifically made to keep the bearings cooler. These bearings have built in spacers and a speed ring on both the sides that could work on most of the wheel types, from outside they have been sealed with green rubber that protects the lube from coming out.

The other impressive thing is that these bearings are very affordable, actually very low priced, so people looking for low maintenance and cheap but superb performance bearings must consider and feel relaxed in possessing them.

2. Bones Reds Bearings

Bones Reds bearings are less friction, high speed bearings that are shielded with non-contact removable rubber. They come in a pack of 8 and are available at very cheap price. If you doubt which bearings to buy that provide topnotch performance and saves you money then Bones Reds bearings is the answer.

Cleaning and maintenance of bearings take time and is a chaotic procedure. Bones Reds are easier to clean that saves you time also. They are equipped with high speed Nylon ball retainer that makes them rock solid and durable. They are pre-lubricated with their trademarked racing lubricant known as Speed Cream that makes them extra smooth.

Their manufacturer assigns their products Skate Ratings than ABEC because they believe it is a more accurate rating system. A true justification of the company’s belief is the smoothness and durability of these speed bearings that are pretty close to pro ones in rolling performance.

These days these bearings are gaining very much popularity and have become a raging choice of skaters, I bet that you will be very thankful to these bearings and won’t feel defeated if you own them.

3. Biltin Bearings

Biltin are speed bearings that are smooth to ride and requires very low maintenance. They are easy fit for any longboard or longboarding style. These serviceable bearings have metal shields, but repairable doesn’t mean that they lack in quality.

However they surpass ordinary ones in superiority with huge difference and are believed to be first precision bearings that are specially made to dispense the side loads caused by drifting, sliding and high traction cornering in an efficient manner. These bearings fulfill the needs of professional skaters in terms of precision skating and excellent performance.

A surprising thing that I noticed about Biltin bearings is that they get faster when you ride them more. They are very strong and durable and have been built to endure the wear and tear of extreme weather conditions. So, you will find that their performance remain intact even during rains or in muddy situations.

The reasons of their performance are their incorporated precision washers on the outside and half precision spacers on the inside, now you can get rid of ordinary washers and speed rings as the integrated ones are just perfect.

If you want more accuracy, you can tighten up the axle bolts fully and your wheels will rotate smoothly and speedily than ever before. In terms of price they might appear a little bit expensive, but this price value is meager in front of their performance and features that they provide to their possessors. I’ll definitely recommend that you go for these bearings; they will help you achieve commendable longboarding performance with thrilling experience.

4. Sector 9 Black Ball Ceramic Bearings

The Balls inside are made of high density Black Ceramic material that is supposed to be lighter than steel. These bearings use Nylon Ball Retainer with superior quality grease and oil mixture for durability and long-lasting performance.

The bearings have professional construct quality and have been made by keeping in mind, tough riding situations in different weather conditions. The races inside are of high quality steel and the ceramic balls keep them clean by regular polishing and doesn’t allow any dust particles or debris hinder their performance.

These bearings fall in expensive price range and are supposed to be bought by professional skaters, but provide worthy value for money and complete return on investment.

If you are looking for exceptional speed bearings, Sector 9 Black Ball Ceramic bearings are undoubtedly the best choice, they will certainly make you champions of the competitions and races that you dream to triumph over.

Guide to Choosing a Longboard Bearing

For smooth rides of your longboard your should choose the best bearings, but let us first understand bearings from inside and their ABEC rating. First things, bearings have two types of covers i.e. Shield Covers and Sealed Covers...

  • Shields are metal or rubber covers on the outside of a bearing that can be taken out and the bearing could be greased or oiled if you find any deterioration in its performance. The shield doesn’t keep the elements out of the bearing, but it doesn’t produce also any strain on the inside elements, giving the bearing a faster performance.

  • Sealed bearings on the contrary are sealed with rubber; this keeps the elements out of the bearing, giving it a longer life. However it creates a strain on the inside elements, compromising with the performance and that’s why they are somewhat slower than the shielded ones.

  • There are third types of bearings which are known as ceramic bearings. They come in sealed and unsealed versions. Unsealed ceramic bearings are made of single balls of ceramic material. Sealed ceramic bearings are of two types hybrid bearings and fully ceramic bearings. Hybrid bearings keep steel rings but have ceramic balls, however fully ceramic bearings have ceramic rings as well as ceramic balls.

ABEC Rating

ABEC rating is the grade level of bearings given by a technical society to evaluate their smoothness and noise. There are many ABEC ratings and most of the industries use bearings according to these ratings, most industrial machines use bearings of ABEC 1, automobiles generally use a rating of ABEC 3, medical equipment might use ABEC 5 bearings, and a space ship or a rocket might use ABEC 9 bearings.

A higher ABEC doesn’t mean a faster bearing, thus if a bearing has a rating of ABEC 9 it doesn’t mean that it would perform faster than ABEC 5 or vice versa.

What Makes a Bearing Fast?

What matters is the use of oil or grease inside the bearing, light weight oil makes it perform faster and using grease keeps it low maintenance. If the oil is light, it disperses rapidly than grease, it lubricates the inside elements faster and makes a bearing smoother, thus re-oiling when needed gives a better performance.

Always remember if your purpose is speed, on a regular basis you should lubricate your bearings with some good lightweight oil and if you want them last longer, you also should grease them often.

According to my knowledge about the technical stuff of bearings, I have selected four best longboard bearings for you. I have kept in mind those people who are not price conscious but want excellent performance and have selected for those also who are looking for best affordable longboard bearings with good performance.

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