Top 25 – Best Electric Skateboard of 2022 (Comprehensive Review)

Before we start on this reading journey, maybe we should first get to know a thing or two about electric skateboarding. While we may all be familiar with the traditional skateboards, some people may not be aware of the new skateboards known as electric skateboards or e-skateboards.

To put it simply, an electric skateboard is a skateboard that is powered by batteries and motors. For these skateboards, riders control their movement with the help of handheld remote controllers.

So if you love to spice up your life, you will definitely have a thing for electric skateboarding. Electric skateboarding is not just fun but it also gets you wherever you want faster than you would when walking. Other benefits of electric skateboarding include:

  • It offers environmental friendly traveling options
  • Helps to reduce traffic congestion
  • Saves you money
  • Relieves stress thus improving mental health
  • Can serve as a physical activity

Once you step into the e-skateboarding way of life, the choice of your gear really matters. While there are the normal skateboards, electric skateboards have become the trendiest options these days.

In this article, we have compiled for you some of the finest electric skateboards, their reviews, and a buying guide to go with it. All you have to do is to hang in there and read on to the last word. That way, you will be sure to get the best electric skateboard that suits your specific need.

Ready? Let’s go…

Best Electric Skateboards Comparison (Our Top 10 Pick)

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Best Electric Skateboard Review

1. Hiboy S-11 Electric Skateboard



Hiboy S-11 Electric Skateboard

S-11 Electric Skateboard by Hiboy is all about exploring the world with a wireless remote control system in a completely different way. This one is extremely suitable for both adults and youths. All the components of the board including body, motors, and wheels can provide you with a new experience that you never get before. Let’s have a look at its eye-sparkling features.  

The Features of Hiboy Electric Skateboard

Whether you are a beginner or a professional skater, this electric skateboard is the best solution for you! The school going kids or the newbie can use it for going to school or roaming about around the town. In a word, it’s all about fun!

As the deck is made of maple, you need not think about the durability. Interestingly, it is so strong that it can endure up to 220 lbs load without any hindrance. The board is extremely lightweight; it’s only 8.6 pounds. So, you can carry it wherever you want with ease.

Now, what are you waiting for? You must eager to learn about the motor! Yes, the 350-Watt single hub motor is strong and powerful enough to provide you with the maximum speed from 12.4 mph to 18.5 mph. And the rechargeable battery can run you up to 6.2 miles for charging once!

Moreover, controlling the speed is a matter of clicking the button now! You will have 4 riding modes and they will allow you to go slow, medium or fast. The regenerative 4 braking modes are also exclusive. And all these will permit you to accelerate and brake safely! In words, the electric board will give you a steady performance!

At the same time, you need not think about the controlling system. You can handle the product through the remote control in your hand. The wireless design is ergonomic and rechargeable; so controlling the speed is too easy and comfortable to imagine.

The package includes an electric skateboard, charging adapter, USB cable, remote controller, T tool, and the users manual.

Ins and outs of S-11 Hiboy Electric skateboard at a glance

  • Brand Name: Hiboy
  • Manufacturer: Hiboy
  • Department Name: Boys
  • Model Year: F20
  • Weight of the product: 8.6 Pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Size: Small
  • Battery: 2.2 Ah/25.2 V
  • Charging Time: 1.5 hours
  • ASIN: B07GPC3LS6
  • Inexpensive
  • Provides a smooth ride 
  • Easy to use
  • Good board for starters
  • Requires reasonable charge
  • Cannot climb the hills
  • Braking should be better

The Hiboy S-11 Electric Skateboard is undoubted a good choice for all kinds of skaters but for heavy use you should think otherwise! Without this, you can choose this without thinking twice! This can be a perfect choice for a birthday gift or Christmas present.

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2. Chargiot Bomb PEV

Chargiot Bomb PEV - 2400W Dual Belt Drive All-Terrain Electric Longboard Skateboard

Do you love art? And skateboarding? If you do, then this board is just for you! The Chargiot Bomb PEV is not only an awesome electric skateboard but also an artistic one. With beautifully painted decks, you are surely going to raise some brows when steering down the street.

While looks are important, they should not be the only thing to look out for when finding the best electric skateboard for college, because functionality should never be compromised. However, if you choose this board, you will not be compromising anything since you’ll be getting the best of both worlds.

With a 15 miles maximum mile range, this board can steer you to very high speed of 30 mph. This can be attributed to the powerful 2400W dual motors that the board has. The batteries are also key contributors to the incredible speed that this board offers. The lithium ion batteries that power the motor are 396W in capacity which is quite powerful.

The wheels of the Chargiot Bomb PEV are also phenomenal. They are 6 inches in size, airless and can move on any terrain with ease. With this kind of wheels you can go on adventures wherever you want whether it is on concrete, bitumen, gravel or other rough terrains without worrying of wear and tear.

This board has integrated LED lights for easy travel when it is dark. The grip tape which enhances stability also glows in the dark which is a cool add-on. Other features include; a smartphone app and Bluetooth speakers.

  • Powerful motor, 2400W dual motors
  • High speed of 30 mph
  • Beautiful custom design deck
  • Has a kicktail handle which you can use to push the board instead of carrying it around.
  • Hill grade is 30%

  • Charging time is 4.5 hours which is quite long
  • Expensive

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3. Exway X1 Pro

Exway X1 Professional Electric Skateboard Surface Waterproof/Dust-proof/Anti-collision 4 Speed Change + Professional Longboard Bridge | Delivery within 30 days ...

This board features a dual hub motor which has been improved to 1200W per motor. The motor sits under a water resistant board which is one of the best in the market. The motor design also packs an anti-drag motor and push friendly features which give you the chance to turn this electric board into an old school skateboard.

Exway X1 Pro can steer to a top speed of 29 mph. If you are a Pro skateboarder you can up the speed mode to a Turbo mode which supports incredible speed riding. This electric board also has sensors placed throughout its body for constant adjusting to your riding style.

