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Robert L. Simpson

Author Bio 

I am an avid longboard rider. I love the sport, and I wanted to share everything I knew about the sport, with other skateboard enthusiasts. In my quest to find the most accurate, and pertinent information about: longboards, riding longboards, and everything related to longboards, I found some other enthusiast of the sport, who each had different aspects that they were specialized in.

I invited some of those expert riders to help me in my quest to create a site that would provide people with factual, interesting, useful, and even obscure facts about longboards and everything that pertains to these devices.

Our longboard website now has expert advice on:

Longboard Tips and Tricks

All of the tips and tricks you find on this website have been tested, tried, and enjoyed by our expert riders. The experts have went to great lengths to try and explain how each trick is done, and what tips they know that will make the trick easier, or make the trick look more impressive when you perform it.

Riding styles

The riding style that you choose affects the longboard and longboard equipment that you will need to have. Our experts know this, and we have an expert for each style of riding, so you will always get the best information, from someone who has the same love, of the same style, that you do.

  • Downhill and Freerideis - Downhill and Freeride is a style of riding that fills the riders need for speed and adventure. These hills are not simple slopes, they are hills that let the rider get the maximum momentum going. The rider needs the right wheels, the right axles, and the right accessories to perform this type of riding. Our experts in this category are also “speed junkies” so they know what to tell these thrill seeking riders to help them go faster and stay safer.

  • Cruising and carving - Cruising and carving is the equivalent of jogging. This is a more relaxed way to ride your board. The people who love this type of riding want to get the pleasure of being outdoors and the pleasure of exercise, without experiencing the dangers of fast paced riding. This is the best type of riding for beginners. Our experts in this category want to share everything they know so the cruisers can have delightful afternoons filled with great rides. They also want beginners to know everything there is about this style so they can excel at longboard riding.

  • Freestyle and dancing - Freestyle and dancing is a creative form of longboard riding. People who engage in this style incorporate dance moves with tricks for flat ground riding, and the result is an artistic expression. This type of riding takes special skills, lots of practice, and the right equipment.

Best Products

A large portion of the questions that people ask about longboarding include what are the best wheels to buy, and what are the best trucks. Our experts take this questions very seriously because we know how important it is that you have the right items to help you make your riding experience the best that it can be.

To make sure that the products we recommend for your longboards are the very best we try the products out and put them through strenuous usage tests. We want to know how each item will perform when it is used properly, and how it will perform if it is put under strenuous usage. We do not recommend anything to our readers that we would not, or do not already, use on our own boards.

When testing products our panel of experts compares:

  • The product features
  • The durability
  • The materials the product is crafted from
  • Whether the product does what the manufacturer claims
  • The availability

Product Reviews

To further elucidate which products are the best of the best, we have included in depth product reviews on the page. These reviews give you the details of the products, and tell you how those details enhance the performance or look of the item.

We have experts use the products and often we ask novice or beginner riders to tr the products to determine how easy they are to use, or how easy they are to install. We want everyone to be able to use the items we suggest to them, and if an item is only recommended to be used by an expert longboard rider we do not hesitate to tell you that fact.

We do reviews on the longboards, we do reviews on the different parts that make up a longboard, and we do reviews on other skateboards as well. Our reviews are meant to educate our readers on everything they might need to know concerning skateboarding.

Our Mission 

We have a genuine passion for longboarding. We have cruising experts, and freestyle experts, and free ride experts, and experts on speed, and experts on dancing and tricks. We are totally committed to giving our readers factual information that they can use.

We are not attempting to sell any product to you. We are not trying to convince you to use a specific brand of products, or do a particular style of longboard riding.

It is our goal, and number one priority, to provide genuine information to people who are interested in this sport, so that those individuals will be able to make informed decisions, and enjoy their longboard experiences more.