Although the power and speed have been boosted for this board, the deck shape and size have not been compromised. The board still maintains a streamlined shape and is lightweight making it easy to carry around.

The manufacturers of this board factored in some serious safety measures in the battery management system. Some of the protection measures include; adjustment of power output in the case of high and low battery levels and getting remote alerts when voltage is either too high or too low.

Exway X1 Pro comes with an R1 intelligent remote control which features an ergonomic hand grip. The body of the remote is also made from good material making handling it more comfortable. Through this remote, skateboarders can get information on their real time speed, battery levels as well as errors of the skateboard.

Lastly, the wheels of this electric board ensure control and stability are enhanced. The 85 mm wheels are manufactured using a new gel core which offers more control. Their big size also helps in offering better performance.

  • Powerful dual motor
  • High speed of 29 mph
  • Packs an EBS regenerative braking system
  • High hill grade of 30%
  • Expensive, not for skateboarders on a budget

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4. Megawheels Foerteng-us electric skateboard

Foerteng-us Electric Skateboard for People, 500W 36V Up to 20km/h Speed Longboard Skateboard for Youths and Adults

Foerteng-us electric skateboard gets to be enlisted in the best electric skateboard category because one, it comes from a reputable manufacturer and two, the board is awesome.

Megawheels have been in the market for years constructing electric skateboards, electric scooters and hover boards which makes the company an expert supplier.

This electric skateboard packs a powerful brushless motor which is a huge advantage. The mile range for this board is 9 miles which is better than other competing boards.

Foerteng-us is powered by lithium battery which is good quality and could be a reason for going for this product. Once battery juices are used up, it would take about two to three hours to charge the batteries and can steer you to a speed of 12 mph. This speed is below average if compared to the speeds of competing brands.

Now let’s look at the wheels of this board. Foerteng-us wheels are made from aluminium materials and polyurethane wheels. This combination makes the wheels sturdy against chipping and flaking. It also provides stability for the rider because it offers good grip with the surface the board rides on.

This electric board has a climbing ability of 150 which is quite commendable if you are seeking for an electric board that can take you up the hills. In as much as the climbing angle is good, you also have to be the right weight for this to work.

The good thing with this board is that its maximum loading capacity is 260 pounds which is accommodative compared to other brands which carry lesser weight. Foerteng-us is also suitable for skaters from the age of 12 to 50-year-olds.

  • Great wheels as they are sturdy and offer stability
  • 15 degrees climbing ability is quite good for hill climbing

  • Low speed compared to other brands

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5. Outstorm 31 MPH electric skateboard

Evolve Skateboards - Carbon GT Street and All-Terrain Electric Longboard Skateboard - 31 Mile Range - 26 mph Top Speed -Digital LCD Screen Remote Control - Lithium-Ion Battery

This board is one of the most powerful boards in the market. With a powerful motor of 3300W, Outstorm can accelerate to a speed of up to 31 mph which is quite impressive. The motor type is the dual 1650W brushless motors. This means your riding will not only be smooth but quiet as well.

Moving on to the tires, you are in for a ride of a lifetime. This board features large heavy-duty pneumatic tires of 7.8 x 2 inches. This kind of wheels gives you stability like no other. You can also glide smoothly on any type of terrain be it concrete, gravel, grass or any other surface out there. If you are an adventurous skater then this the board you need as a companion.

Outstorm also promises you ultimate control. It comes with a wireless hand remote control that keeps in touch with your acceleration, deceleration, reverse and brakes. The remote control has been created with comfort in mind because it fits well in your hand and it is easy to work with it.

The remote design features a joy stick for speed control, reverse button, a switch to control high and low speed as well as a signal indicator. All these make your controlling experience as easy as you would like it to be. It is thus suitable for kids too.

The battery type of this board is lithium-ion and is 11 Ah. On full charge the board can steer up to a 19 mile range. It takes four hours to fully charge this electric skateboard which is somewhat a drawback.

  • Powerful dual motors which powers the board to accelerate to high speed of 31 mph.
  • Large heavy duty pneumatic tires which is durable and enhances stability for the rider
  • Quite pricy
  • Charging time is four hours which is quite long

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6. Boosted Gen 2 Dual +

Boosted 2nd Gen Dual+ Standard Range Electric Skateboard

If you are looking for an electric skateboard that offers excellent speed you may want to look at the Boosted 2nd Gen Dual +. This board steers up to a top speed of 22 mph which surpasses other boards of the same caliber.

The motor power of this electric skateboard is 2000W which makes the board very powerful. With this board, you get to choose your range. Whether you want to go with the standard battery and travel for 6 miles or opt for 12 miles using the extended battery, it is all up to you.

Durable materials have been used to construct this product. For instance the deck is a custom loaded vanguard with bamboo construction that apart from helping to absorb the shock that comes with bumpy rides is also a sturdy material.

The deck length is 8.5 inches and the width is 38 inches which provides stability and control for the rider. Along with serving your commuting needs it is also great for everyday ride.

Since it is an obvious improvement of its predecessor, this board packs water resistant battery and motor housing. Now you can worry less about light rains or splashes from small paddles. However, you should still store this board in a dry environment if you want it to serve you for a long time.

Boosted Gen 2 also offers perfect control to riders as it has an easy to use remote control. The remote control has in-built dual radio receiver that connects it superbly to the board. Whichever command you press on your remote will be taken up by the controller.

Also packs regenerative braking which stores a chunk of energy when brake is applied.

  • Powerful motor
  • Has regenerative braking system
  • Hill climbing ability is at 25%

  • Is on the pricy side
  • Mileage can do better

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7. V2 Pro electric board

SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard,Max Range 18.6 Miles,Top Speed 25 MPH,Dual Motor 500 W,8 Layers Maple with Remote Controller,Tornado 2nd Generation

This is yet another affordable skateboard that shouldn’t miss this list. The V2 Pro board is a powerful one. It is powered by a dual motor board which explains why the torque is excellent. The climbing angle is at 30 degrees which makes your climbing experience much better.

V2 Pro is powered by two powerful batteries. For a longer distance, the Panasonic 20R 36V 9.6 Ah cruises the board to a range of 23 to 27 miles. The Samsung 20R 36V 6.0 Ah moves the board to a range of 15 to 18 miles.

The board comes with an electronic speed control (ESC) which supports smooth acceleration and braking. It also improves the board’s climbing ability.

V2 Pro is constructed with 6 layers of maple as well as 2 layers of bamboo which make it a hardy board. It is also flexible thus it can cruise and carve with ease giving its users a ride of a lifetime.

The skateboard comes with a handheld remote control which has an ergonomic design and features three modes. The three modes are; slow mode for beginners, the medium mode is for experts while the fast speed for experts.

Moreover, the board has been strictly water proofed by the manufactures. This means it can withstand light rains or small splashes. However, it is not recommended to be used on wet or icy roads as it could prove dangerous since control will be reduced.

The wheel type of this skateboard is the polyurethane which is a hardy material. Its hardness level is 78A making it suitable for tough terrains too.

Maximum weight that V2 Pro can withstand is 330 pounds but the recommended rider weight should be 264 pounds for easier maneuverability.

  • High cruising range
  • Remote has three modes
  • Waterproofed board

  • Dual belt motors produce noise
  • Weighs 16 pounds which makes it heavy to carry around

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8. Maxfind Max 4

Maxfind MAX 4 Electric Skateboard,MAX Range Up to 40km/26miles Extra Battery,1500W Dual Hub Motors, 38 Inches Longboard,New Upgrades (Standard Range)

Looking for an affordable electric skateboard that can get you anywhere you want? If you are here then you are looking at it. The Maxfind Max 4 is a powerful electric board that features the dual Hub motors of 1500W.

It is powered by an LG lithium ion battery that is easily swappable. To change the battery, all you need to do is to open a screw, open the lid, remove the battery and click in a new one.

With this board you can climb any hill and move easily across the street without worrying about the terrain. The motherboard of this board is waterproof. Using the new glue-filling technology, this board is waterproof and dustproof. It is also shock proof which makes it strong against environmental complexities.

This board comes with a remote control that has ergonomic support and Bluetooth control which is easy to use for skaters of any skill level.

Maxfind Max 4’s remote control comes with three ride modes from beginner to pro mode. If you are a beginner, you can move slowly and smoothly whether accelerating or decelerating on surfaces.

This board moves at a top speed of 25 mph, with a speed range of 13 miles. The recharging time of Maxfind Max 4 is two hours which is quite fast compared to other boards which need up to five hours to recharge.

Another advantage of the board is that it is lightweight. It weighs 2.2 pounds only which makes it easy to carry whether to work or class without struggling.

  • Easy to swap batteries
  • Recharging of the batteries is 2 hours
  • Waterproof motherboard keeps board from damage
  • Has 3 speed modes
  • Lightweight hence portable
  • Affordable
  • Wheel material is not good thus prone to wear and cracks
  • The grey and white color are appealing but may get dirty easily

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9. Boosted Dual +

Boosted Stealth Electric Skateboard

The Boosted Dual + skateboard is a very fast skateboard that is packed with the latest technology. What makes it stand out among its rivals is its long lifespan and quality. Its speed is unbeatable and comes with two modes allowing riders to ride at different speeds.

On Eco Mode, you can travel for 7 miles while on Expert Mode you can go for a mile less making it a total of 6 miles.

Boosted Dual’s braking mechanism is not like any other as it works to regain lost charge. When you press on the brake, you get more charge which allows you to go extra miles. The good thing about Dual + is that if you run out of battery you can still ride it as a regular skateboard so you won’t be stranded.

It is powered by a 2000W motor which allows riders to climb the steepest hill. You also get to enjoy smooth rides even when riding on tough terrains. Owing to the high speed and the high wattage, this electric skateboard requires more power.

The battery recharge time is only an hour which throws shade to its rivals which require up to five hours of charging. With a deck width of 10 inches, length of 27 inches and 15 pounds weight, the Boosted Dual+ is easily portable and you can go with it everywhere. Apart from that, the short length provides outstanding maneuverability.

Another key feature of this e-skateboard is that it has a Bluetooth operated remote control which makes your riding much easier. The LED light on the remote control helps you estimate the range that is remaining making it excellent for night use.

  • Features a powerful motor of 2000W
  • It travels at 22mph top speed
  • The regenerative battery is an awesome way to recharge
  • The length, width, and weight are all ideal to provide excellent maneuverability
  • Comes with 1-year warranty and customer support
  • The mileage can do better
  • It is on the pricey side. It goes for $1399 on Boosted’s official website

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10. Teamgee H5 37 dual-motor electric skateboard

Teamgee H5 37

This skateboard has been made with 10 layers of Canadian maple plus fiberglass longboard making it exceptionally sturdy and durable. Teamgee H5 37 skateboard is a longboard design that can carry a higher load capacity of up to 200 pounds. It is extra thin in structure but that does not mean it is less sturdy.

The deck of this skateboard is concave in shape and has been specifically designed to make riding comfortable for its users. Riding through sharp turns also becomes effortless owing to this concave shape. Teamgee skateboard also comes with a flexible bushing system, which keeps the board nimble enabling easy sharp turns.

This dual motor skateboard has great control and stability and is one of the best e-skateboards in the market when considering speed. With a dual-motor of 760W, this board can steer you at 22mph top speed. Its mile range is 11 miles which is far better than most of its rivals which have lesser mile ranges.

Finally, this board weighs 14.55 pounds which means you can easily carry it around. The newer model of this skateboard costs $489.99 on Amazon.

  • The skateboard’s board is ultra-thin
  • Since this skateboard is built with maple and fiberglass it is highly durable.
  • The board’s flex is pretty awesome.
  • The board continues to move even after the remote is dropped.

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11. OnlyOne

If you are looking for the best electric skateboard under 500 dollars, OnlyOne O-3 is one of them. While it is affordable, its speed and mileage are not compromised. It has a user-friendly build that makes it easy for a novice to start on it. The foot placement is also of big help to first-time riders as it encourages them to step up their riding skills.

This electric skateboard offers different speed modes to its riders. It has the slow mode which is basically for beginners with the speed of 11mph. The medium mode is for the expert riders and accelerates to a speed of 18mph. Last in line is the fast mode that is for pro riders with a speed of 24mph.

OnlyOne’s cruising range is between 13-20 miles which is pretty good. And depending on the battery size it can travel different distances. For a 1.10S3P battery you can travel a distance of 13 to 17 miles while with the 2.10S4P battery the distance is increased to 20 miles.

When your battery charge is all spent, you can steer your skateboard the old fashioned way and still get to your destination. The reason for this flexibility lies in the brushless hub motors which drive the wheels unlike its counterparts which rely on belts.

A bonus for this electric board comes with its waterproof capabilities. Since it is waterproofed, it can stand little rain as well as small paddles however the waterproof abilities get reduced with time.

  • It is cheap. This tops the advantage list because it caters for the needs of riders on a budget.
  • Offers different speed modes making it favorable to all types of riders from beginner to pro.
  • It is durable to the materials used in building it; maple and bamboo. Its waterproof abilities enhance OnlyOne’s durability even further.
  • Comes with replaceable wheels.
  • Its wheels are quickly worn out.


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12. Evolve skateboards (Bamboo GTX series)

Evolve Skateboards - Bamboo GTX Street and All-Terrain Electric Longboard Skateboard - 31 Mile Range - 26 mph Top Speed -Digital LCD Screen Remote Control - Lithium-Ion Battery

While most skateboards are made using maple wood, these skateboards are an exception to the rule as it is built out of the best grade bamboo. Not only is it sturdy it also features an exceptional build. Owing to the bamboo, the skateboard is durable too.

When it comes to this Evolve skateboard, it offers its users the best combination of power and style. With a speed accelerating of approximately 22 to 26 mph, these boards can travel up to a distance of 31 miles.

Having such a speed makes this electric skateboard to be one of the fastest skateboards out there. However, speed is wholly dependent with a rider’s experience, style, weight and terrain of the road.

Evolve Bamboo GTX series is driven by a powerful battery. This skateboard can travel on any terrain be it tarmac, concrete or bitumen while allowing the rider to enjoy a smooth ride all the while because of its sturdy wheels. The flexible deck also adds to the smooth ride experience.

This electric skateboard also comes with a magnetic remote that has a strategically placed trigger which makes it user friendly. It also has an ergonomic design that features rubber mold for the rider’s hand comfort.

Lastly, this skateboard offers different speed modes including; GT, Fast, Eco and Slow.

  • Has excellent flexibility
  • Allows smooth ride on any terrain
  • Eco mode allows slow riding that uses less charge
  • Very expensive
  • Battery quality is not satisfactory

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13. Swagtron Electric Longboard


This NG1 electric longboard is the next generation kind of skateboard which combines affordability and fun. It is not as pricy as the Dual + or the Evolve Bamboo GTX series as it costs way less with some sites selling at below $300 which makes it one of the boards on the best cheap best electric board category.

With the wireless remote that comes with it, you can control your riding speed as well as your braking. Its most outstanding feature is that you can maintain the speed by using the cruise control feature. And using this same feature you can either increase or decrease your speed as you please.

It packs rechargeable batteries that are eco-friendly. The battery is a 24 volt battery that with a single charge you can ride up to 10 miles while maintaining a speed of 11 mph.

This skateboard meets all safety requirements and has a safety certification owing to its SafetyShield battery technology. Getting this skateboard means that you are well catered for where safety is concerned.

Swagtron’s wheels are made of polyurethane which is a sturdy material thus it is able to absorb shock adequately. Thanks to the wheels you get to enjoy a smooth ride.

  • It is one of the cheapest electric skateboards in the market
  • Durable and withstands wear over time
  • The skateboard’s hardware is safely tucked inside
  • The biggest disadvantage of this board is its slow customer service. Reviews on amazon indicate how customers have been frustrated by the manufacturer’s slow response.
  • The 24 volt battery is underperforming


14. Skatebolt Electric Longboard

SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard Longboard with Remote Controller, 25 MPH Top Speed, 18.6 Miles Range, Dual Motor, 8 Layers Maple with Updated Board

If you are looking for an electric board that has some serious commuting skills then this should be your best option. Skatebolt has a unique design that makes it stand out from its rivals which is highly recommended if you have exclusive taste.

Skatebolt electric skateboard has a dual motor which means it offers its riders double experience. They say good things come in double, so is this longboard’s motors. With the board built with eight layers of maple wood, you can count on its sturdiness and durability.

On full charge, this skateboard can steer you up to 18.6 miles while riding at 25 mph speed. Another bonus that this longboard comes with is that it can climb steep hills that slope at 250.

Other than that, this skateboard’s longboard is not only for functionality as well. The wheels and the deck are both wide which keeps your riding extra smooth.

Additionally, this company has factored in safety in its design. It has two red taillights that notify cars and even people that there’s a rider coming through in dark streets. Cool thing about these lights is that you could set them to blinking mode just like vehicles do.

  • Offers 6 months warranty so you could get a refund within that window period in case your board is acting out.
  • With a weight of 19.51 pounds, this electric skateboard is pretty portable.
  • The taillights offer safety when riding in dark streets.
  • Quite affordable, costs a little over $500
  • Has no gradual braking system

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15. Blitzart Huracane

BLITZART Huracane 38

Blitzart Huracane is among the best electric skateboard created by BLITZART, a Californian company. Based on the company’s reputation of making world class boards, this board is highly recommended.

This electric skateboard is the creation of a team of scientists, engineers and designers who after thorough research and experimenting came up with the piece. The deck design of this board consists of a combination of two layers of bamboo, six layers of maple wood and a grip tape.

Together these materials provide the flexibility and durability of the Blitzart Huracane. The grip tape on its own helps prevent slipping when you are riding the board by providing a little friction to do the job. Similarly, Blitzart’s longboard offers even better grip because of its ergonomic design.

The skateboard also delivers high speed and a vast range which allows riders to go for ample distances. For riders who feel adventurous, this should be your companion as it offers you an experience of a life time regardless of the terrain. Get this board and start on an escapade already.

Now let’s look at the battery of this designer board, shall we? The board is powered by a 4.4Ah battery which allows up to eight miles of cruising on a single charge which is pretty cool. And when it comes to charging, this battery can be recharged between 2.5 hours and 3 hours which is quite fast compared to other electric skateboard. This fast charging has been made possible due to the lithium ion pack that the battery uses.

This board packs a 350W brushless hub motor which keeps your riding quieter. Another unique feature of the skateboard is that it can ride on reverse since it has a reverse function.

So who can ride this board? Blitzart electric board is for absolutely anyone from novice riders to pro riders. To help with this, the manufactures have included two speed modes depending on a rider’s skill level. The two modes are for beginner and pro thus catering to the needs of anyone who is into riding.


  • Outstanding speed
  • Its construction is sturdy thus it is a durable option
  • Can run on reverse which is not the case for other rival skateboard.
  • The grip tape and the longboard offers stability to riders
  • The brushless hub motor keeps your riding quiet and enjoyable
  • Comes with a remote control which when it fails can make riding tedious as opposed to when it is functional

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16. RazorX Cruiser

RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard

Are you a rider on a budget? Are you a nine-year-old? If your answer is yes to one of the two questions then you would want to settle for the RazorX Cruiser. Apart from this model being one safe for young riders, it is a cheap electric skateboard.

While you may be surprised by the low price that this board fetches, you should not worry about the quality because it is highly recommended and well…it has made it to the top 10 best electric boards.

This board has been constructed by five layers of ply maple wood only. Bamboo has not been used on this product which explains its poor flexibility. However it cruises pretty decently.

RazorX’s outstanding features are the high-grip urethrane wheels and the kingpin trucks. The urethrane wheels are sturdy and do not easily wear out like wheels by other brands. Due to its high grip, accidents are less likely to happen which makes it suitable for kids too.

As for the kinpgpin trucks, they provide exceptional longboarding experience downhill, cruising and carving.

If you like doing freestyle stunts on your skateboard, then you may want to check out this brand because it has more to offer in that regard.

This electric skateboard is powered by a 125 W motor thus its maximum speed is only 10mph. Other brands have more wattage on the motor thus can accommodate higher speeds.  When fully charged, this board can go for 40 minutes runtime unlike other powerful boards which can maintain up to 2 hours before the battery is discharged completely.

220 pounds is the maximum weight that can be comfortably steered by this skateboard. The board itself is a lightweight and you can easily carry it on the go.

  • Easy to maneuver making it an easy skateboard to ride
  • Much cheaper than other brands thus affordable
  • The high-grip urethrane wheels provide enhanced stability
  • The wireless remote comes with an extra wrist strap to minimize chances of damaging the remote. Ideal for kids.
  • This skateboard does not run in reverse
  • Its flexibility is not good
  • Since the battery run time is 40 minutes only it means you will have to recharge often

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17. Kafansy Electric Skateboard

Beginners who are looking for an e-skateboard that is versatile and a decent speed capability, Kafansy Electric Skateboard could be the best option. Awesome for kids and teens as it comes with other multi-colored options. This skateboard possesses a number of speed ranges which boost its versatility and usage.

This board gives the rider ultimate control over all the cruising and the curving. With a remote control you can either accelerate or decelerate as you wish. The remote control which is highly ergonomic is also small in size thus making handling it even easier.

Kafansy Electric Skateboard has a unique build. It features six layers of northeast maple wood in its design thus making it sturdier and flexible. With these materials, the skateboard assures you of prolonged and stable performance.

For this e-skateboard, the motor that drives it is a 350W Brushless Hub-motor which provides more power and efficiency as compared to the belt drive motor. By the help of this motor, Kafansy skateboard is able to perform at its best.

A single charge of Kafansy’s battery steers it at a speed of 12mph making it superior to some of its rivals. This skateboard is efficient for riders who prefer stable speed. With the 5 minutes power-off feature users can conserve energy when the board is not in use. When switched off, you can turn your electric skateboard board into a standard board.

  • The board is sturdy, flexible and durable
  • Having bamboo as one of its construction material, makes the board flexible
  • This skateboard is affordable
  • The lightweight aspect of this skateboard makes it portable
  • Provides a smooth ride for its owners
  • Remote pairing is possible for this product which eases replacing damaged or misplaced remotes.
  • With time, remote reception could become weak


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18. Acton Blink S


Lastly, we have the Acton Blink S. Although this is an earlier version, it still is a good board. There is a newer version which is the Blink S2, but we have not covered on this list maybe we can save it for another day.

The Acton Blink S is an eye catching electric skateboard that comes with a helmet with it. Since safety can never be compromised (especially during riding), this makes it a very thoughtful add-on.

Following its great features and exceptional performance, it is no wonder why this skateboard was really hyped when it was first released. Apart from the helmet, another add-on that comes with the package is a back pack that you can use to store your board when not in use. And since Blink S is heavy, the back pack could be a convenient way to travel around with it.

The wheels of these electric skateboards are outstanding. They are huge measuring 83 millimeters and have been made from very hardy material which is why they can withstand even the toughest of trains. Whether concrete or bitumen, these wheels are simply unbeatable. You therefore, get a smooth ride all the way.

Once the battery charge has been drained, charging takes only one hour which is a huge advantage, considering that other brands take much longer. These eboards also come with a Bluetooth operated remote control which is easy to use.

A major drawback for this board is that the brakes are very strong which if you are not careful you could topple over and easily get hurt.

  • With single charge Acton Blink S travels up to 7 miles
  • Comes with a 6 month warranty
  • It has a Bluetooth operated remote control
  • Portable but heavy
  • Has built-in safety lights which enhance safety and visibility at night
  • These boards have no gradual braking system
  • Heavy to carry


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Best Cheap Electric Skateboard Comparison

Best Cheap Electric Skateboard Under 500 Review (Top 6)

1. Ride1Up electric longboard (bamboo style)

Ride1UP Electric Longboard, Electric Skateboard with Remote for Adults, 7.5AH 10S3P Samsung Battery, Custom Battery Case, 4-Speed Ergonomic Remote, Motorized Board for Carving (38.5

With this longboard you get to cruise, carve, do tricks and feel as if you were riding the old school skateboard. These are all made possible because of the low-profile battery case that offers maximum deck space which allows middle flexing.

Since this board is a bamboo style electric board, its flexibility is even more pronounced. This board is great for commuting to work/school, doing some trick riding and exploring the city.

It is a powerful board as it features a dual Hub motors with capacity of 1200W each. The battery that powers these motors is a Samsung 10S3P battery pack of capacity 7.5 Ah. Thanks to this powerful battery, this longboard can move at a 30 mph top speed on the turbo mode. It takes three hours for the battery to be fully charged.

The mile range for this electric board is 18 miles when on turbo mode. However, on a speed of 28 mph, the range is between 12 to 14 miles depending on the wind and the terrain you are moving on. This board is also a great hill climber with its high hill grade of 30%.

Another cool feature of this electric board is its ‘easy to use’ remote control. It features four speed modes which help you chose the speed you are comfortable with whether you are a novice skateboarder of a pro. The LCD screen on the remote communicates to you information such as the battery life, trip distance, live speed and speed settings.

The wheels of this board are easily swappable making it a great choice because replacing a wheel will not be a headache after all. Replacing wheels is also inexpensive.


  • Ultra-low profile battery case allows middle flex
  • Has four speed modes
  • High speed of 30 mph on turbo mode
  • Water resistant motors allows skateboarding in the rain
  • Feature regenerative brakes

  • Charging takes three hours

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2. Enskate electric skateboard

enskate Electric Skateboard - Powerful Motorized Longboard 37'', Dual Motor 600W2, Max 22 MPH, Shockproof Enhance Convex Deck Electronic Skate Board with Remote

This is another electric skateboard that fits the best cheap best electric skateboard category so if you are on a budget it should be on your list.

The enskate electric skateboard has a dual hub motor that has 600W power per motor. Having this type of motor, you can expect your ride to be smooth and quiet on all terrains. It features a Samsung lithium battery of 36 V, 4.4 Ah. This product also features low battery consumption which means you can travel for longer before you run out of charge.

It has been constructed using maple and bamboo which means that it is not only sturdy but flexible as well. A skateboard with flexibility allows you to cruise and curve perfectly without fearing sharp turns.

The maximum mile range for this board is 12 miles range which is quite a commendable for this type. Its top speed is at 22 mph, though not as high as the fastest longboards this is just as good.

Enskate electric skateboard offers lower gravity compared to some brands in the market. This ensures the rider gets more stability and comfort. You will therefore not have to worry about issues of stability if you are good at skateboarding.

Another feature that supports stability is the presence of good braking system that performs exceptionally well. With this kind of support, you should expect fewer accidents in your skateboarding escapade.

This product comes with a 6 month warranty. For customers who return the product within a month after purchase, they will receive a labor repairing and accessories free. As for those who return the board beyond a month of purchase, though they’ll enjoy free-labor maintenance, they will be required to pay for accessories fee.

  • Affordable
  • 6 month warranty

  • When returning the board you will pay for shipping fees

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3. Lixada electric skateboard

Lixada Electric Skateboard - 23 MPH Top Speed 300W Dual Motor, 11-13.6 Miles Range, 17.2 Lbs, Electric Longboard with Wireless Remote Control & Multi-Colors Light

Looking for a cheap electric skateboard is easy but finding one that is both cheap and quality is not because there are lots of brands out there. Lixada electric skateboard is one of a kind. Not only is it cheap but it also promises high cruising experience.

It is powered by a brushless DC motor that packs dual motors of 600W each. With this high powered motor, this board can move to a 13.6 mile range which is quite impressive for its design.

This electric skateboard moves to a top speed of 23 mph which is not very high compared to other top brands but is still better than other more expensive brands. Apart from this great performance, Lixada electric skateboard supports hill climbing of any slope since its grade hill climbing is at 30%.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced skateboarder, you will enjoy using this board. According to this product’s guidelines beginners should cruise at 10 mph, for leisure riding a 15 mph speed is adequate while expert riders can ride up to 25 mph.

The wheels of this board are also good. They are of polyurethane material and are 3.5 inches in size. With this material the electric skateboard can move smoothly on all surfaces.

Moving on to the remote control, it is exceptional too. It has a 10 meter control distance and its frequency is top notch (2.4 G). Since it is comfortable to hold, you will not get weary of it. However novice you are, you will find this remote control easy to use.

If you are wondering about the portability of this board, just so you know it is lightweight thus easy to carry around. Lixada electric skateboard has built-in colored LED lights are quite awesome and make it easy for night travel.

  • Cheap and quality
  • Lightweight hence portable
  • Built-in LED lights are important safety measures. Appealing too
  • Has no regenerative brake

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4. Aceshin Youth electric skateboard

Aceshin 35.4

This is a cheap electric skateboard that you should not miss to check on because it is simply cool. It is powered by a 250W brushless motor which propels the board to a maximum speed of 12 mph.

Achesin Youth electric skateboard features a high capacity battery. The maximum range is 6 miles and the battery can serve this distance with a 2 to 3 hours charge. Apart from the range, the board can climb hills of 150 to 300.

This board’s deck has been assembled using seven layers of maple which makes it strong and durable. The surface has been waterproofed using high density emery which is also non-slip thus provides the skater with the required stability. Waterproof level for this product is IP54 which protects it from accidental splashes and light rain.

Achesin’s remote controller is used for acceleration, deceleration and brake control. It features three driving modes which makes it easy to use for any type of skater. In fact, the controller makes riding much easier. Similarly, the remote control has a wrist strap that prevents the remote from falling.

The charge time for this board is two hours and once charged can move to a total distance of 6 miles which is quite cool. It is lightweight for portability and also comes with an easy grip handle which makes it easy to carry around.

Achesin Youth electric skateboard has been certified by Underwater Labs. Through certification, it has passed both electrical and safety tests which confirm the safety of charging and rides. This board is also safe for older kids and teenagers who want to skateboard.

Maximum weight supported by this board is 220 pounds.

  • UL certified
  • Charge time is only 2 hours
  • Remote wrist strap is efficient

  • Mile range of 6 miles is quite low

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5. 35.4 inch Hurbo electric skateboard


Powered by dual 250W brushless Hub motors, this board offers smooth and silent skateboarding. Your skateboard will also have fewer problems since this type of motor is hardy. It is packed with a lithium battery pack of 24V 2200 mah that can be charged within 2 hours.

The deck of this board is constructed with seven layers of hard maple and bamboo which contributes to the sturdiness and flexibility of this product.

This board moves at a top speed of 12 mph while the mile range is 6 miles. This mile range is quite low for such a board but it still does the job. If you are out of charge and still on the road, then you can convert this board into an old school board. Now instead of moving yourself using a remote control, all you have to do is to let your feet do the riding.

An easy to use remote controller is an important factor when you consider buying an electric skateboard. Hurbo electric skateboard’s remote controller is easy to hold and feature two modes; beginner and advanced. It also features the reverse capability.

This board’s lithium battery can force itself into a self-protection state that refuses to take up extra charge in the event that the battery has not been charged then discharged. In this case, if you get this electric skateboard, make sure you charge and then discharge it every once in a month. When storing your board, make sure it is fully charged.

  • Brushless Hub motors provide smooth and silent rides
  • Waterproof level is IPS4 which is commendable
  • Affordable
  • Comes with 1 year contract unlike others with only 6 months warranty
  • Board has a grip handle to ease doing the work
  • Mile range can do better
  • Lithium battery may force itself into a self-protection state

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6. Shaofu Youth Electric longboard

shaofu Electric Skateboard Youth Electric Longboard with Wireless Remote Control, 12 MPH Top Speed, 10 Miles Range (US Stock) (Gamboge)

This is another best electric skateboard under 500. Like the Hurbo electric skateboard, Shaofu is powered by a 250W motor. It packs a lithium battery pack of 24V 2200mah which propels the board to a speed of 12 mph. The battery can be recharged within two hours and a single charge helps the board travel at a total distance of 10 miles.

It is constructed with 7-ply maple for the skateboard deck. This makes it durable and flexible for easy maneuverability. Deck length is at 35.4 inch which is an added advantage as there is ample space for a skater to cruise, carve and do tricks on unlike shorter boards.

Despite the long deck, manufacturers of this product have maintained its lightweight. This makes it easy to carry when moving up and down the street, in the subway or when boarding a bus. This lightweight also improves its cruising ability. Another feature that eases carrying of this board is the grip handle.

Similar to the other electric skateboards on the list, Shaofu electrical board has a remote control which helps in controlling the board. There are two modes on the controller, one is for beginners and the other is for advanced skateboarders. The remote also features LED indicators which are specifically placed to inform you on battery level, braking, cruise control and speed control.

It has wheels which are made from high grip poly urethane material. With these wheels, this board can accelerate to great speeds when on a flat surface. For deceleration, these wheels offer good grip which helps maintain control. The wheels which are 2.9 inch in size offers more stability and shock absorption which are all key to comfortable riding.

The maximum load that this board allows is 286 pounds. It is suitable for every person from eight years onwards.

  • Adequate speed for adventures
  • Constructed with hardy materials, Ply-maple deck
  • Lightweight hence enhanced portability
  • Durable wheels
  • Mile range is lower than top performing boards

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Tips on choosing the best electric skateboards


Best Electric Skateboard - Cheap best Electric Skateboard under 500

Now that you have come across some of the coolest electric skateboards, you may be wondering on what criteria to use to settle for one. While it is important to go for that which appeals to your eye, you should never compromise on functionality.

That said, here are some very important factors that you should look at when hunting for an electric skateboard:



You heard it alright! Before you settle on any board ensure that it is from a reputable brand. There are hundreds of brands out there and not all construct high quality electric boards. This is the more the reason why you should be picky and never settle for less.

When you go for a reputable brand, you will have no problem accessing spare parts when your electric board is damaged. Known brands also produce durable products that you will not have to worry about replacing within a short time.

And if it comes to issues that you are facing with a new board, good brands always have extensive structures in place to respond to your situation. However tempting it may be to try out a new brand that offers cheaper skateboards, don’t settle for it, instead, go for a popular brand.

Popular brands may be expensive but they are worth the investment. Join online forums to know which brands are better than others.

Water resistance

For anything electrical, water resistance is a key factor to consider and failure to do so becomes a costly damage for the user. This applies to electrical boards as well.

When picking out an electrical skateboard, be sure to enquire on its water resistance upfront because eventualities will cost you a fortune.

Find a model with the highest water resistance and ensure to fully understand the circumstances that may lower this capability. For instance, some skateboards can only withstand light rains or small splashes but when the water is increased, the board is damaged.

Learn about the different skateboards as well as their water resistance abilities and settle for one that matches your risk assessment.


Electric boards are driven by the motors that are powered by batteries. In this case, we can comfortably say that without the motor we have no electric skateboard, right?

Bearing that in mind, you can understand why the motor is an important part to check out on while board hunting.

You don’t have to be an expert to know this, just check the overall wattage of the board. While you may be led to think that, the higher the wattage the faster the speed, this might not be the case.

In fact, very high wattage could be irritating because the motor is loud and you may not enjoy some quiet riding.

What we suggest however, is that you go for an electric skateboard that has dual motors instead of a single motor because double is always better.

Battery cell quality

This is another yet important consideration when hunting down a good electric skateboard because battery quality affects the speed and mileage of your board.

Don’t be distracted by the dealers’ extensive praises of an electric skateboard and forget to ask about the battery quality. This information should not be disclosed as it will affect your board choice immensely.

Good retailers will be upfront about the quality of the battery cell and if you realize that they are being sneaky around this topic, that’s your red flag, don’t settle for that board.

Majority of electric boards use lithium-ion batteries for a reason and that is quality. These batteries have a long life span and keep your board lighter for easy portability.


In case you didn’t know this is something you may have to think about when looking into buying an electric skateboard.

Although no skateboard can boast of perfect connectivity, some brands are definitely better than their counterparts in this regard.

To ascertain which electric skateboards have less connectivity issues, join online forums where people share their experience on using a certain board. It could be on Reddit, Amazon reviews, Facebook or retailer websites that have customer testimonials.

After your research you will realize that some of the information you got are conflicting. What you can do in this case is to make a decision based on your preference too.

What’s important is that you settle for a board that has minor or occasional connectivity issues.


All electric skateboards have a braking system which turns motion into electricity. This type of brake is also called regenerative braking. Instead of releasing extra energy as heat it recovers and stores it to provide extra mileage.

When considering the brakes of an electric board, make sure you chose one that is efficient and has a full reverse drive.

Failure to consider the type of brakes you settle for is risking you safety. An extra safety precaution when riding an electric skateboard is to always engage the regenerative and dynamic braking systems.

Component quality

Although we had earlier on discussed on settling for quality brands, to get the best electric skateboard for college, you need to probe even further.

The focus here is to find out if what you are buying is of good quality. What is the deck made out of? What type of wheels does the board have? What motor type powers the skateboard?

These and many questions should be on your checklist before you settle for an electric skateboard. Checking individual parts of the board will help you not to miss out on major drawbacks that an electric skateboard may have.

On the other hand, treating the skateboard as one entity without its components will make you overlook major shortcomings which will cost you dearly.

Again, do some online searching on the best component qualities before you visit the stores.

Control and stability

Electric boards are often controlled by hand held remote controllers. Stability on the other hand is affected by factors such as deck length, deck material and wheel type among others.

In that case, you will have to check out the remotes and other features of the electric skateboard that would enhance your stability as a rider.

When choosing a remote-control, go for brands that offer easy to use remotes. You don’t want to get your control all wrong do you? This is a safety precaution that you wouldn’t ignore because it could cause fatal accidents.

Good remotes also offer ergonomic support that it does not become strenuous holding on to it. For kids, you can go for controls that have a hand strap to offer more support and prevent the remote from falling off.

For stability, you may want to look into deck length. Do not go for either too long decks or short decks because they will affect stability. Also choose deck materials and wheels that offer more grip to enhance your stability.

Quality of wheels

Wheels define your skateboard because they are what you cruise on. If you get poor quality wheels you can as well kiss your skateboarding days goodbye.

That said, there are two types of wheels; generic and clone. Generic are branded wheels and the best quality wheels out there. They offer exceptional speed, better mileage and have longer lifespans. Since they are of high quality, acceleration, deceleration, ride, speed and feel are all great.

When buying the best electric skateboard, always go for boards with generic wheels. They are value for money.

Clone wheels are great too. However they cannot compete with generic wheels in terms of durability because they chip and flake after frequent use.

Other aspects you should consider about wheels are size and hardness. Wider wheels always provide better stability. When considering hardness, go for softer wheels if you usually ride on rough terrain because it offers better grip.

Harder wheels are better for riding on flat surfaces such as concrete. So if you just bring out your boards to do some free style at the skate park, then this type of wheels are suitable.

Air-travel friendly

Is this even a thing? Wait till you are denied to travel with your skateboards at the airport that’s when you’ll know that boards need to be air-travel friendly. You should consider this before buying of course.

So, what makes an electric skateboard air-travel friendly? For an electric board to be allowed to travel on the plane, it must have battery size of 99Wh or below. The batteries should also be separable from the board without requiring the use of tools to do so.

Airport laws and regulations differ from place to place, so you may have to ask your local dealer shop to advice you accordingly.


The beauty of skateboards is that they steer you to wherever you want and can be carried easily when not in use say when you are grabbing lunch at a food joint. For that reason you should always consider a board’s portability.

Lightweight eboards usually have 27-inch deck length and weighs around 15 pounds or less. Portability makes it easy to store your board whether in a classroom or in a bus.

Let your commuting routine guide you on what is portable or not. If you go for rides only on the weekends maybe portability won’t be such an issue.

Hill climbing ability

If you are the kind of rider who loves going up and down the hill, this is a factor you should not leave out.

Check out the hill grades of different skateboard models and while at it consider the slope they come with. A powerful electric skateboard ranges to about 25%.

Riding mode 

Finally, check out the riding modes of the electric skateboards. Different models have varying number of options.

You should consider this factor if you are a beginner because it will help you start out easily. As you progress in your riding venture you will be able to upgrade to expert rider and finally you will become a pro.

Since riding modes are mostly controlled by remotes, you should ensure you get one that is easy to use and functions exceptionally well.

There you go, now you have all the information you need to get yourself the best electric skateboard in the market. What are you waiting for? Go for it!

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